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The “Audi and college girlsâ€￾ experiment

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The “Audi and college girlsâ€￾ experiment

Post by momopi » July 2nd, 2010, 4:17 pm

Back in the 1990's, a friend of mine told me that it was easy to pick up girls in Seoul if you drove a new Honda Accord. Guess times have changed and cars have been upgraded, LoL.

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The “Audi and college girls� experiment
April 1st, 2010 by Key | Posted in Life Style, News, Opinion | 27 Comments » From HSW:

Apparently girls in China love guys who own an Audi. I have heard this theory or rumor or reputation. Whatever you want to call it, Audi, among other luxury brands for some reason became such a popular status symbol of luxury in China. Most impotently in the eyes of the Chinese girls. The following story is really about the talks of university girls would strike up a conversation with men that drive a luxury car, in order to find a rich man. First, one netizen posted the following post…

A while back I read on the forum someone said if you park a nice car in front of a University, guarantee there will be girls coming up to talk to you… I did not believe it at the time.

Yesterday my opportunity has arrived, I borrowed an Audi A6L from my friend and experimented for myself… of course the car was not mine, it was also not my friends. He could not afford to buy one.

Xian has so many universities, where should I go first?

First stop Cuihua road, Caijing University, first parked the car on the side, then got out of the car, leaned against the car and started smoking, I know it looks tacky, but I have no other choice, I am doing an investigation, must sacrifice my image.

Waited for about half an hour, no one came to talk to me, at the most was looking at me from far away… Caijing University acting noble and virtuous, everyone was so passive. But I believe everything is achievable with a little trick… Maybe people think I was a tourist going to Dayianta… Not going to be discouraged, let’s continue.

Second stop, Changan highway, recently there has been subway constructions and many people were there. The MM from Music College, one is prettier than the other. I did not get out of the car this time, just half opened my door and waiting. After six or seven minutes, a fashionable girl walked down from the platform bridge, long drifty hair, wearing a tight T-shirt with a multi-folded skirt. Yes, confirmed she was a pretty girl. Too bad, she only looked at me for a moment, as if waiting for me to make the first move. Ha, when thinking about I was investigating, I decided not to make the move. I waited in front of the music collage for over ten minutes , there were three, four girls coming up to me, some wanted to get a ride, some wanted to go somewhere for fun, some said to go to a bar. And one of them carried a huge music instrument case, waved at me, panting and said she was too tired, asking me to give her a ride home. Although I really wanted to take her…

Third stop, Foreign Language University, Parked the car for less than 10 minutes, a decent looking female university student, looked around 20 years old came up to me. The cigarette was still hanging out of my mouth, that girl came up and said “hey, Handsome young man (帅哥: [shuàigē] A form of address for a handsome and unrestrained young man) can I get a ride in your car? I have a couple of friends want to go to Xigaoxin, we could not get a bus…â€� I thought about it but left it; got her number and made up a reason to brush her off. I parked in front of the Foreign language University for 50 minutes, there were 7 MM came up to me, I talked so much and it made me so thirsty, I drank 3 bottle of jasmine tea. Didn’t think making up stories was so hard. But there are so many pretty girls here, however I was not going to stay here for long, going to our next stop…

Fourth stop, Law School, I was just passing through to test my luck, but it looked like there were very few MM here, and also their stomach is bigger than their chest. So forget it, I moved on!

Fifth stop, Art School, still using the old tactic, after half an hour 4 MM came, all looked good, but not as good as the girls from the Foreign Language University.


Last stop, Xian Peihua University: 8:30 pm in front of the school, I was sitting in the car playing music softly and half opened my door. Kept looking at my watch, 15 minutes has passed, 5 more minutes and I am leaving. 8 40 pm, I saw a girl with a nice body walking towards the car, I realized that I was not going to leave.

The girl got close to the car, lowered her head and looked at me. She asked me if I was free. I asked her why. The girl answered, “my friends asked me to go to Qinglonghu foot massage, can you take me there?â€� I thought Qinglonghu is a few steps away, she must have other motives. I told her to come in. She sat down and looked at me carefully, said “you are a Shuàigē â€� I was thinking, is every young man handsome to all of these school girls? I said let’s go. The car started and turned around going towards a cheap hotel in Shajing village. The girl looked around in the car and said, “Audi actually is very pretty, especially a new one like this. But you are still so young and already drive an audi A6L, where is Shuaige getting rich at?â€� I thought, f**k, driving this car really give you “faceâ€�. I was not going to tell her I borrowed it from my friend. I smiled and never answered her questions.

