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Why living in Canada sucks

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to North America. For those looking to relocate within the US or Canada, discuss your experiences and pros/cons of each domestic region.

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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Kradmelder » September 6th, 2016, 2:40 pm

I spent a few years in Canada in the 80s while studying.I finished my post graduate degree and was so glad to leave I was on the first plane out. I can't describe the joy I felt when leaving. I couldn't even be bothered waiting for graduation. I have only been back once since in 1992 and vowed never again because it was even worse. I can't imagine what kind of PC multiculti cesspool it is now.

Never mind the horrid weather, the people are cold and boring with no identity. I hated the place. It is a white nation busy genociding itself via third world immigration. In the cities whites are becoming a minority. It is like a modern Soddom and Gommorah building a Tower of Babel with the multitude of languages and cultures all mixed together. If they were a Christian nation they would realise this multiculti babel so angered God he dispersed them, each people to their own nation.

Like, how does it make sense? For a white to immigrate to canada you need a skill in demand, a job, money. Yet non-whites come in with nothing and get hand outs. Europe is no different. In canada there is not even a resistance to this cultural invasion of hordes from the Third World. Every European nation has a nationalist resistance to this multiculti invasion. Not Canada. They are supine and just take it. They even make PC laws to silence anyone that wants to speak out. PC police everywhere making sure you don't say or do anything to offend some liberal weak sister.

They have no identity. Like everyone can visualise different european cultures. Even Americans have a culture, even if it so plastic it amkes you want to puke. But Canada? What do you think off except multiculti PC run amok? I cannot define what canadian culture is, except trying to say they are not like americans and claiming to represent every liberal value that jews have foisted on society. No one even dares speak out for fear of being branded 'racist', 'nazi', 'homophobic', ''chauvinist' 'anti-semitic' or all the usual labels of cultural marxism. yet they claim to have free speech. what a joke. Personally I would rather live as a free white man, live and mix amongst my own culture, and not be forced to integrate.

The Million invaders currently overrunning Europe, they should dump them all in Canada. The PC brainwashed Canadians would not say peep. It may not be such a bad thing if Canada suicides itself and they become a minority in their own nation. No big loss to the white world.

The only people that want to move there are turd worlders because they made their own nations such dung heaps and the west is quite willing to give them free housing and money to come on over and loiter.

The women from there? No thank you. They have too much to say and it their values that emasculated their men and made the place such a liberal dung heap.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Taco » September 9th, 2016, 12:10 pm

I think I can safely say, in general, Canadian men are seriously stressed out. You see, Canada is a butt freezing cold, workaholic, sausage fest country. Any guy that thinks Canadian woman are "normal" will be a heavy drinker.

The price of oil dropped 2 years ago which caused the suicide rate to explode after all the oil industry refugees lost their high paying gigs.

Anything good you've heard about Canada is probably a lie. Although, Vancouver does have a fantastic airport.

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: we're no longer interested in finding out the truth." - Carl Sagan
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Slick » October 12th, 2016, 7:42 am

Will N. Dowd wrote: Most people owe a huge amount of money, and think this is completely normal. The government is to blame because they regulate the banks and allow people with pathetic jobs to get impossible mortgages and lines of credit, which those people use to buy thing they don't need, with the money they don't have. Although the banking system here is very secure and highly regarded, it is inherently fraudulent and one day will get a wake up call. Most people here owe 50% more than what they have. So for every $1 they have they owe $1.50.
That is the main cause of the financial meltdown in the U.S. back in 2008. Since then, it hasn't improved much. One day, it might happen to Canada and everyone there would be screwed and I bet most won't be prepared.

Many of these anglo-saxon countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. rank the highest of top countries of the world. I don't understand the appeal and how they got placed so high.

One question, do Canadian girls like Asian guys? Sure as hell AW's don't.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by frozenass » December 24th, 2016, 11:08 pm

I have been living in Canada for the past 3 years (in Montreal). I am gay and came here originally to study a masters. I have to say that the one thing I don't regret about being in Canada is the fact that I met an amazing guy who also comes from abroad. I hate being here and can't wait to complete my program in order to go back to my country. Everything is coated with fake sweetness and it is suffocating. I would be unfair to say that everyone sucks and that every interaction I have had is negative. I have good sensible friends, but there are many things I don't agree with and that have made me determined to leave as soon as I can. The most important thing being the disgustingly frigid weather followed by their obsession with identity politics.

