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The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

Moderators: fschmidt, jamesbond

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Post by publicduende »

Dark_Sol wrote:
publicduende wrote:
Dark_Sol wrote: here's another one. I have a bad feeling that feminism is slowly influencing these countries.
She says she's independent, so she won't be asking for money, and open-minded enough to be your sex buddy, no strings attached. And she's kinda cute. And the Soviet flag is a nice pointer to the fact she might be a bit of the leftwing intellectual type. Hmm...when is the next flight from Medellin to Lima? :) (jk)
Actually the first part doesn't sound so bad when you put it that way. Just the problem with the communist crap and how she has her profile written, seems stuck up to me. Maybe I should tell her to tone down the I'm a strong independent woman vibe. Than she would get more hits, but she hasn't logged on for a month and was only online for about a week. Oh, just last week, a funny thing happen. But I'll hold off on it(it has to do with POF)
I have dived and thrived for a long time in that kind of leftwing intellectual soup, and I think I know what kind of woman she is. She feels intellectualy liberated by the stuff she reads, believes and probably smokes, and she is convinced sexual freedom is a natural corollary of that intellectual freedom. Consider that in Peru, like Italy and Chile, it's the Communist memes that carry a positive message, not the fascist ones. It's a different story in Russia and ex-Soviet countries, as it is in dissident China.

I guess a young woman half decent as she is and that independent wouldn't need to rely too much on POF for her dating/sexual needs, which might explain why she has been seldom online. Or maybe not...who knows... I would have liked to find that kindof woman in one of those independent screenings orgnised by leftwing associations, with exchange of wine and sex at the end. Nothing I don't know already...but sometimes I can't resist the nostalgy :p

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Post by Tsar »

Most of the best looking girls in their late teens and early twenties on American dating sites are woman seeking woman. The American woman seeking men are more overweight or aren't interested in relationships. The minority of AW that do want a relationship and a little decent never reply back to nice guys.

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I f.cuked 2 girls from POF monthly in NoVA and Chicagoland.

Post by E_Irizarry »

Maker55 wrote:I find it hard to believe that any of you got dates on plenty of fish.

A few years ago, I created a profile on there and I deleted my profile after a week.
I "smashed" quite a few American women on POF and only one on OKCupid when I lived in NoVA,
but they weren't avant-garde-award-winning type of AW although I had some 7's at max.

You would think with OKCupid's scale system that even a beta male would be laying pipe
with the majority of the women he'd meet from that site. Sometimes, the more "Enemy"
the chick is, the easier it is to lay her. Just a.s.s.inine I tell ya.

On POF Chicago, I met one 57 year old Lithuanian-American (2 generations in the American Matrix(tm)
game), and we fcked out in the parking lot (The cops could have caught me and slap a sex-offender-
registry charge on it (but I took a chance anyway; I was too horny, guys)). She was 5'11" and
almost looked like cougar p.orn star Nina Hartley (she's been around since the late 70s in p*rn).

P*ssy stayed wet and I didn't nut until an hour later - tipsy as hell and raw-bareback.
Being tipsy makes it harder to fast #LMBO :op

She went 15 years when she was in her late 30s until her early 50s without d.ick! I don't care what anybody
says; as an adult, one goes bats.hit insane going through a hiatus like that!!

The last date she and I have had, she gave me brain in her Lexus SUV with her glasses on.
While that was transpiring in an alley (yes this happened in Chicago proper LMAO!), another WASP
White woman was actually sitting there with the headlights on from her car for almost FIVE MINUTES watching
AND HAD THE NERVE TO BELLOW OUT, "That's f.ucking disgusting! You guys should be ashamed
of yourself". We all know why the "long" time elapse pun intended. Jajajaja! ;-)

But she began to ignore me after we f.cuked around a few times after that making excuses
that she couldn't call me blah blah blah..typical AW deflection.

Good thing I didn't love the b.itch or else I'd be hurting like the Jaws of LIfe trying to pry the shrapnel
off of me in order to free my body.
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Post by terminator »

Dark_Sol wrote:
Tsar wrote:Most of the beautiful girls on American dating sites are total sluts. Some profiles actually list every negative thing about feminist AW that we talk about here.