I am not going to talk about what happened later…



A reporter also did an investigation driving an Audi, but he said “college girls going up and asking for rides� is just a myth. The following is his experience.

Reporter and his Audi

March 29 evening 8: 30 pm, reporter drove a brand new Audi A6L, and another van was following him from far away, there were a couple of camera men in the van. Reporter drove the Audi to Xian x college, the young reporter imitated the young man in the post, smoking a cigarette, putting his hands in the pocket, leaning against the car, and half open the car door, waiting for girls to come to talk to him. Time passed by, but on college girl walked to him, he was restless.

After half an hour, reporter saw a tall, fashionable college girl carrying a bag walked towards him. At this moment the reporter’s heart was beating faster. Finally, the girl tilted her head and looked at him but never stopped and walked away. He started to wait again impatiently, but the college girl targets never appeared. Finally, 3 student girls passed by, reporter sensed it was obvious that they were looking at him, however they never came up to him to talk to him.

9:30 pm, after one hour, reporter drove the car to another school. There were many college girls walking in and out, but most of them were couples. He waited one more hour but no girl ever showed up to talk to him. Until 10:30 at night, all students went back to their dorms, no college girl tried to strike up a conversation with him like what the legends said.

A Publishing company owner Mr. Liu told the reporter that he has experienced “college girls knocking on his car windowsâ€�. Over 30, Mr. Liu has a business in Xian. On March 27, 7-8 pm, he drove a Subaru jeep to Nanjiao, parked in front of Xian Peihua University, his friend and him were in the car talking business. Suddenly, a fashionable college student came and knocked on his car window, Mr. Liu opened the window, the girl said “Shuaige, can you give me a rideâ€� Mr. Liu said he was busy. After that, Mr. Liu signed: University is for higher education, Parents send them to university to study, not to “Baijinâ€� (拜金: [bàijīn] To have an obsessive love for money).



Then on this site, more netizens also tried the experiment and posted their experiences.


Recently the discussions on the internet talk about University has a lot of girls who “have an obsession for money�. I though Nanning people are very simple, should not have these kinds of things happening here. However after discussed with friends and thought it was interesting to try, we had nothing to do anyways. We went to XX University early in the morning, opened up our convertible, and started playing our PSP. Just when I turned it on, there was a MM, “classmate! Our student organization has an emergency, can you drive me there…�


After I saw the post, I was excited, immediately drove my Audi A6 and went to the university that rumored with most pretty girls. I parked my car at a noticeable place, indeed saw may beautiful girls, but they all seem to be in a hurry, as if never saw my car. I was too scared to go up and talk to them, so after three hours of waiting I lost my patients and left.


Today I am very handsome, especially handsome, spent 2 hours in front of the mirror and many times almost fascinated myself. Then I went to X university in Guangxi, saw a white BMW parked in the front, looked like he was waiting for someone. I went up to talk to the owner “I am investigating something, can I borrow your car, just to lean on it.� The owner didn’t care. After just a few minutes, indeed a girl student came to talk to me “Hey, Shuaige. Can I ride in your car?� this kind of words. I said ok hold on, I go get the car. The girl was puzzled, when I pushed my moped over, the girl glared at me, turned around and left.


When I read about people using Audi A6 to try college girls, today I also drove my Dayang 125 and gave a try. Many girls walked over, and asked: how much to go to the shopping mall?

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Post by The_Adventurer » July 6th, 2010, 4:11 pm

I thought this kind of stuff was meaningless, but one day I borrowed by boss' BMW 7 series car and oh what a difference! Not just girls, the people at the gas station, passersby on the street, just about anyone. I was treated like some kind of celebrity for a day.

Also, when I finally traded up my 10 year old Geo Metro for a brand new convertible Mustang, things did change. I remember I was working on a music video project that my friend was the director of. He wanted to use my car in the video. So I showed up at the proper time and we shot the parts with my car. When we wrapped, all the girls in the video jumped in my car, without even asking, for the ride back to the studio.
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