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Chinese-Americans Not American enough to Teach English

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Chinese-Americans Not American enough to Teach English

Post by momopi » July 2nd, 2010, 5:10 pm

Note: this article is 3 years old, and refers to this LA Times article: ... fi-teach29 ... -in-china/

Chinese-Americans Not American enough to Teach English in China
By akrypti | Wednesday, November 7, 2007 | View Comments

So what if I know more about dangling participles and comma splices than the typical white American? I’d be unqualified to teach English in China because of my skin color.

An article in the L.A. Times reports on the blatant job discrimination going on in China against Chinese Americans for ESL teaching positions. The overwhelming majority of language institutes prefer to hire white instructors. I would blame them, except the patrons of these institutes have white fever, loving all things blond haired and blue eyed, and the racist supply must meet the racist demand.

“I’ve had to deal with Chinese parents who have the mentality of ‘White is right,’� Benjamin Newbry, associate director of the Princeton Review test-preparation company in Shanghai, told reporters. “It’s just the idea that somehow if you’re white, it qualifies you, and skills don’t really matter. Being white becomes a plus on your job application.�

Or you don’t have to apply at all. Matt Froude, a 27-year-old white Australian was approached on a bus one day in Shanghai and without more, received a job offer to teach English.

The Chinese want to be taught by white people. When the English teacher isn’t white, “Chinese parents aren’t shy about complaining.� Newbry said these parents often “were up in my face� and could get “pretty aggressive when it comes to their kid’s learning environment.� Drawing in some of my experiences with the uncouth, overbearing, and tactless mainlanders I’ve met, I have a feeling Newbry’s comments are an understatement of what really goes on.

When interviewing the parents about their preference for white teachers, one parent unabashedly said, “Of course.� His rationale: “Their pronunciation is more precise.�

Are there laws in China against race discrimination? On paper, sure. Yet employers explicitly state age and gender requirements on job postings. What’s more, the applications for teaching positions at these language institutes require photos. This requirement is why someone like Jennifer Ashley, who graduated from Cal. State L.A. with a degree in English didn’t get hired–she’s a dark-skinned Eurasian and her photo would have clearly shown that.

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Post by ladislav » July 2nd, 2010, 9:58 pm

Asian provincialism plus Hollywood.

In the eyes of Asians all Americans are white John Smiths and the opposite is true- all white people are Americans. What a boon!

They want a White Devil to teach the White Devil's Language. That is why they make sure that the person is a PURE White Devil so that the White Devils language coming out of his mouth is also pure. Logical, isn't it?

I bet they would not let Obama himself teach their kids. He is not a pure White Devil.

On the other hand, people in the US also like to have martial arts taught by an Asian-looking guy.

I recently applied for my Philippine Alien ID card. My passport clearly identifies me as non US born with the country of birth clearly seen there. After I got it, it said; "place of birth: USA". My height was also changed from 169 cm to 187. All white people must be tall, and how can they be born anywhere else but in the States? I can now go back to the US, flash my ID and maybe I can run for President. I am no longer a foreign born citizen.

If it is any consolation, Chinese people who run schools in the USA do not like non native born Americans to teach and even ask for place of birth on job applications- a violation of civil rights by the way. They told me that it was because when the parents come, they ask the director- where is the teacher from? They want to make sure his a real American- born here, and white!

So, they would hire a Frenchman to teach ESL in China but not to teach ESL in the US even if a person is naturalized.

While they are out of reach in China, one day someone is gonna sue their a$$ in the US but good!

So, all this racism is about a headache generating job in China that pays $700 a month. Still hurts but not much of a loss if you ask me. It could be a blessing in disguise-maybe that Chinese American can now aim higher than becoming a clown to the amusement of spoiled only child brats. Maybe he can go to China and become a millionaire businessman?
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Post by Repatriate » July 3rd, 2010, 8:39 am

ladislav wrote:
So, all this racism is about a headache generating job in China that pays $700 a month. Still hurts but not much of a loss if you ask me. It could be a blessing in disguise-maybe that Chinese American can now aim higher than becoming a clown to the amusement of spoiled only child brats. Maybe he can go to China and become a millionaire businessman?
I've always thought the "racism" claims of this was overrated. Look at it this way..if you wanted to learn Japanese and without knowing the very specific personal details of the people who you had to hire would you choose a white guy (who may have lived in Japan his whole life and is fluent in Japanese) or a bonafide ethnic Japanese person to teach you?

Chances are high that the vast majority of people would choose the Japanese person. Is this racism? Yes and no. People make an assumption of fluency level based on race but it doesn't mean they look down on the person. Minorities who grow up in the U.S. are very sensitive to this sort of thing and assume they are being looked down on or asian people are "kissing up" to white people when it's all just pragmatism and marketing.

On the other hand how many white people are involved in positions of power within asian countries? I can name nearly ZERO elected or appointed "white" naturalized citizens of Asian nations. I believe Japan has a white guy (who campaigned for years) who is part of the diet in some b.s. position but that's about it. I can name several high profile asian-american politicians such as Shinseki, Daniel Inouye, Gary Locke, etc.. None of these people are in token positions either.

So, asian nations may be more superficially accepting at the casual social level but there's no way in hell a non native non-asian person can ever work their way into the real power positions in any asian country.

A lot of people don't understand this..hospitality and some preferential treatment towards white foreigners doesn't mean foreigners are "accepted" but merely treated as honored guests. Guests..being the key word there.

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Post by Winston » July 3rd, 2010, 9:30 am

Oh well. I guess teaching English in China is out for me then. lol

But of course, with a billion people, I'm sure someone would pay me to tutor them.
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