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Spanish woman tells horror stories about Russian women

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Postby Winston » May 18th, 2008, 8:10 am

Oh and Chemist,
You're being a dick again, not an objective commentator.

First, Basque never said that she was basing her conclusions about Russian women on just ONE Russian woman. YOU said that, not her. Just like I never said that I don't get sex with nonbar girls in the Philippines. I NEVER said that. YOU did.

Stop making things up and trying to put it into other people's mouths! That's dishonest and annoying, and not the mark of a mature man!

I never said that Basques comments represent the rest of the 400+ letters in my fan letters. YOU said that. The truth is, the 400+ letters, which you keep avoiding looking at, contain a wide VARIETY of people. No not just horny college students. But military vets, successful businessmen, professionals, etc.

I even have New York lawyers and stockbrokers too.

I told you this MANY TIMES, but you keep forgetting and aren't listening or factoring this in! So f***ing annoying!

About Russia, who did I treat like crap there? The truth is, I was sweet and romantic and sensitive toward women there. The problem is that they don't like guys like that. They like big macho tall guys. I just wasn't their type. And I did nothing wrong. That's the real truth. Stop making shit up!

Russian women themselves have even told me that. They said that I had no chance with a real Russian woman, not cause of anything I did, but because of who I am and the way I am.

Stop distorting the truth, damn it!
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I have some ideas...

Postby polya » May 18th, 2008, 12:27 pm

Firstly, I really don't want to start fighting with other people. I know your upset he's cheated on you, but here's some advice.
Wait to see if she really is pregnant first - its very common for Russian women to pretend to be pregnant to get some quick $$ (they will even bribe doctors for a false pregnancy test). Next wait & see if its his - she's probably got a young boyfriend or she's sleeping with other older guys, so it might not be his.
Even if it is his baby there's plenty of ways to minimise child support - its not appropriate for me to tell you to break the law, but you know how corrupt the system is over there. Finally, you can always move to sunny Spain...
I disagree with what you say about Russian women - there's bad manipulative women everywhere & I still think Russian women are better to marry than most American women who don't need/want a man.
"Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal... If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters." Cato the Elder
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Postby BASQUE » May 18th, 2008, 12:50 pm

Thank you Wu for your words. I would love to be your tour guide of Alicante if you Come to Spain. It's not where I come from, its where my clinic is, 200 mts from the MED a place bessed with a lovely weather most time of the year. I come from Bilbao, you know where the Beautiful Guggenheim museum is.

What is a Basque? you ask, well we seem to be one of the oldest people on earth whose roots have not yet been traced. We speak a language not related to any-other and have a strong sense of tradition and loyalty.
We also have a darker site, a group of terrorists trying to making a mess of all that was achieved after the dictator died.

I suggest you read The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky whom clearly is enamored of the Basques, and leads him to see them in a uniformly positive light.
That rosy outlook aside, The Basque History of the World is an excellent introduction to these (us) romantic people. Are we the original Europeans? Kurlansky doesn't weigh in on the issue, preferring instead to honor our Basque request "Garean gareana legez"--let us be what we are.
Icopy below a small test on Kurlansky's book, you may find interesting. Also Cod, another of his books was a great read, I recommended it too. Cod received the James Beard Award for Excellence in Food Writing and was a New York Public Library Best Book of 1997..

"From Publishers Weekly
Straddling the border of southern France and northern Spain, the land of the Basques has long been home to a people who had no country of their own but have always viewed themselves as a nation. In this marvelous work of cultural history and appreciation, Kurlansky traces Basque history from pre-Roman times, when Basques worked as the mercenaries of Carthage, to the region's recent renaissance in language and arts. Along the way, he explains how the Basques came to be among Europe's first whalers, capitalists, explorers, industrialists and international traders. As he did in Cod, Kurlansky fuses political and economic history with delightful digressions into cultural and culinary traditions (several delicious recipes are included). The book is as politically loaded with opinion as it is culturally informative: Kurlansky expresses sympathy for the cause of Basque independence, arguing that many of Spain's current policies toward its Basque minority are holdovers from the repressive Franco regime. He also tends to accept the claim that the Basques "are the original Europeans," largely on the ground that Euskera, the Basque language, appears to have no linguistic relative and is likely the oldest European language still spoken. For all the ground it covers, this wildly informative work is a marvel of clarity, glittering with unusual facts and marked by penetrating insights into a people always "making complex choices about the degree of independence that was needed to preserve their way of life, while looking to the rest of the world for commercial opportunities to ensure their prosperity."
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Postby ladislav » May 18th, 2008, 2:26 pm

