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Why I went abroad

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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Why I went abroad

Postby hillsboro » February 5th, 2012, 10:24 am

i ultimately came abroad to find a hot loyal loving caring wife, which in my opinion only, is the complet opposite of usa women. However after coming here, i have decided to stay here because the philippines is much more peaceful for me in my opinion. I believe there is better morals and values here in the phills. i am
american and honestly im embarrassed to say that i really dont like much about america anymore. THe cost of living is crazy. It seems to me that woman look forward to a payday after divorce. Actually im afraid to say this but i really really dont like america at all!! And this is why im staying here in the phills for as long as i can. im born and raised in usa and i hope i do not offend anyone here about my anti america comments... i would die for my country if i had to!!

Its amazing to me that a sixty old white man can come here in the phills and have the pick of the litter with a girl. and from what ive experienced the man has a fifty fifty chance that the girl is not a gold digger.. so if the man plays his cards right.. he can pretty much guarantee a loyal caring loving wife. this is what amazes me the most about the phills. If your sixty yrs old in usa.. you have no chance to get a girl in twenties or thirties.. its just so amazing to me about asian culture.

Im forty yrs old and i cant believe how many girls check me out where ever i go here in the phils. what an ego booster. it just feels great.. hope i dont come off arragant bec im not.

If anyone is reading this in the usa... do yourself a favor.. if you want to come here but havent bec of fear of whatever kind... the hoop that you have to go through is alot bigger then you think.. phillipine ppl love ameircans.. so but the ticket and get here and if anyone needs help with anything.. i will help for free. accomodations... ect... again.. my mesg is this.. south east asia is amazing for a man who wants to marry an asian girl.. its amazing.. and most of the things you hear about philippine woman is true.. so my mesg is.. get here... thanks, Hillsboro
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Postby Twobrains » February 5th, 2012, 11:41 am

Welcome to the forum, Hillsboro. Your input on PI is welcome, especially because there's been a raging argument on here lately between a guy called ph_visitor who hated it, and others who have positive views of the place. You will find many threads in the Asia section, and I'd be grateful for your opinions on them as I may well end up going to PI myself.
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Re: Why I went abroad

Postby jamesbond » February 5th, 2012, 12:27 pm

hillsboro wrote:m forty yrs old and i cant believe how many girls check me out where ever i go here in the phils. what an ego booster. it just feels great.. hope i dont come off arragant bec im not.

That's great! In America women ignore men and act like men don't exist. They don't flirt with men or show any interest in men, hell, they don't even make eye contact with men! :shock:

In the Philippines, women actually show interest in men, which is a nice change of pace from the way women are in the USA. :D
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Postby Billy » February 5th, 2012, 12:56 pm

I want to have an essay from Winston about "10 reasons" why I love RP.
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Postby hillsboro » February 5th, 2012, 1:19 pm

thanks alot brains. yeah totally bond. i so agree with you and much more. i also want to get sometinhg off my chest.. im so SICK AND TIRED of hearing so many ppl i kno and friends from nj who get divorced and the woman makes out like the divorce was a great thing.... i mean.. i may be old school.. but how can divorce be a great thinng? How is it possible that all the woman just move right on and the men get heart broke, cant see there kids, go completely broke.. ect ect.. thatnk GOd i was smart enough not to hav kids with my ex.. thank you GOD. just to get this off my chest.. i hate american woman.. lol... but anyway.. thank goodness i found the phillipines.. where im sorry to say.. im a GOD here in so many ways.. im treated with so much everyone. by supermarket employes.. bank employees.. family of my sweet gf.. ppl in the mall... strangers on the street.. doctors.... heck i hav two close friends here in the phils that are doctors that i met here..... hahaha i hate doctors and lawyers .... but here in the phils.. they are not like the way they are in america.. heck.. ive had a few beers now and i hope you get my point.. haha... ameirca.. i will cry when i hav to go back to the devil country...
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Postby smallcheese » February 5th, 2012, 2:54 pm

It's good to hear a positive story about the Philippines after all of the recent negative opinions being voiced here. I was thinking that the web site would have to change its name to: GrumpierAbroad

Based on your user name, I guess you're pretty familiar with route 206. Just so you know that there are people on this board who know and understand exactly where you came from. :)
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Postby hillsboro » February 6th, 2012, 4:50 am

thanks again guys.. and cheese, yes 206 used to be a nice country road to beautiful hillsboro but now its been womanized or whatever happened to it.. but its a nightmare and im also so happy about how you say that there are guys on thsi board that kno exactly what im tlkn about.. lov this site and i am so addicted to share my experienhce strength and hope
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Postby The_Adventurer » February 6th, 2012, 1:51 pm

I want to reply to this because I am happy to read what you wrote, hillsboro. My first destination was the Philippines back in '08. In two trips I spent a total of over 2 years there. I am never going back, but only because I found a better fit for me elsewhere. The negative things I experienced have nothing to do with what so many others have posted against the Philippines. I agree with Ladislav on many points and think that, had I put more into learning the languages, I could have made a home of it. One thing I will never say anything negative about is the girls. Someone looking for a true, loyal and caring wife and a real family experience, should certainly give the Philippines a good look!
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