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Anyone been to Los Altos Mexico?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America.

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Anyone been to Los Altos Mexico?

Post by drealm » March 26th, 2015, 11:08 am

After my failure in Queretaro the next place I'm considering to travel to in Mexico is "Los Altos". This is a region consisting of many small towns located in the north/eastern part of the state of Jalisco.

I'm considering this place because according to wikipedia:
The Los Altos region is known as the most European influenced region in all of Mexico. It is estimated that the majority of the population there is of 80-90 percent European. With backgrounds consisting mainly of Spanish, French, Italian, German, Basque, and others.
An alternative to the Los Altos region would be the large metropolitan city of Guadalajara located a little west of Los Altos. I'm leaning towards the Los Altos region over Guadalajara though because I assume Los Altos is less mixed with natives, has less tourists and is less materialistic.

A downside with Los Altos is that it has low population density. The biggest town is "Lagos de Moreno" with a population of 153,817 vs Guadalajara's 1,495,189. So if I went to Los Altos I would need to divide my time over many small towns instead of one city.

Has anyone been to Los Altos? Are any towns better than others?

Below is a list of towns in Los Altos and a map (most of the names are for a town and municipality).

City - Population

Lagos de Moreno - 153,817
Tepatitlan de Morelos - 104,377
San Juan de los Lagos - 55,305
Jalostotitlan - 52,256
Atotonilco el Alto - 51,798
Encarnacion de Diaz - 51,396
Arandas - 46,099
San Miguel el Alto - 40,000
Yahualica de Gonzalez Gallo - 37,920
Teocaltiche - 36,976
Ojuelos de Jalisco - 28,081
San Julian - 26,000
San Ignacio Cerro Gordo - 20,323
Acatic - 18,551
Jesus Maria - 17,884
Villa Hidalgo - 17,291
Union de San Antonio - 15,484
San Diego de Alejandria - 6,181
Valle de Guadalupe - 4,397
Canadas de Obregon - 3,978
Mexticacan - 2,723


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Re: Anyone been to Los Altos Mexico?

Post by Tapatio89 » October 15th, 2015, 10:51 pm

I am from Guadalajara (though I moved to Mexico City at a young age), and I have a second cousin from Lagos de Moreno. From what he has told me from Lagos de Moreno, women there are quite beautiful (If I have to speak about Mexican girls strictly, personally I like women from Guadalajara and women from Bajio region more than chilangas and even more than norteñas despite that norteñas also have a reputation of being beautiful).

However, my cousin also told me that the down side of Los Altos is that people tend to be quite conservative, thus not being open minded if you are liberal in way of thinking and tend to have limited views of the world. Also many tend to be religious as well. After all, Bajio region is one of the most conservative regions in Mexico.

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