For many, Canada is a gay paradise: rights everywhere, respect, tolerance, fooling around, and all that jazz. For me it was torture... Not because I miss living in the shadows, but because it seems like I have to live up to the stereotypes Canadians watch on TV and be a fierce activist. My female friends want me to go shopping with them, and it is almost as if everyone was expecting me to colour my hair, like Madonna, have a gym body, and understand every single pop culture reference. I was also expected to sleep around. If I chose not to, I had internalized homophobia and a prude outlook on sexuality. The dating scene: a nightmare. Sex is expected on the first date, and be careful not to say that you dislike the scene; because what's wrong with it? Relationships tend not to last, and people like to play complicated games. Individualism rules, so being on an relationship is more of a title than a real commitment. I have heard friends complaining about their partners wanting to be with them. Why would you be on a relationship with someone you don't want to be with? STI's are rampant in the Canadian gay scene; and I am not talking about HIV. Most of the gay Canadians I know have had an sexually transmitted infection - HPV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia... Way to go! We fight for respect by making a fool of ourselves and validating the stereotypes. In addition, given the extreme political correctness environment, you will never truly know who hates you until you are back stabbed. I am seen as a contradiction as I am conservative and gay.

Canada has a sick social structure. Specially among the younger generations (< 35 years old) This was nurtured by the government behaving more like a bad, permissive parent, instead of as an authority. Most people act like spoiled brats. Second generation immigrants act just as spoiled as any other white Canadian. This sector of the population is particularly pathological, as they have a love-hate relationship with their parents. They resent them because they have rules and limits at home, while their friends run wild and sleep with every single living being since they are 14 while they fry their neurons with weed. Drug and alcohol abuse is common and out in the open. Everyone wants to lecture you about how healthy it is to be a pot head. Is this why people tend to be slow and inefficient? You can be jailed for giving your child a corrective spankspirine, but I have seen children slapping their mothers. At schools and even in universities, accommodation has become something ridiculous. I am all for giving students with disabilities the chance of studying, but this has escalated to the point in which a blind student received so much accommodation that she became a medical doctor. The lady in question then went to California to do a fellowship and was rejected. This person then proceeded to sue her home university for giving her false hopes (if she won or not, is irrelevant). Reasonable accommodation also implies that if you are a crying baby that needs to get straight As in your exams and suffer of anxiety, all you need to do is talk to the office of student disabilities, get a doctor's note stating that you have anxiety, and you will be able to have special arrangements for your exam.

Try getting something done in less than an hour; be it hiring a new internet connection, seeing a doctor, or applying for a passport. Everything is covered in red tape and useless back and forth, so if you need to fill a prescription of omeprazol because you have reflux, you can expect to spend the whole day at the walk-in clinic. Ironically, you can have access to marihuana, and even some harder drugs in less time. Everything requires certification and special permissions from the government (except doing drugs). You want to be a travel agent? You need to sit an exam. In university, you need to take special courses on the dangers of lab work. They do not even teach you how to handle the chemicals, they just state the obvious: some can burn your skin, some are toxic, some explode.

The country's economy is fuelled by immigration, but make no mistake, you will have to pay a kidney in order to have your credentials validated, otherwise, you are not eligible to work here. Once you paid around 3000 bucks (maybe more than this if you want to become a medical doctor in Canada), you will enter a ruthless job market in which you will face the hypocrisy of Canadian diversity - "We are sorry, but we are looking for someone with Canadian experience." As if every other country was Mars. I once went to a job interview at a research site; I was competing for a job where I needed to take 24-hour food recalls. Something I had done extensively in my home country. I am fluent in French and English, but one of the persons who interviewed me was weary of me because I might not be familiar with the Canadian food choices (poutine?, cretons? anything that a google search won't solve?). My partner has a Canadian masters degree, he was born in Canada but grew up elsewhere. After 6 months of job hunting and a couple of unsuccessful job interviews at mediocre places, he landed another mediocre job at a call centre. Other qualified friends do unpaid internships, and finance their lives as waiters or uber drivers. There are simply no jobs unless you have juicy connections. This is why everyone will hate you if you make the big bucks or even if your parents help you. The school system is horrible. Nobody really learns anything, and every student is obsessed with getting As. I used to be a teaching assistant, and got grilled by several self-entitled students for giving them an A- after I had been a generous marker. Assignments are purposeless and involve doing useless critiques about the work of someone else... I guess this is true for all millenials: narcissistic and with a "whatever you do I can do better" attitude. I would like to see how the students and the teachers would do the same job they are critiquing. When professors demand work from the students, the students bully the professors and make rants. Students also stab each others backs and go on power trips whenever they can: teaching assistants' marking is ridiculously stringent. I guess that's what happens when you are a resented geek from highschool.

