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Multiple Personal Scamming Experiences in Ukraine!!!

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Why You want to waste time and money in matchmaking industry???

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Multiple Personal Scamming Experiences in Ukraine!!!

Post by Bernie » January 19th, 2014, 2:06 am

I am Member since 13 years in A Foreign Affair and, meeting some girls in Ukraine with these agencies, unfortunately not the right one to marry, when it was an honest operation that time....

now its just a group of local scammers, agencies and interpreters, in Ukraine, and in Russia and Lithuania, many profiles are already timed out for a long time, many profiles have no girls behind at all who are interested in matchmaking, local agencies are recruiting local girls and especially interpreters to sqeeze out the last dollar out of stupid men going there or corresponding endless before.....for live conversations on the internet, videotaped to show its all true, but the truth is, that these girls just got this job to make money, for interpreters,even if the girls speak perfect english, taxi long distance for the girls to meet with interpreter and the client, shopping, lost or stolen mobile phones, ill granny, hospital operations, damaged car, endless smart lies to make a lot of money out of the foreign men.......

dont waste Your time anymore, the Ukrainian, Russian and Lithuanian women mostly just use all men as their private banks, the local agents and their interpreters make huge money (for the income of others there) just by using Your time, nearly none of the really pretty young women is interested in one of us, they finance their studies and their life by thís kind of job....

getting 200 to 300 Dollars each month from the local agencies, plus the other fortunes when meeting foreigners, You can see that many even young slim woman alreday gained weight from all the dinners with foreigners, some are even underaged, the FBI is already informed about this kind of modern MAFIA, so forget at least totally about Ukraine,Russia and Lithuania, if You like pretty younger women and if if the girl is not immediately happy that You use only your own interpreters when visiting the country and in the conversations You her personal email or mobile number quite soon after the first contacts.

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my grammer is bad, but

Post by buddy77 » January 19th, 2014, 9:58 am

...your posting is difficult to read because of the way it's written.

Maybe you can just make simple bullett points for each of the scam, in the futur, im just saying.

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Re: my grammer is bad, but

Post by zboy1 » January 19th, 2014, 1:21 pm

buddy77 wrote:...your posting is difficult to read because of the way it's written.

Maybe you can just make simple bullett points for each of the scam, in the futur, im just saying.
I edited his post--dividing it into three paragraphs. Next time, please use paragraphs to break-up your sentences, so that other people will have an easier time reading your long post, please.

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Post by Arabian_prince » March 16th, 2014, 10:15 pm

Then where should someone who wants a white blonde blue eyes woman go ?

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