Estimada Senora,

Gracias por su historia, y lo seinto mucho, pero yo no se por que Ud culpa a las rusas por lo que habia hecho una mujer de Belarus. Los belarusos y los rusos son dos nacionalidades distintas. Quizas para Ud ellas se ven igual, pero no para nosotros. Siempre lo han sido y siempre lo van a ser. En cuanto a que ellos vivian en los arboles cuando UUdd discutian la poesia, en paises tan frios eso no se hace tanto, quizas- debajo de los arboles, eso-si. Los ucranianos tambien son una nacionalidad distinta, en caso si no lo sabia. Yo pensaba que Ud lo sabia todo ye que proviene de un pais tan culto.

Los belarusos no pueden vivir en Rusia sin visa o trabajar alli sin la misma. Los rusos ni visitan Belarus por el miedo de represiones politicas alli.

Todo es muy estricto alli y su lider rige el pais con guantas de hierro. Esta mujer es una excepcion a la regla,y no una regla de ninguna manera.

Si, es verdad, en cuanto a las belarusas, es la primera vez que oigo algo asi. Es un pais muy conservador y la gente es muy ensimismada. Quizas, es una mujer muy extrana y de un comportamiento muy malo. Por favor no culpe la poblacion feminina de Rusia por lo que habia hecho una mujer mala de un pais vecino.

A nosotros, los espanoles y los portugueses se ven igual, tambien, pero si una mujer portuguesa hace algo asi, no vamos a culpar a las espanolas, verdad?

Yo vengo de Ucrania y alli hay unas mujeres asi tambien pero no todas, verdad? Mi mama no era asi, ni mi maestra tampoco, ni la mayoria de la gente muy catolica de la ciudad donde yo naci. No se de donde vino esta bruja con la cual Ud habia tenido un encuentro asi. De un prostibulo quizas?
A brain is a terrible thing to wash!
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Postby BASQUE » May 18th, 2008, 4:12 pm

First Polya.
many thanks for telling me something that actually makes sense. I have no evidence of her pregnancy, I have evidence of the Rolex she got from my husband, the payment of 3500 pounds sterling per month rental of her apartment, and the fact that while on a student visa she got a job at my husband's company. You are right in saying she could be sleeping with someone else too. I will get on to that straight away Polya. thanks...

CHEMIST Yes, my husband is guilty as sin, but this forum was not about -cheating husbands-, it was about Russian women and their behaviour.
This woman, you defend looking for excuses for her such as: "perhaps she was told by my stupid husband that he was divorced".

She is no angel.... She knew, she was the receptionist and knew very well he was married and I was spending a couple of weeks every month in Spain, I spoke to her (on the phone) many a time.

Any woman that starts an affair with a married man, calls the wife to insult her, post photos of herself sitting in MY CAR in facebook etc. is a whore to other women. To you she may be a victim, to me? she is the perpetrator and guilty as hell !!!. (so is Mr. Dick-head too)

I am not alone in despising these parasites, as I said before there are scores of cases very close to this one, the difference is that unlike most other Spanish ladies I know in the same predicament, I am in a very strong position and I am not a good looser, in fact I'm no looser at all.
Whatever way this story finishes, I WILL BE THE VICTOR, no two ways about it. But others are not so lucky; some women have lost husband and home after an affair went all the way down to hell.
The Russian is this tale, managed to get hold of money and properties from another dickthinker.
She managed to ruin him financially and pushed his wife to an attempted suicide when she found out her home was going to be repossessed by the bank.
Fortunatelly, her brother came to the rescue paid the bank, threw dickhead out and got a court order to keep him away from her.
She is one of my Norwegian friends she looks better and more beautiful everyday.

