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Using while in Manila

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Using while in Manila

Post by ladislav » March 19th, 2011, 8:50 pm

I just had a turbulent 6 months involving travels to Georgia, Alabama, Germany, Kuwait, Japan and the Philippines as usual. Lost two jobs and had some crazy ups and downs. So, I am now back in Manila after having left Tokyo some 15 hours before the airport had closed. Sometimes even I get lucky.

Anyway, I have been using the site now and meeting girls in Manila through it.

Some impressions: it has all kinds of girls an incredible diverse range from 18 year old country virgins to old hookers. So, one needs to weed through them. The main thing that the girls told me about has been that they get very few serious and gentlemanly responses. There are lots of pervs and sickos contacting them asking them to undress and do porno shows. The hookers don't mind but the decent gals get really mad. There are also foreigners in Manila and many of them contact the girls with indecent proposals. In other words, the Philippines is still a place where a good guy is hard to find even if they date internationally. There are so many rude and sick asshole guys browsing those sites, it is not even funny.

Anyway, one needs to also weed through gold diggers and girls who try to use you and if one is patient, one can find some real gems. I am now friends with some 4 girls who are in the 18-26 category and who are very decent and friendly and extremely well behaved and who do not ask for any money from me. I am sure that all of them are virgins who have had no sexual experience with guys. One girl told me that an American military guy came over from the US and promised her marriage and gave her a ring in front of her family. But the bozo'd forgotten to remove his wife from his Face Book. Yup! He was married. Did not have the decency to tell the girl about it or tell her that he was at least planning to divorce. Now he is facing a bitter divorce back home, the Filipina girl here in Cavite is pissed as hell and is in touch with his wife and they are about to do something terrible.

The guy, in the meantime, has disappeared off the radar and is incommunicado.

I have let the ladies know that for now we are just friends and we simply went to dinners and the movies and just hung out. No promises,nothing heavy, just friendship and initial contacts. The girls are also in touch with some other guys but few visit them in Manila.

What amazes me always about the Philippines is that many foreigners plunge themselves straight into the red light industry and spend their time with bar girls and hookers and then marry them and have kids with them and just feel content living in what is basically the equivalent of the 42nd street but is in Asia.

This society is still very conservative and you can find very proper ladies here with very good morals and who are sincere and nice and polite and who have good values. Modesty in this country is a virtue. Some ladies are not really poor but they have many responsibilities. One girl I know is about to get her BS in computer programming at age 18! A prodigy who is on scholarship and who is also running a store in her neighborhood. A smart person who is also classy and beautiful and knowledgeable and has the maturity of a 35 year old. Another girl is at home and is taking care of an elderly aunt and is running a household. One is a professional baker at 20. One is a virgin at 26- model quality about to get her BBA.

It is also refreshing for me to step out of the steamy and seedy bar scene and into normal society. It feels normal, too. A night at the movies or a karaoke evening is what people do here. All that is wholesome and nice. Sometimes, bars are fun but I feel like I am thirsty and at sea. All this water but you can't drink it. Yes, you can have sex with bar girls but you can't fall in love and develop a decent relationship, even friendship that is somehow on equal footing with the lady. The whole bar culture is designed to sell sex, not love or friendship.

But anyway, for now, this is just a social exercise and a foray into the mainstream of the Philippines. It is a nice experience.

If you are in Manila, this site is recommended, just spend some time collecting and selecting. My advice- treat all the decent girls like Galahad, take it slow, make friends first and no promises that you cannot fulfill. Just be friends with them. A lot of them just want friendship for now and they want to hang out with a guy who treats them nice. Later, time will show.
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