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Guadalajara, Mexico beginning 10/1/15

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America.

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Guadalajara, Mexico beginning 10/1/15

Post by MattHanson1990 » September 17th, 2015, 12:06 pm

After spending a lot of time in Ciudad Juarez, I decided it's time to venture into the interior of Mexico. So I picked Guadalajara as my next destination to up my chances of getting with a non-Americanized Mexican girl. So I booked a flight to Guadalajara from Ciudad Juarez with Volaris and I'm planning on going back on VivaAerobus as its more expensive to fly directly from the U.S.

Several guys on the forum have done well in Guadalajara. And when I was in Juarez for almost a month , the 50 year old woman living on Calle Agustin Melgar introduced me to a hot 26 year old woman from Guadalajara who was curious about me and asked me several questions when I walked her to her workplace. It determined how I'd do with girls originally from the interior of Mexico. As of now I'm still talking with the 29 year old from Veracruz. Some of the girls I met in Juarez were somewhat corrupted, thanks in part to the El Paso TV stations being broadcast in Juarez. Fschmidt you were spot on when you mentioned that Nicia was a hard core liberal feminist.

Unfortunately, one of the guys on the HA Facebook group painted a very negative picture of Guadalajara (he's only there for a hair transplant due to the cost being much lower than in the States). He said there were too many rich guys spending too much money, and that the girls either looked like fat men dragging or were only after rich guys. He even made the assumption that any guy who goes there will have exactly the same experience he had there and said for guys not to go there; he also said for me to get a refund on my airfare. He's only in the suburb of Zapopan , which is where most of the rich people are in the GDL area. His problem is that he knows very little about Mexican culture and assumes that it's normal for girls to have a minimum income requirement and these long lists of demands. Even reports on the Roosh V forum were far more reliable than what this one guy reported, but some of the guys did say "you must have game to get girls in Guadalajara", which I find rather sketchy (I guess a guy should "have game" to get laid in GDL but not if you're looking for companionship). The same guy who wrote off Guadalajara completely is more of an MGTOW than a Happier Abroader.

So I'm still going to Guadalajara, regardless of what the MGTOW guy told me. I experienced first hand that most Mexican women do not have the exact patterns as American women, especially if they come from the interior of the country. And I was even informed that Guadalajara has far fewer fatties compared to the border towns and that there were plenty of 6s and 7s to go around. In addition to GDL, I'm also visiting the small town of Tequila an hour west and perhaps other cities and towns in Jalisco.

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Re: Guadalajara, Mexico beginning 10/1/15

Post by Guhji » September 17th, 2015, 8:31 pm

I am interested in planning a trip to Guadalajara as well. Please let us know how your trip goes.

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