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Commentary from Chinese visitor to Russia

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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Commentary from Chinese visitor to Russia

Post by momopi » November 4th, 2008, 7:50 pm

Original article (in Chinese): ... 27703.html

Google translated and briefly edited in few parts by me:

Visited Russia for 7 days, just returned day before yesterday, felt the gap (quality of life?) between China and Russia is very big.

I went to four cities, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Simo hills (Smolensk?) are cities Yukos, Voronin on a small city, about the equivalent of a county seat of China's size, has a population of about not more than 100,000, but no matter City or small city, I get the impression that is clean, really clean, too, on the ground almost spotless, and I in Russia for seven days, did not have to clean my shoes.

The second feeling (impression?), the school is really good, really good. School without walls, like a big park, we went to Moscow in an ordinary school, the Russian language translation called Gehaluofu about (sorry, can not spell in Russian) schools, we have about a secondary school or, I would like them to the library about our library of a provincial scale, campus environment than any of us is a park, there are school buses, did not collect a fee (free), stopped when you wave and didn't ask/check your student ID.

Let me the most shocking is that the student hostels, is the equivalent of China's three-star hotel standards (as far as we work together to say, the vast majority of China's three-star hotels are good), a door, the carpet is, the corridor is Sofa, a set of two students in an apartment, a large living room, two small bed, a bathroom, all the carpet, covering an area of about 50 or so square, the students apartment is full of equipment from a variety of snacks to the supermarket to the barbecue, all are avail for purchase. Water, electricity, heat, rent, all free of charge, many students apartment bathroom lights have been on for 5-6 years, never turned off because electricity is free. The water is hot and cold water, round-the-clock supply.

St. Petersburg's Winter Palace and Summer Palace, the large area is hard to imagine, especially the Summer Palace, 12 hours Butingdizou only visited about half of white marble and gold-plated sculpture (all of the gold-plated, and some Is the real gold), tens of thousands, very well preserved, compared to the National Palace as a big farm, really, before the National Palace Museum, said the world's major miracle, and other than that, really dark, Too narrow. National Palace Museum and Winter Palace during the summer palace of the building is not much difference, but they can never repeat the construction of hundreds of fountains and that is hard to imagine the spacious dining room, as long as the two went to local non-biased, civilization The gap at a glance.

Russia's price is very expensive, in Moscow, a bottle of mineral water of the ordinary about 30 yuan (about 90 rubles), a vegetable about 50-80 yuan, casual meal, about 800 To 2000 yuan (eat very general), but Russia's welfare is very good, free water, electricity is cheaper (per unit is equivalent to about a bit against RMB), a lot of free natural gas, heating in winter Are not equivalent to the basic fee. Each of the Russian people, as long as they're adult and has a formal/full-time job, is allocated a holiday villa by the government, which takes it back upon your death. All health care free of charge and is 100 percent free of charge, as long as the Russian nationality, we asked very detailed, free of charge, the ruble is not an admission that all the patients, all of the people, there is no exception. Education, in addition to private schools, free of charge, without exception, without any exception of a school. At that time, we asked what would happen if the schools mis-charged (over-charge?) students? They were stunned and did not know how to resolve such a situation, because it has never happened

Prior to visiting, we heard the Russian police were unfriendly to the Chinese people, due to the prevalence of the triad gangs. But when we arrived in Russia, it was not the case. The Russian police are very polite, very friendly, in addition to not speak English. We have asked a Moscow circuit, a police listened very carefully to us for a long time, but he did not understand English, and of course know the Chinese language, but he is still very patiently listen, that does not look like the patient, we finally find out China is so immediately and contact the police station, the last contact the Chinese Embassy and asked what help we need, and that if not sure, the rest can go to the police station.

Russia's high quality, so that those of us Chinese people really feel very ashamed. In Moscow, there is no need to fight car, as long as I waved, there will be a vehicle to stop, go get some money, some do not make money, and money is also cheaper, because Russia's great cities, Moscow there are a lot of When people are part-time taxi, the matter has never been. Of course, is that a lot of people really help you, not money, but sometimes you go to different places and his way, he will look around for you, from all kinds of vehicles, Lincoln, Rada, but also Toyota, what Cars can reach.

Moscow's subway, about 100 meters deep around a total of four-story, elevator on the people to consciously stand on the right side, left side of the often empty, was found on the left is the emergency channel, is for those people who have urgent business for the temporary use of the Once in a while, someone hastily ran from the left, no matter how crowded, people have a channel Yaoliu Chu, very conscientious.

Moscow's Red Square, originally thought to be very large, was not even one-tenth of the Tiananmen Square. Even the Kremlin wasn't restricted, visitors can wander and take pictures to play, no one to interfere, there is only one Office buildings, only to go across the street, there are red lines, one in the past, it was the whistle to remind you not to the street (but not from the police), the street about 67 meters wide, is also seeking approval for sidewalk About 10 meters on the right, after only asked to know, it is the president office, President Medvedev's office on the second floor, everyone can see that the window of his office, away from the general public in a straight line distance of about 15-16 meters. The guide joked that those with great physical strength could lob a grenade into it (through the window and into his office!).

