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A New Russian Girl's Band. "Blestyaschie"-Glitteri

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Russia, Ukraine, or the former Soviet Republics.

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A New Russian Girl's Band. "Blestyaschie"-Glitteri

Postby ladislav » August 1st, 2009, 11:20 am

I have found a new Russian girl's band. Very sexy. "Blestyaschie" meaning "glittering".

Here is a song by them- Eastern Fairy Tales. Dedicated to tall tales/bs love confessions told/given by Iranians, Arabs and other Middle Eastern men to Russian girls to get them to love them. The song basically asks men to marry them first, then they can talk. They are saying all these Muslim men are making eyes at the girls and asking them to be their fourth wives. A subtle message for girls to be careful with rich "Eastern" men who can easily fool them.

Here is another song- "Palm Trees in Pairs"- it talks about how a guy approaches a girl on the beach, handsome, tanned but again bs's his way into getting her into bed, the girls give them their hearts, but it is all for one night only. And how the girls just lap it up. It is a pity that the guy's love does not last. ... re=related

These are all messages about what the girls think problems are for them at this time.

This one is called "I want more" ... re=related

The lyrics basically mean: a girl yields to a guy's entreaties to love him, but then gets tired, and she wants another guy's love now.

Then, there is a song about

Basically: do you remember how we played hookie in school and how we had a prom night and now how we have grown up- and now you can visit me at so that we could see each other again. First love, spring stars' light. Schools we will be empty. Childhood lets us out into a big life. We are still classmates. Come and visit me at the site. School life seems to have been so recent but have already become adults. How sad, but don't be sad yourself.
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