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My wife divorce raped me when I returned from Army deploymen

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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My wife divorce raped me when I returned from Army deploymen

Post by redfeather » August 7th, 2017, 5:54 pm

I am a retired Army Colonel, and my wife divorce raped me when I returned from Army deployments in 2010. I tried dating AW for around 4 years, but I finally realized how fubared AW are and decided to start searching in Russia or Ukraine. I am currently in a dating relationship with a woman from StP Russia that lives in Florida. I agree with all of the posts are HA about the toxic dating and relationship culture that we now have in America. It has become impossible to find a quality woman in America. All of the women that I dated over 40 years old which was my age group all had 2-3-4 divorces under their belts and they had destroyed 2-3 sets of children's lives with divorce, and they could not figure out why you did not want to jump into the middle of their fubared divorce mess that they created. I have been researching where to find good quality women for about 5 years, and I frequent ROK, Heartiste, Dalrock, Rationale Male, RooshV, Maverick Travelor, and HA. I now advise every young male that will listen to avoid AW at all costs because these young men will never be able to have a family with an AW because AW will divorce rape the guy and he will end up paying for many years and probably rarely see his children. Any man needs to think with his brain before getting married to an AW because the divorce system is designed to chew you up and spit you out, and the system is 100% against the man. You cannot out mean the American divorce system. Feminism has destroyed America, and each year these mentally ill AW gain more power with our broken system. So, I am happy to be here and to continue to read, learn and educate myself about how messed up our dating and relationship system has become. Winston thanks for having a great forum for us to discuss these much needed topics.

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