Family life is non-existent. Listen to how the Britney wannabes talk to their mothers on the phone. Go to a hospital and see the amount of elderly patients spending nights alone and the amount of people coming on their own to the ER. If you are lucky to have the support of your parents, you will be looked down on. You are expected to move out from your parents' home as soon as you are about to go to college. White girls won't like you if you receive financial support from your parents; not that you are dying to be liked by shaved or greasy haired, tattooed, gap hoody wearing, polyamorous and stinky feminazis. "Warrior" single mothers are everywhere bragging about how much they work to support her 4 children from 3 different fathers. They do receive alimony from the 3, though. Teenage pregnancies are common, and having an abortion is easier than getting seen by an oncologist if you have cancer. This ridiculous mindset can be exemplified in the fact that one day I saw a bunch of med students getting a petition signed so that they are taught to perform abortions. One of the advocates was saying that she was looking forward to learning how to do this, and that they made it a reserved act of OB/GYNs. (Of all the things you could be excited about when in medschool).

The last nail in the coffin has to be identity politics. Everyone, especially the younger generations, are so full of shit, as if they had all read the same "becoming a do-gooder for dummies" manual. Social Justice Warriors are waiting in every corner, policing what you say. They feel so guilty about having oppressed the aboriginals, that now they take shit from everyone as long as they are not white, gay, or female. If you are a muslim, you are in for special treatment, else, you must be an atheist. It is not cool otherwise... that is what they were taught in school: muslims = victims, other religions = archaic institutions. They know they are so similar to the Americans, that they want to differ in what they perceive is America's worst defect: racism. This is further fed by the liberal governments, which use identity to suit their political agendas. The climax of identity politics is electing a useless PM (better than Trump, of course) who only knows how to take selfies with oppressed minorities and cry in front of the cameras when talking about the refugees. This obsession has gone as far as people ADORING being victims. Everyone will tell you excitedly about this one health problem they have and how much it affects their lives. When there is no problem, they will become vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/sugar free or any other fad dieting (I have also heard people saying they are allergic to ridiculous stuff like pizza), and will force feed you with their dietary beliefs and will expect (and demand) to be accommodated, so if you are organizing a dinner, your gluten free friend will not bring his own food, instead he will text you asking for a gluten free option... FU if you don't know what that entails. The vegan won't ask you for an option, instead, he will demand you to have a vegan menu for everyone. Good luck doing the opposite when the vegan invites you.

Passive aggressiveness and two-faced attitudes are rampant in Canadian culture: everyone is so anxious about having negative thoughts, that they do reaction formation and go to the opposite. When something goes wrong, they will tell you that everything is great with a nervous smile, and then they will either start gossip, talk behind your back, rat you out, or silently giving you negative evaluations. They master the act of psychotically avoiding conflict. Conflict is sometimes necessary to set healthy boundaries and solve problems. Forget about this while in Canada. If you e-mail your boss to get feedback about a negative evaluation, your e-mail will go unanswered. Discussing negative outcomes is avoided and when absolutely necessary, it will be coloured with fake praise, awkwardness, and dissociative psychosis, i.e., "you are a great element and we love you, but we need to let you go."

I could write pages and pages about why I am not happy in Canada. Maybe it is my experience in a university plagued with spoiled social justice warriors, but I really really hope to leave soon and never be back. I feel quite guilty about having this opinions as I have also found great people here, but I am so tired of this bullshit.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Kradmelder » December 25th, 2016, 5:51 am

Frozen Ness, except for the faggotry, I 100 % agree with you and know that feeling of wanting to get the fark out as quick as possible. The society is so isolating and so totally everything I despise that I chose to recluse myself from that tame house cat existence. I made friends with people I normally would not be friends with: a darkie from Kenya and a Chinaman from mainland China. Both students like me and both wanting to leave asap. I probably would have been friends with you as well.

I know the social justice warrior types there. The place was full of anti-apartheid demonstrations then, wtf do they know about it? They would run in terror if they ever had to take a drive through a black Township. You can imagine their look of disgust when I refused to sign their bs petitions and said I am going back there as soon as I can and I fully support my nation. One woman said to me I wish you die there. Wtf. All that hate. Meanwhile I'm thinking my soul is already dying here.

Happy christmas and hang in there. See it as prison and your sentence will end soon.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by gsjackson » December 25th, 2016, 6:45 am

[quote="Kradmelder"]? They would run in terror if they ever had to take a drive through a black Township. [quote]

Puts me in mind of some SJW friends from Denmark who came to visit me when I was in New Orleans. They wanted to see some authentic poverty representative of what Europeans (justifiably) refer to as "the United States of Inequality," so I took them around to one of the hard core projects. Man, did those car windows go up fast.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Kradmelder » December 25th, 2016, 6:55 am

gsjackson wrote:
Kradmelder wrote:? They would run in terror if they ever had to take a drive through a black Township.

Puts me in mind of some SJW friends from Denmark who came to visit me when I was in New Orleans. They wanted to see some authentic poverty representative of what Europeans (justifiably) refer to as "the United States of Inequality," so I took them around to one of the hard core projects. Man, did those car windows go up fast.

LOL ja. Those liberals are hypocrites. There is a saying in SA what is the difference between a tourist and a racist? About 2 weeks.