Querido Ladislav.

Se que Belarus es un pais independiente controlado por un despota descerebrado, Lukashenko, se que el pais esta inmerso en la pobreza miseria y corrupcion, se que emigrar es una solucion para algunos. Tambien se que practicamente todas las mujeres que llegan aqui, desde alli son de la misma condicion.

Poquisimas vienen buscando un trabajo honesto y muchas las que quieren una vida facil utilizando su aspecto fisico para conseguirlo. Nos les detiene nada, no importa que el hombre este casado, tenga hijos o simplemente tenga novia. ellas lo que quieren es una vida facil y dinero sin mas merito que el de ser atractivas a un cierto (no todos) tipo de hombre.

Querido amigo, son simplemente unas putas-parasito sin corazon;
no son las tipicas putas de "aqui te pago, aqui te dejo".

No, esas NO son las que destrozan matrimonios ni llaman a las esposas cuando estan estas enfermas en el hospital.

No amigo, no, esas follan, cobran y desaparecen. Las profesionales del sexo son decentes, las que se meten en una relaccion de pareja, NO.

Se que como Ruso, Ucraniano, o Bieloruso puede ser duro para un hombre o una mujer decente el aceptar que lo unico que nos llega aqui son mujeres despreciables.

Yo tengo dos buenas amigas y grandes personas, una de Kharkov otra de Moscu. Las dos saben lo terrible del tema de "las putas rusas" que es como calificamos aqui a todas las de la antigua Union Sovietica.

Lo siento mucho pero es asi; lo que vemos es lo hacer que formemos nuestras opiniones y tristemente no llega ninguna Valentina Tereshkova.
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Postby Grunt » May 18th, 2008, 7:59 pm

From reading this shrill harpy's overly masculine posts, I can see why its husband took off for greener pastures in the form of a Russian girl. What sane man would tolerate this pig, let alone stay married to it?

Edit: I think I found the perfect article to describe this hideous Iberian beast. Its a 5 year old article, but in that time it seems the cancer of Americian feminism has spread to Spain.

Marriage, Horror, And Susan Reimer
Fred on Everything | 072003 | Fred Reed

Marriage, Horror, And Susan Reimer

Take Horror. It's A Better Bet.

July 21, 2003

Were I to offer thoughts on marriage to young American men today, in these the declining years of a once-great civilization, my advice would be as follows: Don't do it. Or, if you do, do it in another country. In America marriage is a grievous error.

And why so? Because of The Chip. The Attitude. The bandsaw whine of anger, anger, anger that makes American women an international horror. It's there. It's real.

You, a young man, may not recognize the Chip if you have never seen normal, warm, happy women. If you are twenty-something and haven't been out of the US, you haven't seen them. They exist by the billion-in Latin America, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaya, China and, last I looked, France and Holland. And of course not every woman in America carries the Chip. None of them think they do. Yet it is the default, the usual, what comes out of the box.

The following is a perfectly ordinary, everyday, bulk-lot example, suitable for poisoning a cistern:

"Other than a 29-inch waist and a full head of hair, there isn't much to recommend the twentysomething male…He is living an extended adolescence -- an adult-olescence -- and every immature, irresponsible, self-absorbed thing he does is reinforced by the latest issue of his favorite men's magazine." (Susan Reimer, a columnist for the Baltimore Sun. I bet she goes out a lot.)*

Hers is the Attitude -- and what they think of you. It is the defining trait of American women. Exceptions exist, and they have my apologies, but they are few, and no, sport, your Sally probably isn't one of them. They're coiled to bite. As soon as problems arise in the marriage, they turn into Susan.

Susan Reimer is what is out there, guys: bitter that no one wants her (as who in his right mind could?), sure that no one is good enough for her, never having grasped that those who would be loved must first be lovable. Understand this: Susan is America. Some hide it better, springing it on you after the ceremony, but Susan is the rule.

