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Taiwan con man extorts money and sex from victims

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Taiwan con man extorts money and sex from victims

Post by momopi » July 15th, 2010, 4:47 pm ... on-man.htm

Updated Monday, November 16, 2009 9:49 am TWN, The China Post news staff
Con man extorts NT$200 mil. and sex from victims

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A 55-year old con artist was arrested on Saturday for conducting elaborate schemes to swindle around NT$200 million from 20 female victims and tricking them into performing sex acts with him. Police described Hsu Shian-ming as a 55-year old divorced bald man, who appearance is described as physically unattractive, and a wanted criminal on the run. The investigation report said he seduced females aged between 28-50 by using different aliases and claiming to be the handsome man in the photos he posted online.

After the victim contacted who she though to be the attractive young man in the pictures, they would engage in phone conversations, after which Hsu would then claim that he had an elderly father who suffers from prostate cancer that requires constant sex favors in order to stay alive.

To coerce the victims into performing sex acts, Hsu, posing as the handsome young man online, would sweet-talk the victims by making false promises such as marriage agreements. The duped victims then visited the father, also posed by Hsu, in presidential suites from upscale hotels such as Grand Formosan Regent Taipei or Sherwood Taipei.

During their investigation, police discovered these victims were persuaded into unconventional sex acts varying from putting foreign objects in their private parts, anal sex, or threesome. During the meeting, Hsu took pictures of the victims nude, then used these to threaten them into doing future sex favors.

Hsu was busted on Saturday while he was checking out from the posh Landis Taipei Hotel. Police seized photos of the same young man, two checks written for the amount of NT$700 million and NT$800 million. Hsu was then taken to his rented home at Sanjhih, on the northwest of Taipei County, where police discovered dozens of photos of the same man, hundreds of female pictures each with detailed descriptions on the back, and a photo of him with two top Taiwanese models.

From charming the females into doing sex favors, Hsu also talked his way into getting close to NT$200 million in cash, stocks, and gifts. The worst victimized, a cougar surnamed Yu, lost about NT$17 million including gifts range from seven Apple iPhones, a NT$100,000 monthly allowance, diamond and pearl necklaces, a Porsche, and a limited-edition watch valued at a staggering NT$7.8 millions. After several failed requests to see the attractive young man in person, the victim Yu debunked the truth with helps from private investigators.

Police stated Hsu explained that he targeted the 28-50 age group for their gullible nature but denied the alleged offense of money fraud. The suspect is now charged with violating the law for committing fraud and faces a possible jail time of up to five years for each convicted incident.

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Post by Winston » August 20th, 2010, 4:22 pm

How is it that easy to con people in TW out of so much money and sex? I can't even get anyone to stop and talk to me. Sheesh.

How odd.

How did he get those two top models?
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Post by Rock » August 20th, 2010, 8:37 pm

Winston wrote:How is it that easy to con people in TW out of so much money and sex? I can't even get anyone to stop and talk to me. Sheesh.

How odd.

How did he get those two top models?
Lol!!! I was thinking the same thing. Winston, I think you just found your shifu. Find out what prison he'll be staying at and visit him often.

Seriously though. Is this for real? He averaged NT$10 mn (over US$300 K) a girl and lots of free sex in 5 star hotels.

Are you sure all Taiwanese can't 'think out of the box'? Sounds pretty creative and smart to me, though not so wise. Must have been great while it lasted.

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