That is how long it takes them to see reality and become racist :lol:
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by seungah0708 » June 3rd, 2017, 7:14 pm

I am a woman from Eastern Asia 27yers old and have been living this horrible country for 7yers. I can't wait to leave Toronto in this year. I already counted the day that I am going to give a notice of leaving from work and my last day. To be honest, most of the people from my country want to immigrant in Canada, I don't know why yet because I haven't worked in my country as a full-time worker.

It's really expensive when you live alone which means I have to pay rent all by myself. All my Canadian friends they are still living with parents and driving their car. I don't have a car because I can't afford it (expensive car insurance, gas etc) after I pay rent! I often get this question from Canadians "How come you don't have a car?" seriously guys, you are living your mom and dad even you are almost 30ish.. and driving their car.Without a car... It's really difficult to live especially for Canadian weather like 10 months of winter; not joking. It's really difficult to go grocery shopping or going to gym, even though I want to go for somewhere new... after work, can't because you don't have a car. I do love fashion... I want to dress up (I want be look nice..), it makes me super happy and confidence, but 10months winner out of 12 months, you are going to wear parka and snow boots, if you don't have a car. No matter how you wear nicely, it doesn't work... because you are wearing a parka and snow boots almost for a year, plus Canadian they don't their outlook... they don't have any fashion like they don't have their culture. (I am not saying like high-fashion)

I think most of Canadians think just about MONEY/SAVING. just work work work... or most of the immigrants... settling down in Canada with their family. (I don't know what to say, I don't have a family in Canada) they don't care anything but their family only - cold and mean.

Super boring country... I'm from everything 24/7 country. what a wasting time to explain.

TTC is terrible, always delay, no service during the weekend, no internet ughh

The reason why I am here after 7years, only because for my Plan B "what if I want to come back?" (but it's not going to be Toronto, it's going to be Vancouver) just five more months from now, and then it's done. never look back, really unless situation. Right now I feel like I am in prison or cage. I do not belong in Canadian's life. Although I'm really happy that I found that here are many people who have the same thought, cuz nobody understood my feeling. I am a single woman and love to be explored by new things. But in Canada, I am giving up everything whatever make "ME" and I miss my mom and dog in my home country.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by prinsoveetch » June 13th, 2017, 5:16 am

Hello everyone. I made an account just to participate in the debate.
I am not gonna go on and say that Canada SUCKS, it is just not for me.
I immigrated here from North Africa 9 years ago with my family... You can already guess, my family is Muslim (get your stigma ready). Personally, I am not religious in any way. My skin complexion is also pretty much white. I speak both French and English fluently... I did three years in High School and six years of University where I took Engineering and graduated with high distinctions.

I have gotten to know people from different backgrounds, but it just seems that no one wants to befriend me... it is almost like every social interaction has, for a driving force, an blatant interest (help me with my homework, help me get this girl, help me kill time because all my other friends are doing things, help me get a connection for a job...). People lack curiosity and genuine interest, unlike where I am from.
Speaking of jobs, people here work all the time (they live to work and not work to live) and only care about themselves, the way they look on Instagram, and how much money they make. I once got one of my white friends tell me that the reason I was not and won't accepted for the person that I was had to do with the fact that I was born abroad, despite the fact that if you don't know me (get my name, my place of birth etc.), you would never know that I am not Canadian-born.
Canadians lack humour as well. They mastered small-talk, which makes them seem nice. They are cliquey as hell. They won't accept you no matter how much effort you put...

I am just tired of trying to fit in. I am going to get a job, work for a bit and save some money, and move elsewhere. From what I have seen on here, all cities in Canada seem to have the same problem. Sad.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Svitcher » October 21st, 2017, 4:57 pm

Thank your lucky stars that you're not trapped in Toronto; that's even worse.

It's becoming a trend lately for depressed Toronto men to actually scream in suicidal despair on Craigslist and other forums. Some men even committed suicide because of the anti-freedom, anti-social and anti-male culture which is very severe in Toronto.

In Toronto, the longer you wait to plan your escape, the higher the chance that one is trapped, or one is forced to die to escape the feminist tyranny in Toronto.

Majority of women HATE men in Toronto. Majority of female immigrants eventually start to hate men after being coached from a Canadian woman feminazi on how to hate men.

Toronto is the extreme version of the "US of Gay" paranoia, anti-social and uptight culture. I'd wager that America isn't that terrible compared to modern day Toronto....The amount of sad stories I hear from men in Toronto is astounding...Don't move there at any cost.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by rustyshacleford » November 8th, 2017, 8:03 pm

Although I am an Eastern European mix I have been living in Cunackistan basically my whole life (20 years). My childhood was safe and it flew by, but, by the time I became an adult reality slapped me here. I understand that life is hard but in Canada people mix the word 'work' with being Dr. Phil. Nothing stable and everything is insecure. The definition of work is to move/ change something or somebody, but here it means to be bitched at or to be bitched out. Literally, bitched out to the point you quit your job. Most jobs that I quit went belly up within 5 years anyway. But, this is a Happier Abroad forum and not about jobs one, so I am going to stick to the topic and explain how I am happier abroad when I do get to travel.

