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Spanish woman tells horror stories about Russian women

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Post by BASQUE » May 19th, 2008, 9:57 pm

Hi Grunt, Killed anyone today? Oh!!! I forgot, sorry, the day is not over yet for you!!!
The Iberian Beast as you call me, is no feminist.Is just an educated woman of 2008. Prepared by a strong, intelligent educated, wise father to face a world dominated by men. I do not believe in feminism, I believe in values from men and women alike. Your are not superior to me in any way. Your comments on having too many doctors is plain ridiculous. Regarding the way your wife gets treated by American women quite frankly is very surprising to me. When ever I go to the USA, I get treated beautifully, with the same respect I treat anyone, American European Asian or whatever nationality I happen to be in the presence of. You were in the forces for 14 years? Well, there I would out-ranked you. Remember a doctor is an OFFICER and in my case A LADY.
You are a man filled with complex seeing his macho world disappearing and that is hard to swallow. Well get used to see doctor, lawyers, architects, politicians more and more around you. Also remember. Before the cult to God, there was the cult to the GODDES.
I have the power to create life throw my condition of WOMAN, throw my profession, the power to SAVE lives. Your only power is that of ordering your wife around, until she, one day will see you are a FOSSIL and will decide archeology is better away from home.
Have another beer!!!!

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Post by Winston » May 20th, 2008, 4:45 am

Grunt wrote:Unusual Winston, very unusual. You allow the Iberian beast to tar and feather Russian women, then you ask me not to tar and feather a Spanish feminist?

As I have stated before, many times, I do not allow females to gauge their own value. That is a key facet of feminism. I hold every female to the international standard.

And few here would argue that this particular beast is exceptionally mouthy, crude, rude, self-absorbed, and delusional.

The only reason a husband cheats on his wife is because his wife is not meeting his needs in one way or another.

In all fairness, we should begin posting all our horror stories of American (or any Western feminist for that matter) and how they have ruined lives, families, fortunes, and indeed nations.

Why waste time on pikers like Russian women, lets direct our gaze to the real enemy.

P.S. On the matter of mixed marriage, I would have to agree its best for people to marry within their own race. Having spent 14 years in the military, I can honestly say the people I felt the most pity for were the mixed race guys. They were not accepted by the whites because they were too black, and they were not accepted by the blacks because they were too white. This lead to isolation and reduced ability for promotion and so forth. All of them kept to themselves and never made it above E-4. I saw it many times and my opinion is that I would not subject my kids to that fate. Besides, my Ukrainian wife gets endless grief from American females for simply not being American. Even though she has blond hair and blue eyes, they treat her like she is from another planet.
W: Well both American and Russian women have some negative flaws, but they are different ones. American women being hateful, unapproachable, and anti-social, Russian women being greedy and hypocritical, etc. Well maybe the old fashioned Russian women were not like that, but the new generation of them are.

The point is, Basque is a female expressing her views and opinions. She did nothing wrong to you. And was merely reporting her experiences. But she is not hung up on her negativity. She merely called a spade a spade, and left it at that. That's a healthy way of dealing with it, I think. She moved on with her life and seems to be doing well, at least by her account.

I understand that women like this, who are overassertive, proud, and "gauge their own value" can be intimidating and unfulfilling to some types of men.

About cheating, one reason that men would cheat is because his wife is not meeting his needs, yeah. But that's not the only reason. Another reason is that some men just need variety and get bored with the same person everyday, or they thrive on new experiences and people, addicted to novelty so to speak. To them, having the same woman everyday is like eating the same pizza everyday. After a while, they want to try something new. But it's also true that a man can love or desire more than one woman at a time. A man's heart is multi-faceted in that sense, there is room in his heart for more than one woman. He is not necessarily monogamous by nature.

We don't know what Basque's husband's reasons were.

We are and have been posting horror stories about American women here.

