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The Traditional Marriage Age

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Re: The Traditional Marriage Age

Post by Tsar » March 19th, 2014, 1:45 am

polya wrote:OK, so your woman has to be a virgin, but you aren't and you even screw married older women? Right, I see how hard it's to live up to the ideal.
Everything in your post is libel (the written form of slander) and false. You probably came up with that to attack my position.

Here's the truth.

1. I am virgin

2. I would never lose my virginity to any girl except a virgin girl (and the virgin girl must not be older than age 19)

3. I am righteous and virtuous. I am NOT immoral and I am NOT an adulterer

4. Any man that screws a married women is an adulterer, a sinner, immoral, and doesn't deserve to be called a man because such a man lacks honor. What kind of man would screw another man's wife? Only a savage man would do such a thing. All my posts are against adultery and honor is one of my greatest virtues. I am not a savage. I am righteous.

5. Even if a man marries a divorced woman, it could be argued that the man is still committing adultery. This is one reason why many righteous men will not (or should not) be with a divorced woman.

6. Many times in the past if a woman's husband died and she was alone, she would remain faithful to her deceased husband in death. This was honorable and demonstrated "undying love" and the concept that some of the most virtuous couples remain faithful in death. I know that if I died and was still married to my wife, I would believe that if she remarried or engaged in any sexual acts after I died that it would still be adultery. The only way it might not be adultery is if the marriage was annulled before the death (or afterwards) and the deceased husband would allow his wife to remarry after his death.

7. The world is not a righteous or honorable world. There are few pure souls and many people become corrupt as time goes on.

8. It is difficult for OTHER PEOPLE to live up to my ideal. Trying to find an attractive virgin past age 18 in the modern world is next to impossible. So refer to my bolded statement about the Ancient-Medieval world. Considering the fact that most fifteen year old girls were married to men in their 20s and 30s throughout most of history there is no reason why I should not be able to marry a pure "jailbait" girl that will practically worship me. If Doug Hutchinson (51 at the time) married Courtney Stodden (16 at the time) then there is no reason why I can't do the same (and I'm less than half Doug Hutchinson's age at the time he married Courtney Stodden).

51/2=25.5 is half Doug Hutchinson's age at the time he married Courtney Stodden. I said I'm less than half Doug Hutchinson's age. So basically if I use Doug Hutchinson as a modern example I would still be able to get a 16 year old girl when I'm in my 30s.

9. Did you even read what you bolded when you quoted me in your response? I said I reject the liberal and progressive laws (meaning I reject society's currently accepted culture of promiscuoity and harlotry, dishonor and sinfulness). I said I am in the right (meaning I am a righteous person, and all the unrighteous people are in the wrong) and that I am ultra-conservative (meaning I have no problem emulating the great and honorable traditions of the past, such as marrying a virgin and marrying young women right after they complete puberty).

10. I said that fornication (premarital sexual acts) and romantic decadence (lustful behavior and fling-culture built upon passion) corrupts girls and that is wrong.

In all my posts I mention I am righteous and virtuous.

Chastity is a virtue. I practice this virtue.

Patience is a virtue. I am a very patient person. I am waiting for my pure virgin girl so I don't care if it takes 10 years as long as I get here.

Temperance. I have this virtue. It is true that I think about sex all the time and that I want it. However, I will not break my honor and I practice great restraint. It would be easy for me to just pay a harlot for some cheap act, but I value my honor. I would feel raped if I lost my virginity to a girl that said she is a virgin but she wasn't. If a girl did anything sexual with a guy then she is not a true virgin).

Diligence is one of my virtues. I am steadfast in my beliefs and I am zealous. I have great fortitude to be able to resist temptation.

Everything in my Code is something I live by. I hold myself accountable to my Code.
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Post by Tsar » March 19th, 2014, 2:54 am

A divorcee who told her new husband she had never married and was a virgin has been ordered to pay him Dh10,000 in damages, the civil court has ruled.

Read more: ... z2wMy3KAOC
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What if men were allowed to sue their wives for not being the person they though they were? One man did and won his case. An Egyptian woman has been ordered to pay her ex-husband £5,240 or $7,500 in damages after he discovered that she lied about being a virgín. The woman went through great lengths to conceal the loss of her virginíty by having a secret surgery. After three years of marriage and one child, the man received text messages revealing his wife’s secrets.

During the couple’s bitter divorce battle, there was yet another secret the woman withheld from her husband — she’d been previously married. ... -divorcee/

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Post by momopi » March 28th, 2014, 6:51 pm

Tsar wrote: That is the modern fashion anywhere in the world. I wouldn't want a girl I'm with to be posting images or doing things that attract other men, but I know I would want her to dress in very attractive clothes. I wouldn't mind if she wore a bikini or belly shirts as long as she doesn't cross the line or associate with other guys. It's not like the Middle East where the dress code must be very strict. Girls want to feel beautiful and they also want to attract their guy. I know I wouldn't want my girl dressing in unattractive clothes. It's more about the girl's actions compared to what she wears as clothes. None of the pictures expose anything explicit on the girls.
There's a large world of conservatively dressed (or at least somewhat conservatively dressed in public) cultures, outside of the Middle East (or Arab countries).


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