Why am I am happier abroad? Because although it is, yes, hard everywhere, on the other side of the world people are NOT SCHIZOID in mass. They are not buried in their cell phones or are so sketchy that they cannot look into your eyes. That's right, most people in Toronto won't even look at you! It doesn't matter if you are rich anymore, they're just social warriors/ heroes here. I stop socializing with people here because they think that if they socialize with you they will loose something, typically money. It doesn't hurt to socialize, abroad people do it all the time! And, no being social doesn't mean being communist or you loosing opportunities. People are so quick to get political here, it is disgusting, when you hop on that airplane and go to Argentina for example, you will quickly see how antisocial Canada really is.

People don't want to hear about other countries here because they have inferiority complexes. Any place that is better must be shot down; how pathetic. I am always wondering what makes people move to this slave-master of a place...Even in the Philippines it is more homey and family members interact well with one another. Meanwhile back here, it is a 'scarcity' mentality so that corporate mobsters & banksters have more to horde for themselves. I am Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian & Israeli mix. I don't really have a background but people here are so keen about finding out 'where you from' and when I tell them they make a look like "wow you speak English well". Nooo duhhh I have been living here all my life and like a good immigrant I left all of my stuff behind: big mistake! English is the only good aspect this place.

Ignorance is bliss here I tell ya. The more ignorant to problems you are, the better! Get more debt, why don't ya? Cram! Cram! Cram! That's the mentality here. The food is of low quality, the women suck, and the jobs are terrible. What is left? Good quality marijuana!? That's it??! Man, that gets boring QUICK. What's more interesting is having good conversations with real men & women, which is basically nonexistent in this country because a lot of people here are socially inept. When they hear that I am Russian they get shocked. But, I am also Ukrainian too, there are at least a million of them in this country, oh and Russian & Ukraine are at war with each other by the way, so how do you think I feel? And, Canada goes and supports those Uncle Sam bastards and ppl with their hand outs back in my country, sickening! Anyway I am getting too much into politics again because there is not much to do here except discuss other countries... Of which, by the way, Canada is an ace of doing- being noisy about other countries that are older, better, etc. It feels like it must be shot down because it doesn't want people to leave to better places. If you do, you are labelled a bastard by employers here. This is why this place is full of useless jobs and university majors; they don't want you to have transferable experience. Canada might as well should support ISIS and keep on putting in the coin into that war machine in order to destabilize that region. Joy! Don't want to be biblical here but why not take out the thorn in your eye first? Why no stop robbing youth from their futures? As mentioned before, we are having a social pandemic here. I might as well break Canadian minds and tell them a good sex life means happiness.

Being non-Anglo, is too much for Canadians. Meanwhile, Toronto is too immigrant for them, so they go to their enclaves in Barrie, London, and all the rest redneck places...when I do visit these crummy towns, I get harassed by statements like "what's he doing here?" ... Getting out of Toronto ya numb nuts! Toronto is full of probs too, it's own problems albeit. There is also a reverse effect, immigrants stick to their own enclaves here, the Chinese are in Markham, the Italians are in Vaughan and so on. Why? Because they are not impressed with the Anglos that's why! They rather work in their own cultural groups and hire each other because they are scared of Anglo behaviour here. When you work with them, you don't know what's the next day going to bring...that's pretty insecure if you ask me. So, all the rest of the immigrants decided to stay to themselves, good for them! And, I'm joining them, I won't even visit your towns.

Now all that being mentioned, I will compare it to countries like Korea & Japan. Nobody asked me what am I doing there. Nobody gave me cold looks or was rude. Everybody was polite and when I told them where I am from they understood that I come from a tough place. Women walked me to the doors or restaurants, bars, etc and wished me a good night; none of this happened here. My question for Canadians is why are you forcing people to hate this place? It just shows so much how negligent and careless you are. The response to this question I usually get is: why don't just leave? HOW CAN I WHEN I HAVE HUGE SCHOOL DEBT? Unlike your government, I am not a thief. I was promised a future and all I got was lies that fell on. I will pay back and leave. In return I usually get: "good" (continues blinking and changing nothing). Nothing good about living in ignorance and living a robotic life, just waiting for Friday so that you can wait for Monday, so that you can go back to work type of lifestyle here. A typical male here is a jays cap wearing schizoid, you can see it his eyes, they are always glittering out of overworked insanity and thrust for money. People literally drool for money here. Me? I drool for some good food at a side of a beach.