Not to be racist, but maybe you are right about people dating their own race. It does seem a bit more fulfilling and natural. But some people, like black men, simply are not attracted to women of their own race.
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Post by Grunt » May 20th, 2008, 5:45 am

First off, I find this Iberian beast to be dubious, at best. I do not believe it is what it says it is. Odd that Winston would need someone else to fight his battles.

Thats said, I will take this at face value and ask anyone that tends to focus on the nuances of my you think I care to know anything about your personal life? That alone says volumes.

As far as why African American men do not seek African American females as wives, just look to the arrogance, ignorance, self-absorption, bloated self worth, and general displeasing attitude they display for the answer.

And, the Iberian beast shares all of these traits, yet wonders why it is rejected in favor of a low quality Russian dyev.

Do the math.

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Post by Chemist » May 20th, 2008, 2:22 pm

First, Basque never said that she was basing her conclusions about Russian women on just ONE Russian woman. YOU said that, not her.


Here is an exerpt from her letter (BASQUE):

Every Russian woman I have met with 2 exceptions, were and I'm sure stillare and will be, the biggest pieces of shit under the sun.

The plain and simple fact is that BASQUE did condemn all Russian women in this fashion. And as her primary exihibit, she cited the behavior of her husbands Belarussian receptionist. So, as usual, I'm not making stuff up.

Just like I never said that I don't get sex with nonbar girls in the Philippines. I NEVER said that. YOU did.

You only said that you got numbers from nonbar girls while you were getting sex from bar girls. You're only backpeddling after I trapped you in this logical inconsistency.

If you did, you would have been boasting about it.

But even if you did, it's too late to convince me.

Exactly how impressed do you expect me to be when somebody says he can get a lot of sex in an impoverished country anyway?

Stop making things up and trying to put it into other people's mouths! That's dishonest and annoying, and not the mark of a mature man!

I'm not even going to comment on this one. It's too easy!

I never said that Basques comments represent the rest of the 400+ letters in my fan letters. YOU said that.

Once again, your reading comprehension is limiting your understanding.

I was saying that the way you evaluated BASQUES letter is likely going to be the same as the way you evaluate and vet those other letters. In other words you don't do a very good job of evaluating your letters.

We recently had Hoecus writing you a post about "Why they bash". Unfortunately, he has a reputation of speaking out of his ass on other forums and he ends up bashing you in the same letter.

Not to long ago, we had jtest who claimed that Western women are so bad that even his stripper friends couldn't get girlfriends.

Even worse, you claimed that these letters were intellectual and insightful!

These three examples were crap and I exposed them as such. I'm not holding out hope that your other 400+ letters are any better.

The truth is, the 400+ letters, which you keep avoiding looking at, contain a wide VARIETY of people. No not just horny college students. But military vets, successful businessmen, professionals, etc.

How did you know, did you talk to them or meet them in person?


Look any person who graduates college and can start a website will call himself a business man or professional. You're making it sound like these people are in the Fortune 500.

I told you this MANY TIMES, but you keep forgetting and aren't listening or factoring this in! So f***ing annoying!

Look, your not very good at logic. I can understand why you don't get it. You also aren't aware of how most legal systems work. I can see why you don't understand that anonymous testimonials aren't considered evidence. They are too susceptible to bias and manipulation.

About Russia, who did I treat like crap there? The truth is, I was sweet and romantic and sensitive toward women there. The problem is that they don't like guys like that. They like big macho tall guys. I just wasn't their type. And I did nothing wrong. That's the real truth. Stop making shit up!

Let's see...

You were late for your dates or stood them up. There were a few that you fondeled. You insulted them by offering money to be kissed on camera. You argued about prices in front of them. And let's not forget about those ultimatums. You even went through the trouble of putting it in writing!

If anything, you were trying to act like a macho russian guy, but it came off as pathetic.

I think that Vika even wrote you a letter explaining that you shouldn't be buying food or drink for yourself without doing so for the girl that you're with. Something that most men would consider common sense, even in the west. The fact that a Russian women had to explain this to you, and your lack of dating experience in the US, makes me think that you didn't even know how to be charming!