Many beautiful girls are non-religious, love partying, clubbing, drinking, and "free love" sex. They even say they love bad boys and thugs. I could share an example link of what I mean if your interested.
Like to see it. I also enjoy reading profiles of AW that live in foriegn countries. They spout all their feminist/I'm a great catch crap and what they want in a man. Saw one from Peru, gonna find that profile now.

Just found it
This b!tch has smoked too much weed in college! She has 1 worthless degree and is working on her second one... She won't find good work in Peru, and hopefully will be married to a man who will keep her barefoot and pregnant.

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Post by Teal Lantern »

не поглеждай назад. 8)

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Post by jamesbond »

POF (Plenty of Fish) should stand for: Plenty Of Fatties. :lol:
"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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Post by MrJowee »

I just stumbled upon this forum, and this thread in particular caught my interest.

I've been using online dating since late 2010. In that time I have met only four people in person, though I have talked to numerous girls online. One relationship lasted well over a year, but ended suddenly a few months ago. I continue to use free dating sites. All four where at least decent looking looking and had interesting lives, hobbies, and personalities (otherwise what's the point, right?). Many of the others turned out to be fat when we reached stage two, Facebook.

There are an extraordinary number of larger women who use these sites, disproportionate to the number of fat girls in the real world. But the ratio isn't as out of whack as one would think. When a man is browsing profiles online, he is checking out every profile he comes across, and sifts through all of them. "Too fat, not enough teeth, missing an eye..." and so on. When checking out women on the street, in a bar, or at the soda shop, do you check out the fat girls? I was at the mall a few days ago, and I noticed I didn't even consider the ones who were too large. It's as though they didn't even register as possible dates and were left out of the count. It's the same thing with a woman who is well out of my age range. So it's not all fat women; it's just that you are tricked, in a round about way, into looking at their profiles.

Many of the women do have very high expectations. It goes well beyond money; many of them want a man who is tall, attractive, and in shape. This would be all well and good if the women were petite, attractive, and in shape. One noted example was a woman who was a little on the heavy side tell me that my baldness was an issue. That's something that a person cannot change about themselves, unlike her enormous thighs and beer gut. Well, she wasn't that fat, but you get the idea. They have expectations of meeting men who are of a different sexual market value than themselves, perhaps due to the amount of attention they receive online.

The number men is staggeringly excessive compared to the number of women. I don't have any hard data to back that up, but I did do an informal experiment. With the permission of a female friend, I created a fake account using her pictures. She's a typical-looking AW, though not fat. I listed her as 24, single, looking for LTR, no kids, non-smoker, etc. Pretty much average. I left the profile nearly blank, saying something to the tune of "I'll fill this out when I get some extra time" (note: PoF doesn't let you put exactly that, but the profile was left just as vague). I included three average pictures. After the account goes live, PoF asks you to fill out a personality survey, to which I randomly chose answers. By the time I was done with the survey, I had two messages. Within 12 hours (7pm to 7am) I had 27 messages. 26 of those messages where the same; "hi", "How are you", "My name is bill", and so on. The one exception was someone who said something cheesy about running off to get married, in a joking way.

The fake profile really opened my eyes. Is THAT what I'm competing against? Are women really going to sift through all of those profiles, with the bro bar pics and guys holding guns? No wonder I've been moderately successful (a modest amount of success to be sure, but success nonetheless) yet I hear so many horror stories about being ignored and only meeting fat women. I wonder how successful these same men are IRL with lines like "Hey, I'm Frank. How are you?" It's like I'm an MMA fighter going against 50 midgets. Yes, the women need to hit the gym and the salad bar, but the men really need to step up their game. Think of something to say or you will be ignored. Asking "Should I grow a big bushy Dr. Phil mustache?" seemed to work pretty well for me.

I consider these sites to be just another tool for meeting people, not a replacement for real-world interaction or chance encounters. But engaging an AW in conversation is no different online than it is in person. No matter how many profiles you read of women who "aren't into playing games", remember that it's all bullshit, and AW are big time into drama and playing bullshit games.

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Post by kai1275 »

jamesbond wrote:I have check out "plenty of fish" before years ago and it was a total joke! The men outnumber the women by a lot, the women are mostly fat, ugly or single mothers. I have also looked at yahoo personals and american singles and I never joined any of them, just checked out the profiles, this was probably 8 years ago.

