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Potential Benefit of a Multicultural Tourist Destination

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Potential Benefit of a Multicultural Tourist Destination

Post by Rock » February 8th, 2011, 4:11 pm

Some Happier Abroad hotspots attract many visitors and expats from around the world. In Asia, parts of Thailand stand-out for offering diverse range of 'opportunities' as long as you keep your eyes open and are proactive enough. A recent post by 1Ball on ISG, pasted right below, reminds me of some experiences I've had in the past with non-locals there.

A 20 hour love affair with an African queen

I was in Pratunam yesterday morning, at the dentist for a cleaning.) opposite Panthip, fast and easy). As I walked out, I just about bumped into this very pretty black woman, with a shocking splash of blue in her hair. What a cool hairdo, I exclaimed, she smiled, and we talked. FOB from Nairobi 5 days ago, on holiday to hang with her sister who lives in BKK, and works in the medical field. 24 years old, tall, thin, smoking body, with that oh so typical 'bootylicious' ass African women are so famous for. Beautiful eyes, thin nose, and sparkling smile.

I tell her I am OTW to MBK, . What's that she asks. So we both hop into a taxi, and head over there, I need to buy a couple things. We are laughing, having a great time. We have some lunch on the 6th floor, and I ask if she likes to swim. I loooooooove to swim. Well, let's buy you a bikini, and go back to my hotel for a splash in the pool. Oooooo, that would be so fun, she squeals.

I was staying at the Shama. I was there in October, and was not happy at all, they offered me a free night. So I was there for 2 nights, and paid just under 3, 000 bt for 2 nights, an excellent bargain. (Their internet is still useless). But a beautiful property, on soi 2, just past the JW, with an entrance also on soi 4, spitting distance from NEP.

As we arrive in my room, housekeeping is there, so I just grab my suit, and tell her to grab hers, and we head into the bathroom together. We both strip off in front of each other as if we have been doing it for years. She has A cup breast, not 100% firm, but OMG, those nipples. Black as the ace of spades, big, and hard. I quickly grab one and put it in my mouth. It is big, wrinkly (can't think of another word) , and hard. She groans.

We head to the pool, and she brings her camera. We splash about for an hour, with a fair amount of groping and grinding, and after we get out, she asks me to snap a few pics of her. A few minutes later, the bikini is off. (The pool, obviously, is deserted). She is laughing, posing, blowing kisses at the camera. Ok, enough of that, I've got to have this girl.

What follows are a couple of hours of hot steamy sex. I haven't had a black woman in years, her lips are just fantastic, her p***y has a hint of stubble on it, and no, it still isn't pink on the inside. We have a short nap, and she then asks me what my plans are for the evening. I ponder the situation. Do I say goodbye, and go out hunting for a girl who is only interested in my pocket, and who will bolt once we are done, or do I spend the evening with this little cutie, who is calling me honey, and rubbing my shoulders.

I give her a couple hundred Bt for a taxi back to her place, so she can grab some clothes, and come back. 2 hours later, she knocks on the door, and is standing there, statuesque in her high heels, and bright blue dress to match the shock of hair on her forehead.

She is fascinated by the washing machine in the kitchen. What is it for she asks? I look at her dubiously, and she just doesn't know what to make of it. Talk about FOB from a remote village outside of Nairobi.

We head to dinner and then to country road on soi cowboy, where the band is in great form. 'Sweet child of mine', 'born to be wild', 'take it easy', and the likes. We are at a table with a couple of farangs, one is a huge bear of a man, with a tiny little Thai girl, who is like the energizer bunny. The guy calls her a '440 volt girl in a 220 volt world'. Cute. The girls dance together, and when my girl does the b***y shake, a roar of approval goes up behind her.

Back to the room, a quick sexy soapy shower, and we hit the sack. She says. I'll take care of this baby, just lie back and enjoy. And she proceed to f**k me in a way I haven't been f***ed in a long time. She is an agonizingly delicious tease, making me completely crazy, and I am just looking at her with amazement, as she grins, laughs, and says. You enjoying me babe?

Finally at 2. 30 am, we go to sleep, cuddling. The 6. 00 am wake up call to get me up and OTW to the airport comes much too quickly. I slip out of bed, shower, and get ready. She wakes up, and I go back in to kiss her goodbye. 'Don't forget me' she says, call me when you back in BKK. She asks me for 100 Bt so she can take a taxi home.

I close the door behind me, check out, tell the front desk not go clean the room yet, as someone is sleeping, and get in the cab, exhausted, with a smile on my face.

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