This is the last bit here, I just got to mention how lost of a place this is. This place is not only socially lost but also linguistically lost. When I visit Quebec, the French I find is really different than of what I heard in France. I have been to France 4 times & Belgium once because I am happier there, the people are better and they laugh when I bring up the topic of Quebecois. They tell me that they need subtitles when they watch Quebecois movies. Subtitles! What did these people do a perfectly fine language such as French? Did a cow chew it and spat it out? BEEEEH OUI! When I first heard Quebecois, I knew right away that you have to be living in Quebec in order to speak it or to be from that province. Montreal, I will visit you because you are better than Toronto but living there, because of the language, beeeeeh NON.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Winston » November 9th, 2017, 12:15 pm

Wow i didnt know canada sucked this bad. I thought it was just a boring reserved place like the pacific NW but with beautiful scenery, especially over the Canadian rockies. I thought everyone just ignored you there so its very boring if you're alone.

Doesn't Canada at least have national healthcare? And isnt the gun violence there a lot lower than in the US? Michael Moore mentioned all this in his documentary "bowling for columbine".

Either way people there dont seem soulful at all, just polite. No one there ever bothered me except for the Canadian customs at the border patrol because they are too suspicious of any male alone in the car. But bao3niang told me that people there are constantly rude to him.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by zaalim_g » November 10th, 2017, 10:29 pm

Im getting sick of Canada now.

My background: 24 year old male with a bachelors but not in the working world yet. Born in India but living in Canada for 17 years.

My sentiments are exactly like those expressed by others. For me there are really only a few redeeming qualities of this country:

1) The "free" healthcare.
2) The ability to earn dollars
3) Physical isolation from the rest of the world allows for safety. In comparison think of the boatloads of migrants flooding Europe
4) A passport that gives access to a TON of countries
5) Other little things I cant think of.

When it comes to woman, I blew any chances I had when I was in school, due to fear and inexperience. Now, as an adult, Ive come to the conclusion that trying to get Canadian women is a futile effort for someone like myself. Since Im not living in a major city like Toronto and Vancouver, its hard to target the only girls that would be receptive, foreign girls.

Trying to get any type of girl who grew up here is going to be a difficult feat.

Im a decent looking and presentable guy but being on the shorter side (5foot7) and ethnic means all of the above are most likely not down. Whenever I come back from a different country, my countenance falls and the only thing I think of is getting out again.

Ive been wanting to go to Latin America, specifically to increase Spanish and salsa abilities and that's the only thing I've been hoping for for the past year. When I go to India I feel alive and content. When I was in Costa Rica I felt the same.

The weather is depressing 8 months of the year.

There is no culture. Even at church, my friends can only talk about sports( NHL, NFL, NBA) or some shitty TV show. You can shove sports talk and game of thrones up your ass.

Im grateful to be a Canadian but I need to establish myself financially to be able to leave the country for extended periods of time. I honestly dont know how people can live here for 60+ continuous years working a 9-5, and having a 2 week vacation.

That is a fate worse than death.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by muppeto.ca » March 7th, 2018, 5:50 pm

Hello there Gentleman, first of all, I apologize for my English.

I just found this amazing post made originally by a Canadian. As immigrant, living in Canada since 2009, I was amazed by the fact of finding a Canadian guy speaking so honestly, accurately and truthfully about the shitty things of his country; it is very rare because almost all Canadians are brainwashed with the political correctness and to think their country is the best in the world even if they have the truth in front of them. And if you show them the opposite they can not stand hearing uncomfortable things and tend to get angry or escape/go away. I'm not going to deny the things I have been read here, I agree with everything the author said.
I did myself a blog ( in Spanish ) speaking about those problems.

muppettlandia [dot] blogspot [dot] ca

Before all, let me introduce myself: I'm 100% raised and born Mexican, software engineer. I lived 31 years of my life in Mexico and then moved to Canada. Now I'm 40.
What bring us latinos to be attracted to this supposedly "1st world civilization" ? Almost secure living and find better work/professional opportunities, and all those marvelous things we hear about Canada. Personally speaking, I was attracted to the idea of earning more money, having work/life balance, living a different culture, speaking french/English and advance quicker in my professional career.
As you shall see, professional environment in Mexico, at the time I was living there, is crap. If you work for a Mexican company with Mexican work mindset and culture, you're owned by your company as a slave for a crappy salary. It seems that actually some things have improve since more companies were created and some international companies arrived, as salary wages, but not balance in work/life.
To give you an example how things are in MX: In the US people are workaholic, yes, but they are productive and earn good salary wages. In Mexico we are workaholics too, even more than the gringos (US citizens), but we earn a lot less and we produce even far less, is like we work for the sake of work.

So, I live in Quebec province since 2009: arrived to Montreal, moved 5 months after to Quebec City, lived there 5 years and then move back to Montreal. At the time of posting this, I have been living here in Montreal 3.5 years since I moved from Quebec City, for a total of 8.5 years.

