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Costa Rica's rating in the Global Dating Ranking System

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Latin America, Mexico, or Central America.

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Costa Rica's rating in the Global Dating Ranking System

Post by Winston » February 15th, 2009, 3:37 pm

From the newsletter:

Hey guys,

It's Dan here again. I've decided to put together an overall
ranking of different countries, based on the factors that I
describe in my books. I think it will be best if I just narrow
it down to 5 key elements which I think will determine how
beneficial each environment is for men.

The more beneficial the environment, the better time, any guy
will have, no matter if you're an average dude or a Casanova.

So without further ado... Here is my Global Dating
Environmental Ranking Scale (I'll explain each category
as I go through the whole ranking system):

#1. Talent Pool: How many attractive women do you see at
any given moment while walking down the street, in clubs,
malls, parks etc. Are there attractive women all over the
place? Or are they scarce? What's the overall attractiveness
of the women in general? Are they in shape? Cute? Sexy?
This is an overall ranking of the attractiveness of the women,
on a scale of 1 to 10.

#2. Receptiveness: How receptive are the women? How
friendly are they? Are they more reserved? Or are they
more adventurous in general? This is an overall
receptiveness ranking on a scale of 1 to 10.

#3. Cost: How expensive is the country in general? Overall,
from taking a taxi, to how much a beer costs at a bar, how
cost effective is the location? This is an overall cost
effectiveness ranking, on a scale of 1 to 10.

#4. Safety: How safe is the country in general? This is an
overall safety ranking on a scale of 1 to 10.

#5. Competition: How tough is the competition between
the local males? If the country/region/city experiences a
lot of tourism, the local males may not be your only
competition, you may be competing with the visiting
foreign males as well. This is an overall ranking of the
competition you will have on a scale of 1 to 10.

I'm in Costa Rica right now, so let's start off with our
first example of The Global Dating Environmental
Ranking System:

Costa Rica:

#1. Talent Pool (9/10): It's hard *not* to see an attractive
girl walking down the street in Costa Rica, just about
anywhere you go. The women are sexy, curvey, and
they really know how to dress. In terms of looks, and
attractiveness Costa Rican women can hang with the
best of them.

#2. Receptiveness (7/10): Although the women are
friendly and receptive to initial advances it will take
some time for anything meaningful to develop. There
are other places like Colombia, Brazil, Dominican
Republic where the women are more receptive. Time
is going to be an essential factor if you're planning on
going to Costa Rica. You're going to need to spend
some quality time with any girl that catches your eye.

#3. Cost (6/10): Although Costa Rica is less expensive
then the United States, it's really one of the most
expensive countries in all of Latin America. The exposure
to so much tourism has really hiked up the prices in Costa
Rica. Although it's possible to travel here with a limited
budget, you're going to have to be very careful about
where you travel to, where you go out, and where you
stay, because some places are really just as expensive as
going out to any place in the U.S. or even Europe. The
good thing about Costa Rica is that tickets to fly there are
probably the most inexpensive out of any country in Latin
America. If you're going on a short trip, and stay at a
budget hotel, and stay away from the most expensive
parts of town, I think cost would not be much of an issue.

#4. Safety (9/10): San Jose is the most dangerous city in
Costa Rica. I wouldn't recommend walking anywhere
past 6-7PM. Just take a taxi, unless you're accompanied
by the locals and with a group of people. Public
transportation is safe - there are no problems taking
busses. Overall Costa Rica is a very safe place.

#5. Competition (7/10): In Costa Rica you will be
competition with the local "ticos" and also with the many
foreigners that travel there. The ticos (ticos are the local
men) in Costa Rica aren't rich, but they aren't poor either.
Tourism has brought massive amounts of money to Costa
Rica, and the local guys have some wiggle room in their
finances. Also, don't forget they come from the same "gene
pool" as the pretty girls who will catch your eye. Costa
Rican guys are also not as reserved as guys from other
parts of Latin America, so they tend to a bit more
aggressive, so they will compete more for the women.

OVERALL Costa Rica Ranking: Overall Costa Rica Gets a
7/10. My final thoughts are that Costa Rica should definitely
be visited at least once. It's not the paradise that it once use
to be (like maybe 20 - 30 years ago). However, I do think
that Costa Rica is 10 times better than just about any
location in the upper tiers. The women are beautiful, the
weather is great, and if you spend some time and effort, I
think you'll be more then satisfied with a visit to this small
Central American country. I know many guys (including
myself) who can attest to that!!

I'm working on a ranking system for each Latin American
country. I'll be done within a week or two. Keep checking
back for more updates!

Talk soon,

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Post by YoucancallmeAl » November 7th, 2010, 10:54 pm

Do you have Dan's stats for all the other countries? I'd like to see how they rank on these scales.

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