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One more reason not to get if you needed it

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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Post by ChosenTraveler » December 21st, 2012, 2:04 pm

Reminds me of a joke between a young man and his father:

Dad: Son, how do you turn a fox into an elephant?

Son: How?

Dad: Marry her.
"Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden."- Marcus Garvey
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Post by Jacaré » December 28th, 2012, 11:20 pm

It is indisputable that men age way better than women. Take a look at the pics of the Bond girls then and now and compare them with the guys playing Bond and see the contrast. Staggering to say the least.

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Post by abcdavid01 » December 29th, 2012, 9:10 am

Jacaré wrote:It is indisputable that men age way better than women. Take a look at the pics of the Bond girls then and now and compare them with the guys playing Bond and see the contrast. Staggering to say the least.

Note how much better the Asians look. My Asian mom's a year older than my White dad, but looks five or ten years younger.
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Post by jamesbond » December 29th, 2012, 2:46 pm

Jacaré wrote:It is indisputable that men age way better than women. Take a look at the pics of the Bond girls then and now and compare them with the guys playing Bond and see the contrast. Staggering to say the least.

Wow, that was eye opening! It's true, men do age like wine and women do age like milk! :lol:

"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."
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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » December 30th, 2012, 5:10 am

I saw Kathleen Turner on some show the other night....Agghhhhh....poke my eyes out with red hot pokers.

In "the postman always rings twice" her scene with jack nicholson on the the kitchen table defined hotness for the 80s.......she was the hottest woman in the world in the 80s....

Now? Ugh.....

Lots of people say to me "you are angry bitter and twisted because your wife divorced you".

Nope....She broke her vows and that meant I did not have to be married to a woman who will age like the women in the bond photos.

One of my issues in divorce was "how do I maintain my integrity such that I do not break my marriage vows?" And that turned out to be easier than I imagined.

Jennifer broke her vows and refused all efforts to negotiate reasonable restrictions on her spending and lies. So she chose to end her marriage to me on the basis that restrictions on lying and stealing were not acceptable to her. Which meant that I did not break my vows at any time. That was really strange because by lying and stealing all she could gain was some of the paltry assets we had at the time....and I will take them back off her anyway.

She would have been MUCH better advised to accept the restrictions I insisted on so that she could no longer steal from the family finances and would no longer lie to me. But she was so full of herself she decided that lying and stealing via the courts was the way to go.....very stupid indeed.

Really guys....who wants to be married to an OLD WOMAN?!?! Not me. Not any more.

I used to once. But once you have dated a woman 10 or 15 years younger than you who is a really lovely woman? There is simply no going back to women of the same age....not at 48. This is one reason women are so insecure. They fear they will be thrown out for a younger model when they age and so they act terribly towards men to make the fear a reality.

There is just no way a woman who is 48 can compete with a woman who is 35. Can't be done. Even my fav#1, who will be 39 next birthday, is slowly sucumming to the inevitable. We had dinner recently. She is still the most beautiful woman I know and carries herself so elegantly. But you can see the signs turning up and she knows it. Indeed....she had not been eating properly and had lost too much weight and it showed. I was like "here, eat this" all dinner.

Just as an aside....

One of the things we talked about was this new woman I have had a couple of dates with that is interesting. She is 23....soon to be 24.

Now, ordinarily I do not even speak to women that young. Why bother? They have nothing to say. But it was 100F that day and 99% humidity. I was dying in my apartment. So I went to a local pool along with HUNDREDS of others. The place was packed.

I walked past this woman while she was talking with friends and our eyes met. I knew from just that one glance there was something about her......(something about mary?) I went over and introduced myself and told her exactly what I thought....that there was something very different about her. So we chatted and it went on from there. She was very flattered that I had picked her out like that....says it has never happened to her before.

So when I was with fav#1 at dinner and she asked me if I was seeing anyone I said not really but there was a really interesting find on the horizon. When I told her this woman was 23 she asked me "What does she look like?" And I said "She looks like you must have looked 15 years ago. She is stunning."

Now...the funny thing is that even though fav#1 is clear she does not want to be in my life you could see the pang of jealous all over her face. I alomst laughed!!

So I said "fav, you can not compete with a woman 15 years younger than you. She is hot. Far hotter than you. But she did NOT show me love and kindness when I wanted to kill myself, ok? And by the way? You have told me you do not want to be in my why would you even care if some young hot woman wants to have a go at extracting some money from me? We both know that is what she is doing! LOL!! Why be "jealous" of a woman trying to get money from me?"

She laughed really hard at that and we both agreed that the only reason a hot 23 year old woman would take a second look at a 48 year old man is the hope of making some money on the deal....hardly something to be "jealous" of.....I told her the ONLY reason she could POSSIBLY be jealous is if she was jealous the other woman might get some money off men and she didn't......when put like that? It looks entirely different.

Once a man realises that women have ZERO interest in HIM and are only interested in what the man might provide women take on a whole new look. As I once said to fav#1.

"Women trying to use shaming language like "you can't attract a woman" is hysterical and about as funny as saying to a surfer "you can't attract a shark" as some form of criticism. You women are like sharks. You are the predators. And your entire way of working relies on the fact that men never realise that you are the predator and the man is the victim."

So when I put it like that...that I know this 23 year old hottie is the predator who is hoping to make me a victim? And I am quite interested in some form of "relaxionship" as long as we can work out an equitable arrangement......fav#1 was much more ok with it.

I actually said to her "If you want to be in my life? Tell me right now and I will call her and tell her that I am taken. Have you changed your mind?"

She said I told her not to be jealous of younger women......I told her that since she did not want to be in my life that it was inevitable I will, one day, find a younger and hotter woman. But no woman would EVER take her place in my heart because of what she had done for me.....

She smiled and we continued on to other conversations. And she called again for christmas.....this year I actually got three calls from women for christmas. Fav#1, my fav#3 who has started talking to me after a 2 year absence, and this new I was quite chuffed with myself.

NO ONE from my former life bothered to call me for christmas. NO ONE.

Shows you how much man hatred there is in the west....just because a man will not tolerate being criminally victimised by a woman he is off everyones christmas list! LOL!!!

I really do hope WW III gets going and all those hate filled people in the west are killed off to make room for some people who will be decent people. Decent people like Germans are decent people.
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