The Susans do not like men. Sometimes they actually take courses in disliking men ("Women's Studies"). Yet they want to marry one and have babies. For them, the contradiction actually makes a kind of sense, because (and they know this, believe me) they will get the house, the children, and the child support.

For you, it makes no sense. You will get raped in the divorce courts. You don't know how bad it is. Don't do it.

A prime effect of marriage is backbreaking financial overhead: the excessive house in the prestigious suburb, the pricey but boring cars, all that. But if you don't fall into the trap, keeping your expenses down means you can live in Alaska or overseas and enjoy existence. There is more to life than debt service. Yet, although these are bad times for marrying, they are extraordinarily good times for being single.

Now, children. This is sticky. You may want them, or think you want them, or think you may want them. She wants them. My advice is to move to almost any country where English isn't spoken and women don't want their husbands to be the mothers of their children. Any country inhabited by the Chinese would do nicely.

Incidentally, remember that it is never now or never. Your prospects improve with time. At thirty-five or fifty you will be perfectly able to find a good woman if you know where to look. See above list.

Remember also that these are not good times for having children in America. It is almost irresponsible. The schools are scholastically poor, drug-ridden, given chiefly to political indoctrination, and hostile to male children. The universities are little better. Divorce is hell on children and their fathers, and nearly universal. The country lunges to police-statedom and isn't, I suspect, as stable as it might be. Worse, worst, there is Susan Reimer. Her name is legion, and she seeps everywhere, like the effluvium of unwashed socks.

Further, there is no social duty to have children. Some argue that the white population is in decline. Tough. If the country chooses to make having kids undesirable, then let it decline. It is not your problem.

Now, you might well wonder, why are American women carrying the Chip? Practically, it doesn't matter: They do carry it, and will continue. Still, it is partly because from birth they are fed the notion that they have been oppressed, battered, cheated, deprived, harassed, used as sex objects, not used as sex objects, on and on. Being rational, you are perhaps inclined to point out that never has a female population been less any of these things, but don't bother. It will have no effect. The Chip is an emotional artifact to which they respond emotionally.

The bedrock of The Attitude is that everything is the man's fault. Wonders Reimer, "What is the answer, especially if the 20- and 30-year-old male is such poor marriage material?" She does not wonder, "If I am such a grindingly awful termagant that men on three continents are crossing their legs and feeling queasy over my mere column, and won't come near me except in a Kevlar bathysphere with a disinfectant system, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Gosh. I wonder what?"

Yet something more is going on, though one does not easily see just what. Note that in recent decades we have seen the invention by women of bulimia and anorexia, which no one had heard of in 1965. Men made them do it. At roughly the same time women began getting breast implants, which men also made them do, and then suing about it. In the same period they began having induced memories of being raped or satanically abused by their fathers. Men again. The psychotherapy racket grew like kudzu, a sure sign of deep unhappiness over something.

All of this is recent. You have to be fifty to remember women who were resilient, sane, psychically strong and, within the limits of an often sorry existence, content. But whatever the answer, guys, the problem isn't yours.

Spend a year overseas, however you have to do it. For smart, classy, just plain glorious women who often speak English, try Singapore. Argentina is splendid. Many places are. You would be amazed. See what's out there before you marry a gringa with her Inner Susan, who will one day burst from her chest like one of those beaked space-aliens in the movies, dripping venom. They're death.
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Postby BASQUE » May 18th, 2008, 9:41 pm

Me? Masculine?
Well, cover me with egg and flower and bake me for forty minutes!!!
ha ha ha and triple ha, on ce more with a cherry on top.

Pastures greener?
Do you mean "dentures greener", like your dentures perhaps? a misspelt Freudian Slip my dear? .......
I have trouble writing now, the tears of laughter are blurring my vision LOL.
Poor looser if only you were closer.... you could clean my pool while I sunbathe. LOL

Listen Bart S., I'm the kind of woman losers like you look at drooling and wishing...., that's all you can do, look and wish; wish for a miracle.
But, you know? There are no miracles !!!......