But instead of acknowledging your inexperience and learning something from her, you had to argue.

Then we have your fiancee Katia who you only bought presents and gave money too when she demanded it (and that was when she dangled the prospect of you having sex with her), then she scammed you for a few hundred dollars, and then later she took more money from you before literally throwing you across the room like a rag doll.

At that point we went from pathetic to hilarious.

Yeah, you're a charmer all right!!!

And this is all from your journals Wu. I didn't make it up. How can I?

Why don't site me an example from your journals in Russia where you were charming. Then I can retract my statement.

How about that hotshot? Think you can handle it?

Russian women themselves have even told me that. They said that I had no chance with a real Russian woman, not cause of anything I did, but because of who I am and the way I am.

The thing that's marring this little fanatasy that you indulge in is that you did manage to get engaged to a nice girl, Alina. She wasn't bad looking either. Most men would describe her as "girl next door". And I think she was more attractive than Dianne.

You even claimed success on the message boards.

....And then you cheated on her. Twice!

Yeah, you're charming.

And the challenges you faced aren't too much different than what me or anybody else faced. Most of the girls that have profiles up at marriage agencies are only curious or are working for the agency. They haven't given serious thought about moving overseas to marry. But western men still need to go through the process of determining how serious they are, and be willing to move on when they aren't.

Now the fact that your asian limits the dating pool but doesn't eliminate you from the game. The "true Russians" (russians of slavic descent) may not be thrilled about asian men, but Russia is a big country and the Soviet Union was even bigger, encompasing many ethnicities, including asian. You could have done reasonably well with a tartar, mongolian or the border region with China.

You also didn't bring anything to the table. You were stingy, didn't have good accomidations, you were unemployed and still had your parents supporting you. Why would a woman want to marry you?

You actually believed that the Russian women would fall in love with your passport and you'd be able to pick the hottest blond bombshell from scores of interested Russian women.

Stop distorting the truth, damn it!

I'm not. I just refuse to see the twisted spin that you put on things. But don't worry, the others here will make up their own minds.

What have you got to worry about :wink:
There is no sense complaining. Half of the people you talk to won't care. The other half will think you deserved it!

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Post by Chemist » May 20th, 2008, 2:32 pm

Thus, that was also a major factor against me there. It had nothing to do with my money, profession, or generosity. Sure they loved taking my money and having money spent on them. But deep down, they didn't see me as a true mating candidate for various reasons, including race as mentioned above.

I'm sure this helps you sleep at night. It even obsolves you from any responsibility. So I can see why it was an appelaing fantasy for you.

But, you did get engaged to a nice girl. But you weren't satisfied with her. You had to cheat on her.

This is reality. What you say is fiction.

Are you on hoceus's pain medication?

PS - Stop claiming that I'm stalking you by email. In your dreams butthead. You never told me not to email you, so I am not stalking you. You get titillated by my emails and you know it. You could have just blocked my emails, but you didn't.

Well, if I blocked you, then I would have no proof that your a sociopath. Then it would have been my word against yours. And it's not like you were simply spamming your list to bring traffic to your site so that they can click on your links either, you are sending me emails addressed to me and linking to a thread that you started about me. And even with those emails addressed to me, you are still copying Dave Fuller.

By any reasonable deffinition, this is stalking, Winston.

I think that you're more tittilated then I am. At least I leave after I post. I often let you have the last word. Nor do I reply to all your threads. And last time I checked, your posts outnumbered mine nearly 10:1.
There is no sense complaining. Half of the people you talk to won't care. The other half will think you deserved it!

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Post by Chemist » May 20th, 2008, 2:59 pm

CHEMIST Yes, my husband is guilty as sin, but this forum was not about -cheating husbands-, it was about Russian women and their behaviour.

Granted, if you simply spoke about the receptionist, this wouldn't be an issue.

