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Recent Experience with Russian Cupid

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Recent Experience with Russian Cupid

Post by wanderlust » December 20th, 2015, 12:52 am

Hi all. Like a lot of you on this board I had some longstanding curiosity about the women from the Slavic republics, probably for many of the same reasons. So a few weeks ago I bought a short membership on Russian Cupid. My experience with past dating sites has shown that if it's possible to make any headway, it shouldn't take long to do it. You're either make it, or don't, depending on the nature of the marketplace. For reference I am a mid-30's, ordinary social status, ectomorph, decent looking but not amazing and able to make conversation with anyone who's willing to pick up the slack. Nothing that would be a classical turnoff but generally passed over in the USA (who isn't?).

Experience on there so far suggests a LOT of phony profiles. They tend to have certain things in common. Often the profile will have obvious errors. For example, one obviously Asiatic-looking Russian woman who showed interest claimed on her profile her ethnicity was Black/African. Generally a fake profile will have just one photo, and it's fairly attractive. Very little personal information given, normally they just claim to be looking for "love" or "the one." Surprisingly they don't tend to be young, as you might expect; mid 30's to about 41 is common. Profiles of this nature tend to have the appearance of having been created in haste, initiate first contact by expressing interest, and tend to try to take things offline via personal email immediately. I contacted one woman who expressed interest, she dropped an email immediately. Suspecting something was not right, I dropped contact with her. A short time later a new profile, different photo, popped up, wrote me a short email expressing interest, and directing me to the same email address.

Overall response rate for contacts I initiated is actually much lower than on US sites I've used. Responses tend to be of poor quality and indicate minimal effort. Girls there are certainly slimmer than the US. In the past I'd read that girls from Moscow and St. Petersburg tended to be climbers/snobs but what little experience I gained didn't confirm this. There was no real interest or appreciable response rate coming from women more than eight years younger and a surprising number, comparable to the US, tended to prefer a younger man than themselves. Women I talked to gave off a vibe of wanting love and attention but emotionally guarded and private to the point of discussing only the most basic details of their love history, and tended to clam up about it past that point. The norm seems to be an avoidant attachment style. They won't pursue you like some Asian women will.

I ended up talking to one woman who's eight years younger than me, pretty but not stunning, curvy and of a somewhat stocky build comparable to the US. She would be considered attractive by most men. Still communicating. She's in the center of the hot zone in eastern Ukraine. She seems to want to continue communication but not chomping at the bit to ramp things up. Similar education level, never married, no kids, ordinary economic background. For what it's worth, I asked her how many new contacts she gets per week or month, and she replied 5-7 per day was normal. Frequently from much older men, say 20 years older, and it was common for contacts to ask her to do cybersex via Skype (obviously she wasn't interested). Her upper age limit was listed as 37, and it would come as no surprise if she's hedging her bets by remaining in contact with other men too.
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Re: Recent Experience with Russian Cupid

Post by drealm » December 20th, 2015, 4:48 am

I did an experiment with Russian Cupid too. I'm 29 and also ectomorph. I contacted between 10-15 women and 0 responded. Three other women contacted me on their own. One of them was within my attractiveness range but I didn't pursue her for other reasons.

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Re: Recent Experience with Russian Cupid

Post by GoingAwol » December 21st, 2015, 2:04 am

If you want to find Russian women go to and create a profile. It's completely free and I have met nice Russian and Ukrainian women there.

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Re: Recent Experience with Russian Cupid

Post by travelsouth » January 3rd, 2016, 2:15 am for the FSU is the way to go especially if you are just testing the waters. save your money guys

For you guys around my age in your 20s and 30s and from the Midwest USA let me just encourage you all to take a hard look at Latin America. There are plenty of white/light women in Latin America and culturally it seems to be a better fit than the FSU.

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