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Don't shop Duty-free in Bangkok (according to this article)

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Don't shop Duty-free in Bangkok (according to this article)

Postby Think Different » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:50 pm

The more I hear about Thailand, the less I ever intend to set foot in that country. ... port-scam/
Think Different
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Postby MrPeabody » Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:47 pm

If you can't even feel safe in the airport, then the corruption is high level and you need to fear the police. I was going to do my CELTA there but think I will reconsider.

Here's another article on the scam.
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Postby Rock » Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:03 am

I remember when that was happening, kind of old news now. Haven't heard about it happening more recently.

In some ways, Thailand is like the Nigeria of Asia. Its a shame how useless western embassies are at helping their nationals. Criminals can pick-off and scam westerners right inside their international airports with impunity and their home governments won't do a damn thing to protect them. Similarly, US and British navies allow their boys to get extorted by local jet-ski thugs. Guys, if you get into trouble in a country like Thailand, you better know you're on your own. Your only recourse is to pay your way out. And even that option is not always available.

Thailand abuses its tourists because it can. Westerners die there on a weekly basis. The political climate is widely considered to be very unstable. Yet no matter what happens, tourist numbers continue to grow at double digits. Before long, Thailand will be getting 20 mn tourist arrivals per year if current trends continue.

I guess the combination of abundant cheap women, beaches, parties, and lots of danger is too seductive for many to resist.
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Postby keius » Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:12 am

Researched this. I don't doubt that there are indeed some scams being run. It is Bangkok after all.... just have to be careful.

The highest profile one was the one linked by MrPeabody.
In this case, the British couple were victimized, BUT she shouldn't have
been shoplifting in the first place. The Duty Free company posted this CCTV video showing the woman shoplifting. Looked pretty clear cut to me.
Can't say i feel any pity for her...feel sorry for the guy though...
for being with a woman like that :P

Links to other CCTV cases for the top 3 high profile incidents at the
Duty Free shop. Shoplifting is such a petty crime....and stupid. Maybe
getting victimized as they did is a good thing for that British-Chinese chick
IF she learned her lesson. Albiet, a very expensive lesson. ... 99s-image/

I really wonder how many of those victimized by the Police/cohorts really were innocent of the crime. I wouldn't put it past the police to go
victimizing those people who they thought were foreign criminals.

EDIT: That's not to say that there aren't any legitimate victims cuz i'm sure there are....unavoidable in that kind of 'climate'.
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