Your letter crosses the line when you use this receptionists behavior to condemn all Russian women. It is very sloppy reasoning. I understand that this was a rant, but it can cause damage when it is widely quoted, which it was. And the Winston claimed that it was "intellectual", which it wasn't. It was a rant and nothing more.

This woman, you defend looking for excuses for her such as: "perhaps she was told by my stupid husband that he was divorced".

I don't defend her. You seem to have a similar comprehension problem as Winston.

The fact is, from your letter, nobody really knew about the receptionist or if she was really that responsible for this mess. It was just assumed because it already fit into yours and Winston's viewpoint.

Since your claim about Russian women is in direct conflict with my experiences with Russian women, I was more skepticle and was able to evaluate this without emotion clouding my analysis.

In any case, I hope what your going through is for the best. But you still seem angry and your actively plotting revenge. This rarely ends well. You're not the first woman who's tried this. Be careful or it will consume you.
There is no sense complaining. Half of the people you talk to won't care. The other half will think you deserved it!

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Post by BASQUE » May 20th, 2008, 5:09 pm

You find me dubious? I find you obnoxious "in extremis".
What you DO find is that "You can't bully me".
I'm not pushover.

I doubt very much you ever met any woman talking to you so bluntly and directly to your sorry self; you probably scared the life out of them with your bullish attitude. Well, I come from an old matriarchal society; I don't get scared easily by male (or female) bullies and, remember little man....
Bullies are cowards.....

I'm not fighting Wu's or anyone else's battle. There is no battle. Only in your perverted mind there is one. But if you feel there is...., keep attacking, you will find me a formidable opponent, impossible to defeat by you.
Your weapons are obsolete and your ammunition... hot air!!!

We all talk about our personal lives here, you twerp!!
That is what this FORUM is for. An exchange of personal experiences.
What do you want from a forum? Talks by proxy?

Your comment on my husband rejecting me is pathetic. Where do you get that from?
Au contraire, cher monsieur dislexique, au contraire.






You are a bigot with draconian ideas and a huge chip on your shoulder.
I guess, during your childhood, you were not loved enough by anyone and now, you have to buy "affection".

Your hate, hostility, disrespect and bitterness towards women with a brain, is pathological.

You forgot you were born of a WOMAN. RESPECT WOMEN!!!

It's sad to see creatures like you, we should stop looking for the missing link.


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Post by BASQUE » May 20th, 2008, 5:33 pm

Every Russian woman I have met with 2 exceptions, were and I'm sure still are and will be, the biggest pieces of shit under the sun.

That is what I said, it is correct. Sad but, true.

That is MY fact, My experience.

I also said I have two wonderful Russian lady friends that find shameful the conduct of their compatriots.

Obviously there must be decent Russian women but I only know two.

I have not have a very good experience with them. The ones I met were superficial, arrogant, ill-mannered, greedy, cold hearted , manipulative, liars and obsessed with material goods.

Many of my husband's acquaintances, Russian men, (my husband is a Russian remember that) had these parasites as mistresses, those where the women I met, not their wives.
I was thoroughly embarrassed to be seen with them, it was obvious to all what "their game" was.
You can't blame me for having a strong negative opinion about them. After all, one forms one's opinion based on one's experience and mine has been sadly, a terrible one.

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Post by Grunt » May 20th, 2008, 9:46 pm

No one is "attacking" you, beastly one. This is typical of the feminist mindset. Give me everything I want, the exact moment I ask for it, or I will accuse you of "attacking" me. A symptom of the matriarchal system. Only problem is, the transition to a matriarchy is one of the final stages before complete societal collapse. Right along with open homosexuality and pedophilia.

Also, no one is "bullying" you as well. You are a neurotic immature little child that has eaten too many candy bars before bedtime. As you flop around on the ground, flailing your arms and legs, your fat little face getting bright red, I am doing nothing more then telling you the truth. No one is angry here but you. I sit here calmly listening to the news, getting ready to call my wife during her lunch break to tell her how much I love and need her.

