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Living in a Developing Country has a few Challenges

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America.

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Living in a Developing Country has a few Challenges

Post by ColombiaVisas » January 14th, 2012, 1:11 pm

Besides women, if you live overseas for a while you will have to deal with a whole new world. In a developing country you will be welcome by the women unlike the UNITED STATES OR EUROPE OR WHEREVER YOUR COMING FROM.

Then you must adapt and survive. There many opportunities to work or create businesses, butt its a bit overwhelming adjusting at times. In developing countries, like Colombia typically man expats will rent apartments or teach English. Man these are great gigs at first. Then you start to realize wooo man, you have to count forks, knives, every little detail. If you have keys laying around at the door in a sealed envelope, or you have guys with girls they TRUST hanging around by themseleves, man things go missing. We are talking about petty theft of small items.

The message is more than half the people in developing countries will steal items. NEWBEES, or GREENHORNS new to traveling, more than half of your girlfriends in developing countries will steal when your not looking, and i have to say half the girls at least are PLAYERS. Thats good and bad, just face reality, if your not there but a few times a year, they aint waiting. girls dont wait along time with out getting a piece of you know what. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN, THEY HAVE MORE DESIRES THAN AMERICAN WOMEN. If your gone a week its ok, if your out a few months well theres a very few that hold outl.

YOu can find trustworthy women, but running a rental agency, and working with doormen we have a no check out policy for boyfriend/girlfriend after the foreigner has left. Family members are the worst. I married a very faithfull Colombiana, very trustworthly. Last time i left town for christmas i wanted to know who was sneaking around the house and swiping stuff, so i put in camaras. It wasnt her brother or sister, It was the mother caught on camara. It was a big suprise. Families are always the last ones to accept anything bad about their loved ones.

Im still in Colombia, and i still run 2 businesses here, but you cant leave anything for guessing, or anyone around for 1 seond. My clients get upset when things go missin in apartments, so we had to get around these prolems by lengthy inventories, theres a lot of denial regarding women stealing things in t he apartments, and we cant put camaras in apartments but the harse reality is that YOU HAVE TO LIVE OVER SEAS TO GET TO KNOW YOUR feance or girlfriend for sometime, and understand the culture. Will i ever leave Colombia? NO, i am here to stay. If your not here you will not know the peope. every countriy has its own unique problems and scams. Please dont spend 2 weeks with your girl and get married, and if that phone is off repeatidly or there alot of excuses with cell phone problems, dontbuy into that. its BS, good girls are AVAILLABLE 24 HOURS A DAY! CHEERS
Theres good and bad things in every country. Thinking outside the box is important. Living outside the box will make you think outside the box. This life is not for everyone, but most will never know. Dont sit on the side lines, be a part of the adventure!

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