Red Square has a white side of the small building, is very small, there is a floor, what is called the Russian language, compared with a mouthful, not to remember. This is Putin's prime minister's office, where the management is even more of the song, visitors can directly on to the stairs, there is only one guard, not to control you, if you do not enter the door to go inside, but very few people go, Russia Did not seem interested in only some of the camera to foreign tourists, the Russian tour guide said that when President Putin is very arbitrary, Moscow from time to time people will see him go to work, taking a side door of the Kremlin, not a lot of time to clear the way police, Can not and never has been, in the Kremlin.

Russia's city streets are very wide and general urban speed limit is 80 kilometers or so, but from the pedestrian crossing to cross the road is safe, red light, as long as a bright red light, the car is stopped, whether it was not, No red light, as long as you are crossing from one to cross the road, the car is very far from where you started to slow down, as long as you have a hesitation, the driver will be very friendly towards you, waving, give way, was very patient and kind. This phenomenon, I have tried in several cities, some people say this is false, but I tell you, at least in Russia, this is true, we come back, because to Ganfei Ji, traveling to places To have a road, crossing a little far, the suggestion was not around, directly in the past, when no cars on the road, but the Russian tour guide said firmly: would rather miss the plane, crossing to go.

Russians have great respect for women, no matter where you are, whether by car or on the streets of rest, as long as a woman come up all the men and give up one's seat, without exception, the most typical in buses, as long as woman A table, all men are conditioned reflex of the test stand up to the primary and secondary school students from the white-haired old people, all at once stand up and take a bus to stand up and sit down many times, in the end we are too lazy to sit up.

All the Russians seem to carry small trash bags, tossing left overs and junk into them and disposing it at garbage bins (on the street). Russia can not smoke in many places, some in shopping malls or public places, there are a number of water tanks, like the soot Kong, a group of men and women who smoke around, very consciously, the tour guide said that even the mayor of Moscow, Mr to be drawn here Tobacco, because no other place to smoke, we can see very frankly, no complaints.

(I don't have time to edit/format the rest, so will cut and paste raw text here from google)

?????????????,???????????,?????,???????? Russia has many places in the queue, the Russian people used to line up, discipline is very thin, there is no queue jumping. ???????,??????,??????,?????,???????,?????,???????????,????,????,????????? Summer Palace in St. Petersburg, Cartier Ye Ning Na Palace, as the number of restrictions, so have to queue up, we are very conscious, patiently waiting, and every row of every team, a few hours, very quiet, with many people Look at the books. ????,????????????,???????????,?????,??????,???????? In the summer of the temple, there are many sculptures can not touch these sculptures next to some people observe that some people did not observe, what I observed, no one touch. ??????????,??????,?????,?????,??????(???,?????????????),???????????????,???????? At that time, there is a sculpture of pure gold, we think that no one on hand touch, just a touch, I heard a whistle sound (very strange, like many parts of Russia with whistle), we found that there was a man with a mouth Whistle and looked at our vigilance. ??????,?????????,???????,????????,???????,???,??????,????,???????,??????????????(???????,?????????),???????????? We later discovered that this man is very mechanical, if you moved as if to touch, but did not touch you stopped, he would just stare at you, do not whistle, we tried several times, so are the end, we Smiling, next to Russia who have no choice but to laugh (but the intention is good, there is no hostility), we embarrassed him play again.

??????????,??????????,????????????????,????????,????????????????????,???????,?????????????,?????,???????????,????????????,??????????????????,??????,??????? Russia has a lot of different things, World War II memorial and the sculpture of Lenin, the Russian people should get married to World War II memorial flowers and a long silence before the light, and a new Russian law, only light can be close to the long, other people can not close, the Moscow World War II Memorial scale of the event, The most eye-catching is that there Keman the names of war dead, each campaign have a lot of oil to the performance, next to the sub-columns or walls full name of the numerous, from generals to soldiers, there is no difference. ??????????,??????????,???,????????,???????,????????,???????????????,????????,????????????,?????????? Lenin sculpture is so very strange to me, I thought all had been removed, the guide asked, he said that really removed a lot, but it retains some, I ask why, he said that Russia because there are a lot of people like him, they I hope not to remove these rights must be guaranteed, "This is very strange?" He asked. ???????????????????,???????,?????????,??????????,????,?????????,????,??????????,??????,???????????????,????????,?????,????????,?????????,???????????,???????,??????? Every year, the State Duma suggested that Lenin's body to move out, but the move did not go every year because there are always a lot of people against people every year to the Red Square demonstrations against the move out of the demonstrators were not only the elderly, party members, There are also students and even singers and more interesting is that many Americans, the British also to the French demonstrations against the remains of Lenin to be moved, and a lot of people, the Russians also energetically, saying that this is the heritage of all mankind, not from Russia What they say, pass the State Duma, however, there is no way.

?????????,?????????,??????,?????????????????,?????,???????,?????????,?????? Russian human body is very good, a lot of the white-haired old people, walking very fast, as the Russian school of the Court hospitals do not have a retirement system, are life-long, as long as you wish, you can always go on working, no one before you go.

???????????,???,???????,???,??????????,?????????,????????,?????????????????,?????,?????????,???????? Russia on the streets of the most privileged people, pregnant women, as long as a pregnant woman, of those days, as the absolute leadership of our tour, people have to let both sides of the road, also kept small to remind the body, listen to the tour guide said that pregnant women in Moscow are indeed special Crowd, as long as she is willing, at any time a police vehicle for her services, not rubles a close.

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