I am not singling you out as a person, because I do not see you as a person. You are an "it". I love real women, I respect real women, you are neither. I admonish feminists, pseudo-feminists, and crypto-feminists. Just as a puppy needs to have its nose rubbed in its own fecal matter, you need these posts I casually put together. If for no other reason then you need to grasp that you are the problem, Iberian beast, not everyone else.

Do not point your little sausage finger at Russian women, Spanish men, or guys on the internet. Look in the mirror, there is the root of all evil.

P.S. Chemist, you should know at this point this entire issue is something I call "canned debate". It is a ploy that, even if you are playing a role in it, I am growing bored with. The Iberian beast has been duly spanked and I suspect at this point it enjoys the attention. This is probably the most attention from real men it has ever gotten, and clearly thrives on it. Whatever other corny motives are going on behind the scenes, I really don't care for as they are a reflection, a rather poor one at that, on those too weak or fearful to speak openly.

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Post by BASQUE » May 20th, 2008, 11:53 pm

Do not dispare.. there is medication for your condition.

Sorry old chap, must dash, one needs one's candy bar... Cheerio !!!.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Post by Chemist » May 21st, 2008, 4:11 pm

Many of my husband's acquaintances, Russian men, (my husband is a Russian remember that) had these parasites as mistresses, those where the women I met, not their wives.

You bring up a good point. What about these wives? Who are they? Are they Russian as well or Spanish like you?

This seems to be more about condemning mistresses (which I fully understand) more than condemning Russian women in particular.

You can't blame me for having a strong negative opinion about them. After all, one forms one's opinion based on one's experience and mine has been sadly, a terrible one.

Our experiences shape us to a point, but if you don't try and rise above that, your life is still going to suck and nobody will really care anyway (read my signature line).
There is no sense complaining. Half of the people you talk to won't care. The other half will think you deserved it!

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Post by Chemist » May 21st, 2008, 4:38 pm

P.S. Chemist, you should know at this point this entire issue is something I call "canned debate".

No kidding! My issue isn't with BASQUE in particular. She is angry that her marriage ended due to an infidelity. It is a predictable outcome.

I was more critical of Winston using that letter to justify his opinion of Russian women without fully vetting that material. BASQUE decided to participate in the conversation and now we know a little more about the circumstances. So it's been a positive experience overall-we learned something.

Explain to me why Winston couldn't do this? Why did I have to be the inquistive and skepticle one? Why was it me that had to dig a little deeper? Because Winston is desperate to prove his point. He stalked me through email with this letter!

Speaking of canned debates, I had one several months ago with somebody named "jtest". It started much the same way. He sent a letter to Winston claiming that Western Women were so terrible that his stripper friends couldn't get girlfriends (implying that even the hot guys can't have normal relationships). Of course I thought it was BS and challenged it. He posted on the forum in defense of his letter but didn't do a very good job. To hear him tell it, you'd think that there was this huge conspiracy of women that are actively denying him and his friends dating opportunities and that they actually cared that jtest went to Ukraine to improve his chances.

If you can see why such an argument didn't go well for jtest than there is hope for you.

If not, than you may be just as bad as he is!

It is a ploy that, even if you are playing a role in it, I am growing bored with.

Stick around. You might learn something.
There is no sense complaining. Half of the people you talk to won't care. The other half will think you deserved it!

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Post by Grunt » May 21st, 2008, 6:08 pm

The main point here, contrived or otherwise, is that all Western females are woefully inadequate to even common Russian girls. In any situation where men are given a choice between Russian or Ukrainian girls or American Canadian or Western European females, men almost always go with the Russian girl.

Having an enjoyable experience with a Russian girl that knows how to please a man, even if she isn't the most WAY better then having to spend any time with mouthy pushy Western females that do little more then scream out how great they are and how wonderful they are and how smart they are...then they notice the guys have all walked away.

This isn't about Spanish men or Russian girls, its about how shitty all feminists are.