As a first resume of my positive experience:
- I found what I was looking for: Quebecers are people that in general value work/life balance. I don't know how is living in the anglo side of Canada, but I didn't want to move because I found there is not so much difference rather than the fact they speak English; comparing your testimonies written in this post with my experience, mentality and idiosyncrasy are almost the same. Here in the province there is a lot of software companies, much more in Montreal.
- Compared to Mexico, I have more international visibility and better reputation as I.T. worker. Every month I'm contacted by at least 2 headhunters proposing me job positions.
- Pace of mind in the way that everything is calm (dammed boring calm) and secure: I don't get robbed by financial institutions, or a thieve, or anyone. In that way, people here behave most of the time honestly and you can trust them most of the time.

Having said that, let's go to the other side:
- Remove all of those things and you have a very crap shit-hole of country. As I said several times in my blog: " Maybe economically speaking yes, Canada is a 1st world country, but If we speak in terms of culture, tradition, history, gastronomy, social and emotional aspects, Canada will be a third or event fourth world country ".

- Socially speaking, I'm dying here. In Mexico is easy to do relationships of any kind, we are very open people and very proud to show and share our culture and personal life, those are things we have for granted. When we come here we think people will behave the same way given the image Canada have in the media and Internet. But I have to confirm, based in my experience and others immigrants experience, this people is mentally ill.
There are very well behave people in civic terms, but at personal levels, they are very very selfish and isolated, even between them. They don't know how to make links with someone and to create meaningful relationships. They don't know how to speak about their feelings and if you start asking them about their personal lives they became nervous and change the subject immediately. All they know is to talk about superficial things like the weather, the hockey, the job, etc.

After 8.5 years here, and had meet many quebecers, I barely know what happen with them at personal level: I don't know if they suffer, or cry, how they feel, everything for them is happy and positive, they are brainwashed to not share anything personal. Nobody calls you, their are not used to do so. You have almost to call and beg people to go out and do something, and for most of the cases, you get no for an answer, so it is very easy fall in isolation and depression.

They are very lonely people, and they are killing themselves by depression. Quebec is one of the provinces of Canada with the most high suicidal rate in the country, yet they dare to call themselves "the happiest province in Canada". They like to live very isolated, they don't know how to live in community; even one commentator on the radio said stupidly that they live to much in community because "they are always commenting in facebook" ( how stupid and clueless they are ). The thing I find very sick is quebecers complaining about their solitude and don't want to do something about it.

As many people said here in this forum, they are very very cliquish too, even worst than their anglo-canadians counterparts because they are whom lost the war and were conquered by the British. They move in closed circles and don't mix them: coworkers are coworkers and not friends, the guys I know in the tennis class are not friends and never will be, etc, etc. The only "friends" they keep the most is those who they knew in the secondary school and that's it; they aren't interested in knowing new people.

But what I detest the most is the f***ing hypocrisy: here they are very close towards other people, but when they travel abroad they behave differently. They behave a little more open. Outside of Canada, they let other people give them things, invitations, rides, pay for their food, etc. etc. But even if they had those experiences outside, they come back here and they stay closed minded to other people. What a crap of selfish behavior.

-Quebecers are not so different of their others Canadian counterparts, other than the fact they speak french and they are more closed, yet they see themselves like if they were another entire different civilization. Here in the province there are some kind of propaganda brainwashing everyone to think they are a super culture compared to other Canadians ( I confirm is a lie ). As the original author of this post said, there is not culture here, it is very pity what they call "culture". They take a bunch of fries, cheese and gravy, the poutine, and call that thing "local gastronomy". For me is a great insult; coming for a rich a traditional and ancient gastronomy country. No matter which street food stand in Mexico is better compared to best restaurant here in the province, and I'm not exaggerating.

- The author said that we immigrants tend to stay in our ghettos and relate to others of our own kind, and that is true; but because we are force to, not because we want to, let me explain. Here doesn't exist a strong, open and welcoming culture that obligates you to merge in. As many immigrants said, "Quebec is tolerant, yes, but not inclusive". I dare to say anglo-Canada is the same thing. Quebecers don't mix themselves with others race o culture in 95% of the case. The rest 5% are male quebecers that have many troubles finding a female of their own kind given that quebecers women are brainwashed by feminism and they behave masculine, hard, angry, cold, indifferent, etc. So that's the part of quebecers that mix with immigrants ( immigrants girls).
Then here comes the pretexts that justify why we dont have local friends: "you have to go out, be more open, get to know other people" and even " its because the city/neighbourhood you live in". Bullshit. I have been hanging out and trying to socialize with this antisocial people several years and trying so many different ways to do it and I arrived to the conclusion that if they have a peanut in their social part of their brains, is too much.
That's why we tend to better stay with our own kind, because at least we can related each other at a personal level.

