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I went abroad because...

What's your story? Discussions your reasons for going abroad.

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I went abroad because...

Post by Monster » September 11th, 2008, 10:06 pm

Since my last marriage, back in 2005 ,I no longer wanted to remarry since I cuaght my best Friend in my own house screwing my wife. We were married for 16 years, I had 4 kids with her, until 1 day we woke up 1 saturday morning and she said ,Honey I want you to leave now,,?? she practically called the police to have me escorted out of my own house. little did i know why till a week later I showed up to my house and since I still had my house keys, I went in and went directly to my bedroom ,just to discover that my best friend was porking my wife, In all sense anyone at that moment would of lost it and I would of killed both my wife and my best friend, but I charish my freedom, and realised that they have been seeing each other in secret all this time, so, I figured it was time to move on.I was never infaithful to my wife,, I was your common husband and father, I dont drink or get in trouble with the law ,I have never hit my wife, there was never any abuse in the household, we went to church every Sunday, just a typical American home, that changed from that moment on..

Turns out that my best friend is my current Bosses Cousin so the rumors spread like bee's at work.
worst yet ,even since I wasnt the one at fault in breaking up the marriage, I was still obligated to pay child support, even after she was the one being unfaithful.
So here I am making 45,000.00 per year in a Government Job ,was reduced to almost nothing ,becuase of my child support. this was the punishment I get for being a loving husband and father. since then I hear that my exwife get beaten by my Ex- best friend, and I laugh about it, since I never did that ,,now she's getting it from someone else. Maybe that what she wanted ,For someone to beat her.

several months pass and I never wanted to look at another American woman again,, they are different from others in other countries. I subcribed to a few online dating sites, which turned out ok sort of.
I found a woman from the Philippines, we met online on a LDS church dating site, we chatted for a while ,then we moved forward in video chatting for about 8 months, within a few months I had the courage in going to the Philippines to meet her in person. I hit the jackpot with her. she never ask me for money ,she wasnt scamming me, she is currently a resident Doctor in Cebu, and pretty much finishing before she gets her visa, on November 21 2006 we were married at her home town of Massin City,Southern Leyte, She's is a OBGYNE Doctor, My kids have chatted with her online and have accepted her as my new Wife, My last trip to the Philippines was July 7th 2008 , We went on our second honeymoon, I didnt have enough to go see her ,and she paid for my Flight ticket, This Filipina woman never did ask me for money or had any interest other than we were made for each other. and since I took a Vonage phone from Texas , she can call me anytime with no long distance charges anymore, I am 43 years old and she is 27, I beleive I found my treasure, where I thought I was cursed from my previous marriage, but no Our lord God works in mysterious ways.

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Post by jamesbond » September 11th, 2008, 11:53 pm

Great story! Your right, the lord does work in mysterious ways! When one door closes another one opens! Good luck to you and your wife! Men in America truly can be saved by going abroad and meeting nice, friendly, loving women! :D

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