Statistics show, 80% of people who use internet dating websites are men and only 20% are women! So the women are getting responses from men all the time, and the women are real picky about who they respond to. One dating expert said, "your not going to find any good looking women on the internet, if the woman was good looking, she would not be using the internet." how true! :lol:

Stay away from internet dating, it's a total joke! If your a man it doesn't work, if your a woman (even if your a fat cow, or as ugly as sin) you will have men responding to you in droves! Plenty of fish, is PLENTY OF CRAP! :lol:

Spot on!
Dang I wish I saw this topic a couple years ago. That site is a giant waste of time. International dating online has super pretty women though but we all knew that.

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Post by terminator »

When are you guys going to delete all your profiles on American dating sites? They are a waste of time and can lead to you turning into George Sedoni. What's the point of thread after thread of complaining about Plenty of Whales...

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Post by Hero »

pete98146 wrote:You are not a "nice guy" unless you make over $75k per year.

Woo hoo! I just landed a job that pays $77k. Where da girls? :P

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Post by mand38 »

This is one more topic about POF.

Someone on this forum gave best ever definition of POF, something like
"POF is place where you can meet fat girls who thinks they look fit" :)

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Post by Johnny1975 »

Hero wrote:
pete98146 wrote:You are not a "nice guy" unless you make over $75k per year.

Woo hoo! I just landed a job that pays $77k. Where da girls? :P
I'm here, baby.

Hey, fu ck it. For that money, I'm anybody's.

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Post by Christianfilipinacom »

One thing we are curious about is why the POF mobile app is advertisement-free. They used to make most of their money in ads, but now it seems they are trying to become a paid site instead?

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Post by Flashkatchu »

Hello guys,

First of all I am so fed up with this stupid POF that I googled: "f**k POF it doesnt work" which led me to this site lol.
I only read the original and first post and had to reply immediately as I felt the same.
I have been using POF for years and most of the time nothing good ever came out of it. After a time I thought I should try contacting the SECOND choice people and not even that worked. Well, I won't go down the path of contacting non-attractive individuals. I haven often thought of deleting the profile which would probably saved me soooooo much time and anger, too.
The women that really annoy me are the ones who write that they are looking for a REAL man! :?: I mean what the hell?
I even tried to find a book about online dating at the book store and I read it for about an hour and I came to a part of the book that said the following:

A man can hardly fulfill the expectations of a "modern" woman. Women want men who are caring, loving, empathic BUT at the same time men have to be strong, dominant and a leader type. I most likely forgot some characteristics. We all know that this doesn't work and that this is a contradiction itself.

I am German and since my mom has been using skype she receives messages from random guys from the USA who tell her that they seek for real and modest women. They say they can't stand the acting fake and gold digging women in the States anymore. Despite that the divorce rate in the States is ridiculously high and 60% of them are done by women.

Now we all know that you cannot generalize. I don't think it is right to say that all American women are bitches as it would be like saying all Germans are Nazis even though I think some of you Americans still believe that. :wink:

On the other site there seems to be something not quite right and I wonder what it is. It may involve the media. If you check out shows you see many crap shows that are dulling.
The audience sees how rich people live on TV and all that. I mean why would you want to see that? Unfortunately our world is all about money and I guess people in western countries are consume oriented but also many Asians are.
But one thing you should know is this. There are TV shows on German television that show how German guys date East European women because they are fed up with the German women. They say German women are conceited and arrogant and just want money. One of my older coworkers confirmed this once by saying:"All my female friends take their husbands money out of their wallets like there was no tomorrow."

Bottom line is that it doesn't seem to be an American problem only. Maybe it has to do with feminism.

By the way I subscribed on an American online dating site for about a month and nothing came out of it but I didn't bother to send 60 messages. It was only 11 and only 1 replied once so far.
POF seems to be a crap show. Even IF a woman gets back to you the possibility the conversation stops after the second message is great. At least in my case. But I may have the great disadvantage of my location. It seems only FEW women may be willing to have an oversea relationship while men don't hesitate to go anywhere for a woman. Why is that?

I hope I have given you some interesting information which will lead to further discussions.

Feminism destroyed everything

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Post by Flashkatchu »

My title on Plenty Of Fish once was : Plenty Of Shit
That was when I started to hate that site.
Feminism destroyed everything

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