- Feminism: damn I hate I hate I hate feminism. At the beginning, I even didn't care about that neither think about it. The only thing positive I have to say about women here, opposite to what the author say, women are beautiful. You have to consider that I move at professional level, so I don't find many tattooed weird piercing girls. They exist mostly at lower education levels, but quebecers girls are beautiful. Having said that, I'm not interested in having any serious relationship with them. Feminism make women very selfish, cold, indifferent, castrating, angry, they have their egos raised to the heaven. Even the most crappy and ugly quebecer girl thinks she deserve a six pack-abs rich guy only for the fact of be a woman, without give nothing in return.
It make hard to find your self a woman here. And many guys have said to me: "why dont find yourself a Mexican ?? " The things is Mexican girls are very physically attracted to Canadians males; so when I found one that is available she ignores me completely. Another thing is that given she is a woman, and add the fact that there are tons of thirsty manginas here, she is very solicited so she have a bouffet from where to chose of.

One last thing that make hard to find a good woman here is that male quebecers are more open to have relationships with immigrants girls; quebecers females aren't. Quebecer women in general look for what they know already: they don't want to handle the complexities of having relationship with one guy a different culture. Anyways, at this point of my life here I'm not so interested in having a serious relationship with a quebecer girl because I know it will be hard having one.

So thanks Will N. Dowd and everyone for sharing your experiences.
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Re: Why living in Canada sucks

Post by Winston » June 8th, 2018, 7:40 pm

A Canadian expat in Angeles City wrote me this long diatribe about Canada. I'm not sure what he's referring to though. As you can see, a lot of white expats are very long winded. lol
Good morning Winston again.
Got your kind invitation to discuss further the ins and outs of topics we can discuss related to anything to make the meeting open-ended so to speak.
Bye the way my first book is entitled “Personal Reflections of Ottawa Past” and I s a collection of 32 short stories related to my life during the 40’s and 50’s living in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, where nothing much ever really gets changed much, but only is a place for the civil servants who are overpaid and molly-coddled into believing that the sun rises and sets on this political jurisdiction that only really cares about the value of the CAD and the exchange rate visa-vis the U.S. green-back. Right now the CAD hovers between approx. .73 and .80 cents Canadian. And that will all it will ever be except for the odd currency fluctuation that can change due to trends in the markets such as commodity trading.
You see Winston Canada is so controlled by the Feds (that’s the fed. Gov’t) and its total mantra of “We are the best” which really is the country’s inability to compete with other world’s and jurisdiction because we are so isolated by weather and a population that does not even come close to the population of any almost state in the Union or other countries that we are dictated to by the political left although we will never admit it, because Canada is a country of anomalies, which means that the status quo in Canada is solely controlled by the Fed. Gov’t who has complete control over the social and financial aspects of its remote geographic and resource based economy will never allow the freedom and diversity of a country to step out of the mold. Everything in Canada must first be sanctioned by Gov’t and only gov’t and that is due to the large land mass and the great distances between population centers from ever making their communication and trading opportunities viable tool to increase and promote a different attitude towards ever changing what has been going on here since time immemorial. The main reason of course is the fact that Canada cannot compete on the world markets in view of the attitude of the Gov,t. and our extremely small and non-participating change in both taxes and other rules and regulations that choke the incentive for change a lost cause even if we injected a few more million people into the population and HERE IS THE MAIN REASON FOR THE IRON GRIP GOV’D HAS ON THIS COUNTRY – Firstly it is bogged down in political correctness, then the educational system is very heavily weighted by would-be intellectuals who vet every tiny aspect of change that that occurs on a daily basis because education and the constant attitude that we are the best has diminished our dedication to everyone that they must adhere to the wishes of the Gov’t and the constant
Diatribe that nothing can ever be accomplished unless there is at least a panel of additional people to always oversea what may make a difference to the status quo and may take away the absolute power that might be a bit diluted if we give to much freedom to change and imagination to enable us to do things more economically or more differently that we might risk destroying what we have, hey folks – what do we have
Besides a very large piece of real estate that might destroy some of the bureaucracy that has a stranglehold on this otherwise lonely and under-populated tundra of inactivity for many months of the year and maybe enable many Canadians to think and change this attitude that only Gov’t has the talent or imagination to make it a more viable entity and get off our mother gov’ts teat that only gives lip service to the politicians and those that are cajoled and think that this is the best country in the world.
How how utterly silly to believe that 33 million people could make a country as big as this with only a hand full of citizens to on the gov’t take for far too long. What we need is a new direction with an inventive way to do things better and provide more incentive to achieve and branch out from our mother’s teat. I do not expect this will ever happen because I give Canada another maybe five years and it will be just swallowed up by some other entity because of our extremely small population that we cannot compete with other countries as Canada invented political correctness which is now left us in limbo with little future.
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