Please polish your reading skills matey. My husband has not left me at all.

................................... I HAVE LEFT HIM..........................................
He went cheap,
I found out,
I left.
The slut is pregnant.
He is crying his eyes out and begging me to forgive HIM and take him back.
I'm considering all options.
.........................................THE END...................................................

Now, which part of " I left my husband" don't you understand?
Instead of copying and pasting THINK OF SOMETHING ORIGINAL to write
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Postby Grunt » May 18th, 2008, 10:24 pm

So your husband getting a Russian girl pregnant is his way of showing is love for you? You should seek help from a psychologist...immediately. What a horrible monster you must be if your husband decided to take a Russian girl. I have known you 1 day and I already feel like I will vomit.

"Me? Masculine?" - the Iberian beast

So kickboxing and shooting guns are what supermodels do? Here is a hint, you vile witch: my Ukrainian wife is cooking dinner right now. She is also watching a TV show about archeology as she cooks. My Ukrainian wife is blond haired, blue eyes, she speaks 3 languages, she has a masters degree in education, and she could be a model if she wanted to be. Oh, and she is also 10 years younger then me. You see, all smart men will throw trash like you in the garbage where you belong. Some men just get to it later then others. I knew when I was young that pigs like you were about as useful as dog feces on the bottom of my shoe. Scrape them off and keep walking. I am different then your husband because I never married a harpy like you. But, I am the same as your husband because we are both disgusted by you.

Anyhow, for me, the most amusing feminists are the females that don't THINK they are feminists. Its like Nazi's or KKK members. They will go on and on about how "great" and "good" they are but their actions tell a different story.


The bedrock of The Attitude is that everything is the man's fault. Wonders Reimer, "What is the answer, especially if the 20- and 30-year-old male is such poor marriage material?" She does not wonder, "If I am such a grindingly awful termagant that men on three continents are crossing their legs and feeling queasy over my mere column, and won't come near me except in a Kevlar bathysphere with a disinfectant system, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Gosh. I wonder what?"
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Domestic help

Postby BASQUE » May 18th, 2008, 11:07 pm

While your Ukrainian wife cooks, I save lives. While she watches TV documentaries on archeology, I am in the archaeological sites helping the archaeologists, you see one of my degrees is in anthropology, shooting and kick boxing were taught to me by me very famous father, a diplomat, that wanted his only daughter to be able to defend herself; you see, we lived in pretty dangerous places at times. He loved hunting, (I don't) that is why he taught me to shoot. I can shoot to target fairly accurately. He, unlike you was a man with a good vision of the world and a great respect for women. He knew the more I learned, the better person I would become and the more confident and safe I would be.
I speak 6 languages fluently, and a few others just to get by.
You don't get it do you? I have not been left. I have left my husband, and no, getting a woman pregnant is no way of showing his love to me; it only shows he is an idiot and a traitor. That is why, MOI, THE WITCHT left him.
Incidentally, I have domestic help. It's midnight here. Witches' hour, be careful my dear boring fellow, I might just put a spell on you and you will wake up tomorrow with a sudden urge to put on a frilly apron, start baking cakes and clean your trailer before going to the social security office to cash your mental disability check. Nam was hard, man I know!!!
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Postby Grunt » May 18th, 2008, 11:19 pm

My wife has a loving, caring husband that will love her forever and care for her every need.

You don't.

Let me win?

Perhaps you should call me a pig.

"I started to become cynical when oinking, belching slabs of American female swineflesh insisted that I was a pig." -- Jim Goad
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get real!!

Postby BASQUE » May 18th, 2008, 11:30 pm

Your wife has a boss.

You have a maid.

My husband had a friend.

My husband lost his friend and regrets it terribly.

I do not need anyone to "take care of me"

I take care of others.

I'm nobody's maid.

I have a maid.
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Postby Grunt » May 18th, 2008, 11:50 pm

It has been said that if marriage to a Russian girl is paying for a slave, then marriage to a feminist (like the Iberian beast) is paying to be a slave.

