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#1 Sign that a Filipina is a scammer or freelance ho is.....

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#1 Sign that a Filipina is a scammer or freelance ho is.....

Post by newlifeinphilippines » August 9th, 2014, 8:01 am

If they have no job and just mooch off you with no desire to look for a job and really have no good work history or career and they seem to have no problem accepting gifts and wanting you to spend money on them but they never give back in return or try to really feel concerned about how much spending yo do on them. Some of these girls make a living off mooching off one foreigner after th e next. Case in point looks like my gf. "I thought you were rich" is the only reply i got for a few times i made a big deal on teh spending. Once in awhile she say it was too expensive or not to do certain things but it wasn't often most of the time no consideration for my fiannces.

Im now back in america but was gonna partially pay for her college but now after observing her messages on the dating site in secret (i have her passwod she dont know etc) she looks like she will go with tom dick and harry. She basically makes a living off meeting guys on the dating site from the way she does it. I have to wonder if im even her first foreigner and if she has had more (her old account she deleted a few months ago so never saw the old history). She was so shy and inexperienced at sex so hard to say but soem black guy from korea met her and i wonder if they f***ed. she claims no but i suspect they did. either way im done with this its all a game to her thats why she is so lazy and never looks for a job. shes just a hoe. i was gonna help her with college so she could go abroad someday but this is just screwed up even though i cheated on her i felt bad cause of how i treated her but she was just mooching off me and had a bad attitude and no w i can see for her this just her professioin mooching off foreigners. i think im done with the philippines for awhile lol
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Re: #1 Sign that a Filipina is a scammer or freelance ho is.

Post by PhilGuy » May 11th, 2015, 4:04 pm

I'll agree with this. I heard that if one is looking for a 'real' woman in the Phils then they should definitely have a job. I guess it says something about their character and ethic overall. In other words, you'll have better chances with an employed woman rather than an unemployed one. It makes sense.

If they don't have work then many girls, especially if they have looks will try to "work" you. Same thing with my ex, she had multiple accounts in dateinasia and facebook and was very secretive especially about her phone. (Watch those phones guys!) So being 30years old and not having to work should have been a red flag for me! And Yes, people like this, will sleep with older foreigner men because them sex is nothing special and they get either material or monetary gain regularly. It's a kind of hidden prostitution when clearly the agenda is not love and honesty but lies and games. And they play it well! Certain type of girls (and you can tell by looking at them) have no shame and enjoy looking and acting like whores. (I'm not saying that Rena Joy Alba is a prostitute, but it's pretty damn close sleeping with multiple men while she is with me and having money regularly sent to her from these other guys). One thing is highly probable, if they are away from you they WILL be doing it with someone else. Don't think they are stupid even if they do appear so, they are incredible sneaky and they thrive off sexual/emotional/monetary games. I'm not saying ALL but it's more than you may think and I've been here a while! Some of this stuff is just too low and too 3rd world for us to even comprehend.
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Re: #1 Sign that a Filipina is a scammer or freelance ho is.

Post by QatarDan » May 11th, 2015, 4:29 pm

A girl I was with in Thailand for just a few days would wake up to about 50-60 Line messages. We just used to laugh about it because she knew that I knew her game. It was actually quite labour intensive for her to reply to them all.
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