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The problem with slavic women

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Re: The problem with slavic women

Postby Kradmelder » Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:38 pm

A woman who doesn't want to have kids is of zero value for any long term relationship. Heifers exist to drop your calves and raise them. Why invest in women who will not invest in raising you kids? Such women are for a good time only. Pump and dump, party, NSA, but don't let them move in and don't buy them stuff.

Like all livestock their worth drops with age. Their value as they age and become unpompable is only in the contribution they will make to your children.
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Re: The problem with slavic women

Postby chanta76 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 9:03 pm

Could go both ways. There are countless American men who are divorce but have to pay child support and alimony to their ex wives. What sucks is that the family court prefers the women to have the kids and the mothers have control how often the father see the kids.

I think when it comes to ageism it sucks for both but with women losing more but guys lose to. It seems like with this current generation youth and beauty is highly valued. They say men age like fine wine only if the men has economic value.

With women its mostly looks. Even if she is older but good looking there be guys out there that would want to be with her. I mean they call them milf for a reason.
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Re: The problem with slavic women

Postby CAlexandros » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:34 pm

The Slavic women I've met have been so cold and basically all their answers were "good," "ok" or "yes." The only Slavic women whom I had a conversation, they were scammers or a catfish that stole the pics from some girl on Instagram. Why are we chasing after these women?
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Re: The problem with slavic women

Postby Gold » Fri May 19, 2017 1:10 pm

The girls I am talking to daily on my Russian blog are overly emotional and they won't shut up :))))) They just keep going. Check the lively discussions there, some posts have 800+ comments. (Use Google Translate to read them.)

The short email exchanges you describe are typical though--in the beginning when you don't really know each other.

She is scared that you won't like her, she doesn't know what to say or do (if she knew, she would be already married), as well as she is trying not to look too interested because you may think she is "easy". Because it's "hunter-prey" dating model that is prevalent in Russia/Ukraine: You are supposed to "hunt"--pursue her, this is how Eastern European women are brought up, and how their local dating coaches and women's magazines advise them to behave, if they want to attract and keep a man. Her role is a "prey", she is supposed to pretend that she is not interested, so that only a man who "truly likes her" will continue the pursuit, then she can be sure he is not going to dump her later.

You may think, "It's screwed up", but actually, it's much easier with Slavic women.

You simply need to keep writing, giving her compliments, telling her how amazing she is and how much you are sure she would be just the right wife for you, and that you are ready to fly to meet her as soon as she gives you a sign. That's all! :)))

Guys get discouraged by short responses and don't know what to do, although it's so easy. There is a process the girls have in their minds, how an interested gentleman is going to behave. If you do these simple little things, step-by-step, the result is predictable (assuming, she responded initially). She is going to grow fond of you, once she sees you are doing what a devoted admirer (the one who won't dump her when she is pregnant with his kid) is meant to do.

And vice versa, if she doesn't see this step-by-step process from your side, then she is sure you are "not really interested in her", and then she thinks she is better off without you (because if she tries to seduce YOU, the result will be your dumping her when she is pregnant with your kid).

It's not "hard to get". It's the archetype. Cultural paradigm. She wants a guy with whom she will feel safe with (all women seek security in a long-term partner), and the only way she gets this feeling of security, it's if you pursue her strongly initially.

And if you know this and give her what she wants, you can get the most amazing Slavic wife who adores you.
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Re: The problem with slavic women

Postby mentor » Fri May 19, 2017 6:49 pm

Gold, interesting points indeed.
So your opinion is that slavic women need hunting, and many efforts, and more.
Well, on one hand I understand the logic you say, on behalf on them.
On the other hand, why should I believe -if this logic is true- that they are really different than western women in the way they should be approached?
I believe it is not the best way for a man, to run after a women, something like begging her.

I am searching for serious long term relationship, with deep level communication and compatibility, for lifetime partnership.
But I am not gonna 'teach' my future lady, that I am the one who will 'follow' her...
I did it a couple of times in the past, with western girls, only to tell me in the end 'I was not so interested on you, you pursue me!', and even 'why now you don't do the same things as you did for me in the first days we met' etc...
So, no...western men makes this mistake, and usually pay for it....

The slavic men, why don't we tell something about them?
Usually hard guys...not compromises to 'soft' approach in ladies...
Ok, europeans/americans/western men, are generally more elegant and gentlemen, so this is an advantage for them and for the smart ladies that can appreciate it.
But asking men, beg and follow and hunt and pursue the 'precious slavic lady' is a wrong direction in my opinion, and usually this approach has bad results in the future.

I like slavic women, and no dount are far more interesting, and feminine, and most worthy girls.
But I like to have control of the situation, as a man should do.
For example, I find far more preferable being pursued by asian ladies, and be the one who choose which one I want to continue for something better and deeper in terms of serious relationship....
For me, it is crucial the man to have the upper hand in the relation, as it leads to a more healthy and robust relationship...
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