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Four major things in America that drove me overseas

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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Postby Winston » April 16th, 2008, 6:18 pm

gmm567 wrote:The numbers come from the Department of Justice.

Here's how you tease out the facts from the statistics:

1) Violent crimes are those crimes where there is violence against a person. Murder, Armed Robbery, Rape, Aggravated Assault. These are category 1 crimes.

2) Blacks commit about 50% of the murders, rapes and aggravated assualts. About 70% of the armed robberies.

3) The rape statistics do not inculde the rapes that go on in prisions against other prisoners. 70% of the inmates in our prisons are blacks. So who is doing the raping in prisons? You can add another 30% to the rape statistics that is accorded to blacks.

4) Armed robberies are often accompanied by an assualt--in about 30% of all cases there is an assault--pistol wip, etc. Those assaults are not added to the aggravated assault statistics. You can add those numbers to the assualt numbers accorded to blacks.

5) Add up all the numbers. What is the total percentage of category 1 crimes commited by blacks--about 70%

And Black males are about 5% of the population--Black males that is between the ages of 15-35 --who are the ones committing all these crimes.

W: Can you cite the exact sources or websites where these stats are coming from?

CNN or ABC would never report such stats, even if they were true.
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Postby gmm567 » April 17th, 2008, 3:51 am

It's from the Department of Justice. They have a statistics division where they summarize and tabulate violent crime as reported by the many thousand police/sheriff departments from across the US.

In terms of raw numbers, there are far more aggravated robberies and assaults, than murders and rapes--but those numbers have to add up to at least 70% for blacks. Here's why: there might 25k murders in the US per year,but armed robberies are 10-20-30 times that. And blacks commit 70%. They also commit 50% of the assualts;but when you add the assualts that are never counted from the Armed robbery statistic, 70% of serious assaults are done by blacks.

I don't know how many blacks percentage wise have commited violent crime, but I did see a survey done in Washington , DC--75% of the black males you meet in that city will be arrrested in their lifetimes. Washington DC is a dangerous place.
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Postby Jackal » April 17th, 2008, 9:11 am

Here's a list of the most dangerous cities in the US in 2007.

A few years ago, Newton, Mass. was the safest city and Camden, NJ (right across the river from Philadelphia) was the most dangerous, but things have shifted a bit. I've never been to Newton, but it's a suburb east of Boston where all the ultra-rich snobs live.

In Camden, 44% of the city's residents live in poverty, the highest rate in the nation. In Newton, 4% of the residents live in poverty.
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Postby kristy_571 » April 23rd, 2008, 1:27 am

gordan wrote:
kristy_571 wrote:Gordan...
first of all, you have a right to say what you wish. :) But, you do not know me as a human being. I am just some faceless internet person to you-just blank words on a computer screen. The fact however, that I am an American woman probably is igniting some anger that you feel. I am more than willing to listen to what you had to go through-in a nonjudgemental manner. However, I kindly ask that you refrain from making sexual comments towards me. For the record, I am not attracted to African American men, and there was nothing sexual in the advice I was asking Winston.

Thanks. 8)

Oh Kristy. I don't know where to begin. Well, let's start that besides being a slut tease on this forum, you don't have to pretend. Hey, if teasing us with fantasies about black men turns you on when you post, then more power to you. I'm just suggesting that you be a little more graphic so that we don't be short changed on the details. We men need to be satisfied visually, and in your case, verbally. You are doing a good job. You just need to improve your style. We are routing for you Kristy.

I don't fantasize about black men. I fantasize about you, Gordon. You big studmuffin you!
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Postby kristy_571 » April 23rd, 2008, 1:29 am

I love you Gordon. Whip me you big studmuffin. Yessss!
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Postby gmm567 » April 23rd, 2008, 5:54 am

Kristy,I don't know how old you are, but you've shown some real immaturity in those comments.
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Postby kristy_571 » April 23rd, 2008, 3:34 pm

Yes, my comments are completly immature.
I will refrain from immature comments today. :)
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