"Women's Lib is the caricature to end all caricatures" -- Ayn Rand, in The Age of Envy

You are the ultimate caricature.

You are a repugnant social parasite.

How many men have you reject you before you learn?

Your bloated sense of self worth is just that, SELF worth.

You are important ONLY to you.

To the world, you are a blight and a pox...proven by the following news report.

Too many women doctors 'will be bad for patients'

By JENNY HOPE - More by this author » Last updated at 00:01am on 4th April 2008

Too many women doctors working fewer hours than men will ultimately result in a major shortage of GPs, a leading specialist warns today.

Growing numbers of female graduates threaten to put men in a minority in the profession, with serious consequences for patients, according to Brian McKinstry, senior research fellow at Edinburgh University.

The unwillingness of women GPs to work unsocial hours played a part in the ending of out-of-hours care by the vast majority of family doctors, he argues. ... ge_id=1770
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Postby Winston » May 19th, 2008, 2:20 pm

I forgot to mention something. Russian women here and there have also told me that it was strange and unnatural for a Chinese American to be seeking a wife in Russia and that I ought to be seeking in China with my own race.

Many insinuated this, both directly and indirectly.

To them, people should marry and court of their own race. That was their world view.

Thus, that was also a major factor against me there. It had nothing to do with my money, profession, or generosity. Sure they loved taking my money and having money spent on them. But deep down, they didn't see me as a true mating candidate for various reasons, including race as mentioned above.

This is reality. What you say is fiction.

PS - Stop claiming that I'm stalking you by email. In your dreams butthead. You never told me not to email you, so I am not stalking you. You get titillated by my emails and you know it. You could have just blocked my emails, but you didn't.
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Postby Winston » May 19th, 2008, 2:44 pm

Ladislav, wow your Spanish is so good too!

I guess the only way I can read all these Spanish conversations is to copy and paste the text into this:

Hehehe :)

Basque, I I found some info on Basque people and culture here:

Grunt, come on now, Basque seems like a very nice intellectual, cultured, Renaissance woman, like all females I've met from Spain. She is a super woman with amazing qualities. I think you got her all wrong. You should examine each individual objectively, not paint a brush over them from your mind or past bad experiences.

I think you're missing out on the rich depth of Spanish women and Spain :)

Sure, she may be strong, independent and outspoken, not afraid to do what she thinks is right. But she's not a man hater who thinks all men are creeps and blames everything on them. And she's honest about her experiences with Russian women, not filled with political correctness.
Check out the latest posts in our blog The Happier Abroaders.

Don't forget my HA Grand Ebook and Dating Sites!

"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
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Postby Grunt » May 19th, 2008, 6:55 pm

Unusual Winston, very unusual. You allow the Iberian beast to tar and feather Russian women, then you ask me not to tar and feather a Spanish feminist?

As I have stated before, many times, I do not allow females to gauge their own value. That is a key facet of feminism. I hold every female to the international standard.

And few here would argue that this particular beast is exceptionally mouthy, crude, rude, self-absorbed, and delusional.

The only reason a husband cheats on his wife is because his wife is not meeting his needs in one way or another.

In all fairness, we should begin posting all our horror stories of American (or any Western feminist for that matter) and how they have ruined lives, families, fortunes, and indeed nations.

Why waste time on pikers like Russian women, lets direct our gaze to the real enemy.

P.S. On the matter of mixed marriage, I would have to agree its best for people to marry within their own race. Having spent 14 years in the military, I can honestly say the people I felt the most pity for were the mixed race guys. They were not accepted by the whites because they were too black, and they were not accepted by the blacks because they were too white. This lead to isolation and reduced ability for promotion and so forth. All of them kept to themselves and never made it above E-4. I saw it many times and my opinion is that I would not subject my kids to that fate. Besides, my Ukrainian wife gets endless grief from American females for simply not being American. Even though she has blond hair and blue eyes, they treat her like she is from another planet.
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