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Post by KristineTheStrawberryGirl » May 22nd, 2008, 7:10 am

Basque, it is very unfortunate that your husband/ex-husband made the decision to have an extramarital affair. However, I think that you are going overboard with your anti-Russian propaganda. I think that when relationships fall apart it is not because of ethnicity, but is a lack of commitment or selfishness. It is probably true that some cultures have more issues with a lack of commitment or selfishness, but any individual who is determined can rise above this, and sure .. it may include finding a mate from a more commitment oriented culture, but STILL it is ridiculous to blame the ethnicity of the mistress on a relationship's failure. I am very sorry to hear that your relationship did not work out, and hope that you will find someone else that makes you happy. I don't think you should go online to seek solidarity with those who you can hold a codependent grudge against Russian women just because ONE Russian woman (and not even a RUSSIAN women, a BELARUSIAN WOMAN) got in your way.

Anyway, I don't agree with what you say about Russian women. What you say is just as unfair as if I would say that all Spanish women are a bunch of swarthy and latent lesbians that resulted as a byproduct of the feminazi EU. Then further explaining that the EU was hijacked by a pseudo-intellectual movement of castrated gay peep show freaks, who escaped to Europe from Andrea Dworkin's basement. Pretty ridiculous isn't it? Well, your remarks about Russian women are equally ridiculous.

I happen to be Russian-American, and most of my female friends are Russian from Russia or Ukraine. This is not because I am a big nationalist. In fact I am quite the opposite with a cosmopolitan attitude and great appreciation for other cultures. I'm just more plugged into the Russian community, and sometimes I am uncomfortable with the aggressiveness of certain American women. I don't dislike them, I just have difficulty communicating with them in a way that is enjoyable for me for more than a very short period of time.

You should not assume that just because Russian women do not bash/hate men and are soft-spoken that we are old-fashioned simpletons without an education, career or ambition. Many Russian women are just as educated and sophisticated as Western women (if not even MORE educated), just as accomplished and professional. Just as fashionable. We're just not as outspoken (usually -there are exceptions as always). My Russian female friends include a neurologist, cardiologist, 3 professors, paralegals, store owners, a fashion designer, social workers, an attorney etc. My mother-in-law is an engineer, my grandmother a retired school principal. Some of these are married to Russian men, American men, Serbian men and one to a Hungarian man. These women are professionals in every respect, but still very gentle and soft-spoken women in happy relationships. Most of them are attractive too. I think one of the differences in the relationships is a focus on commitment and thinking of the other person as opposed to "me me me."

I don't agree with many things that Grunt says, but Basque, you misrepresent his wife and their relationship with your assumptions. Have you ever considered that maybe they have fun together? Have you ever considered that perhaps she is just as educated and sophisticated as you?

For the most part, Spanish food IS very good and very healthy. I'll give you that.
"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." -Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Post by Grunt » May 22nd, 2008, 8:11 am

As much as I hate to admit it, dingleberrygirl may be on to something here.

If one is to make broad generalized statements, at least have SOME facts to back it up.

Case in point: Americans are fat. This is not debatable. We Americans, myself included, are the fattest on earth. However, in my defense, my issue is more rooted in the fact my wife knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

That said, we can also conclude that with 70%+ of all divorces in America being initiated by pig skank subhuman filth American females...we can assume the majority of American females are pig skank subhuman filth. And do so safely to boot.

The Iberian beast, being a typical conniving feminist scam artist, is angry only because it has been outclassed by a more advanced conniving scam artist. Like two jackals fighting over a scrap of meat. The beast also, in typical feminazi form, assigns any and all blame upon the 3rd party, absolutely and categorically refusing to take any blame whatsoever. To the contrary, the beast loudly and repeatedly shrieks how awesome and fantastic it is.

Somehow, its husband and lover would beg to differ. A woman of true quality would have any number of men waiting in the wings, and find a new mate without missing a beat. I sense the Iberian beast will be single or in yet another failed relationship for quite some time.

But it will always blame a man, or a non-feminist. Never itself.

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