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My experience on Latin American Cupid - WOW!!!!!

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America.

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Post by ringspun » April 19th, 2014, 7:02 pm

KyleMack wrote:First time poster. I am LAC for a few weeks. So far so good imho. By scanning different forums I have been able to pick some good thoughts, tips and have pretty quickly gotten up to speed relative to different countries, race, class, education, etc. I am in my 40's but look much younger, very good shape gym rat for 25 years 5 times a week. From an education/background perspective I am doing well with a few ladies from Peru/Venez. (they are pretty much "white).

Dealing with 30ish Columbian girls is pretty funny. Yeah they like to flake some, say we will skype at 6pm, then they don't answer. Did a little
research, so I test skyped this flake girl, "Oscar, a Columbia man who lives in my condo building, says you try to act like Bogota princess but
you are really just a party girl from N. Columbia, jaja"

Well I found the "hot" button. Next morning I had a bunch of messages from her, she was fired up. On another thread someone mentioned if girls ask
you "why can't you find girls in USA". I tell them the truth.

-I am over 45, but look much younger
-90% of 40ish American women, who are available, are divorced with 2 kids and they have to have everything on their terms, want me to
be step daddy, and I think real Dad should be Dad.
-Our culture most 30ish women think I am too old, although I am not.
-Even today when I am at the grocery, gas station, college girls will check me, let alone the 30ish crowd, so I could lie to them but
prefer not too to that. There is girl down the street at a coffee shop, 21, full time college student, we talk, she knows my age, has
boyfriend, but wants to get it on. Amazing.

More interested on LTR, but not opposed to STR. I was on match over 10 years ago, before meeting my ex wife, man that place has
gotten worse. Chock full of average to decent looking 30-40 somethings who way overvalue themselves. If I were too see one more profile
on a femi Nazi finishing a 1/2 marathon, rock climbing, I know I will be ill.
This is exactly how I feel about the dating scene in UK too, im 40 look younger, fit etc, but don't mean shit....
What are the Venezuela girls like?

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Post by KyleMack » April 29th, 2014, 7:37 pm

The 1 girl from Venez wants to get together, but she also wants out of the country for good, she is white, euro family from Germany.
Multiple other girls I talk to 2-4 times a week, all very attractive, light to medium brown soft features, cute to very nice bodies, generally some education,
I am going to have at least 1 up for a visit to my place in a month or so. At least for me, I can focus on this most evenings, and I work it pretty hard.
I blow off the girls who don't answer the phone on the agreed to time, or do not return calls/messages. Focus is 30-40 age range. I have 1 girl who is
a 10 that is 27, just started communicating. She wants a sugar of sorts. I found one bat shit crazy girl, insane jealousy. I told her to get off her lazy ass, get on a plane brink bikini and lub, then I blocked her on the site, lol.

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Post by Hero » April 30th, 2014, 12:30 am

Sorry, I think LAC sucks. Half of the girls I contacted asked me for money. The rest of them have serious issues or are just plain rude.

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