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Russian women and men interviewed about America

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Russian women and men interviewed about America

Post by Winston » October 4th, 2007, 2:14 pm

Dear all,
For those of you still brainwashed by feminists who think that all foreign women want a green card to America, especially Russian women, check out these interview excerpts below from I've pasted excerpts of interviews from 5 Russian women below, from one of the questions asked which was "Would you want to emigrate to America?" All of this will be a shocker to people in the US who think that everyone wants to come to their "idealized country."

Question: "Would you ever consider emigrating, and if yes,to which country?"
A: Yes, I would go to Italy. But I would be working in Russia, anyway.

Question: "If USA opens immigration to Russia would you like to come to US? If yes, why?"
A: I wouldn’t go. I don’t want to immigrate. I would leave Russia only for the family reasons.

Question: "If USA opens immigration to Russia would you like to come to US? If yes, why?"
A: No. I don’t want to leave Russia. I could immigrate earlier, but I didn’t.

Question: "If USA opens immigration to Russia would you like to come to US? If yes, why?"
A: No I don’t want to go to USA.

Question: "If USA opens immigration to Russia would you like to come to US? If yes, why?"
A: No, I’d not immigrate. I’d like to go there on vacations.


Check this out. I've met Russian guys like this before. There are other interviews like this on the website below that you can read too. ... index.html

Question: "Would you ever consider emigrating, and if yes, to which country?"

A: No, I wouldn't emigrate. I would go for a long time to another country, but I wouldn't settle there. If I went anywhere, it would be Australia, because of kangaroos and green forests.

Question: "What should a foreign woman do to be liked by a Russian man?"

A: Can't answer.

Question: “Do Russian people see anything in common with American people?"

A: Nothing. Maybe with Europeans, yes, but not with Americans.

Question: "Do you like Americans?"

A: No. They are the kind of people who are interested in themselves only, who care only about their own well-being and money. I also saw some Americans who were trying to imitate Eastern spirituality, but it was all fake.
I've seen some Russians who went to USA for a few months,and when they came back you couldn't recognize them: they were constantly showing off and were caring only about the style of their clothes.

Question: "Is there anything you have done so far in your life you feel proud about?"

A: My aim is to do something like that.

Question: "Do you like to travel andsee new places and cultures, and which country would you most like to visit if you could travel anywhere?"

A: Yes, I would travel a lot if I had an opportunity.I would go to Australia, Thailand, China, Japan. I wouldn't go to western countries, only to France, because there are such cathedrals that you've got to see at least once in your life.

Question: "It is said that Russia is both European and not. What is the most European aspect of Russian mind, and what is the most Asian aspect?"

A: This is true, but it's hard to explain. Wehave everything mixed.

Question: "Are you disgustedthat there are some people in Russia such as MikhailKhodorkovsky (currently in jail) that have been ableto become billionaires in less then 10 years (sincethe demise of the CCCP) while the average Russian workeronly earns about 100 USD per month? Especially sincethese people have made their money by "acquiring" formerlystate owned (CCCP) industries."

A: Every goverment system has people who don't behave very well, they are a part of the system. There are no ideal constructions. Unfortunately, our system is made in such a way, that honest people have very little money, and dishonest people can get a lot of money. But they will pay for what they've done after their death. Honest people should not envy them because of that.

Question: “If you had a chance to makea change in Russia's government policy, what would that be?"

A: Anything is created in such a way that it has its positive and negative sides, pluses and minuses. The harmony is based on combination of these polarities, soif something is changed abruptly, without knowing the inner mechanisms of the system, it may break. So, I wouldn't make any changes directly, I would take time to see how the system functions and see what consequences my actions may have, only then I would make any changes.

Question: "What sex in Russia is like?"
A: I guess Russian men are very emotionally calm about it. Women are different, so I can't say about them.But men are distinctly different in a way.

Question: "Is there racism in Russia?"
A: Not long ago I witnessed some moral agression expressed by a guy towards a person from Yakutia. So, Ithink there is racism, yes.

Question: "Why so many Russian women want to marry foreign menand leave their country?"
A: Those who want (I don't think there are many, though) might think that foreigners are more intellectual and can provide better life. I think that foreigners are not more intellectual than Russians, but surely they have more money.

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