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Why does western society breed so many assholes?

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Post by Winston » December 13th, 2013, 10:33 am

Here's my theory on why there are so many assholes in America.

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » January 15th, 2014, 11:52 pm

I have many books to read right now, but I found this book pertaining to the topic though I have never read it myself:

It's called, Assholes: A Theory by Arron James

"The later chapters are more philosophical. He inquires, for example, why a-holes tend to be male, and why they tend to be produced more frequently in some cultures rather than others. For example, he considers Italy, Israel, Brazil and the US to be particularly prone to a-hole generation, while regarding Japan as almost incapable of producing a-holes

"The first part of this book describes what an a-hole is and how one differs from a psychopath or an abrasive personality. I applaud the author's decision to use a colloquial term we all grasp intuitively for the pathology.

The second part of the book discusses dealing with a-holes, one-on-one and in a group dynamic. That there are no simple formulas for this serves as testament to the basic intractability of the a-hole.

The book makes a case that a-holes operate to the ultimate detriment of society. Hopefully the term a-hole (in its technical sense) becomes part of our common lexicon, for it appears that only as a social group can we counter a-holes"
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Re: Why does western society breed so many assholes?

Post by Robert77 » January 16th, 2014, 11:05 am

It's an english speaking thing

- me me me I am the center of of it all!!!! me me me and only me!!!

- anglophones on average do not understand nor know how to interact with others, go to a setting where there are several nationalities and everyone will be sitting there acting decent and speaking when spoken, english speakers on the other hand will be the ones talking loud, cursing out loud, the women will be the pasty borderline overweight ugly ones getting drunk and flirting with whoever is in front of them.

- other nationalities look down on english speakers in secret

look at this embarrassing video…. two british teens go to Argentina to study for a month….. go to 24:30, the british girl gets told that she can't smoke in class and attacks the teacher….. the argentine students look at her with embarrassment (oh she's just a brit, being a trashy ugly c**t is just part of who she is)

also notice the british one (the one in green) is the ugliest one and the nastiest one… the Argentine girls (the ones in pink) are all pretty and feminine.

Britain sure is facing a DARK DARK future
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Post by sushiman » January 17th, 2014, 7:19 am

zboy1 wrote:U.S./Anglo culture has been perverted to the point of decadency; being a jerk and a tough guy is what passes as a man these days, and that is what Anglo women want. Putting other people down and escalating oneself above another is a trademark of Anglo societies. In other words, 'getting ahead' is what is valued in those countries. Greed and selfishness has become a virtue and is worshiped in popular culture. So, as a result, you see so much dysfunction in U.S./Anglo societies.
That's an accurate way of putting it!

It's definitely not normal; not the way deep-down confident happy people behave.

The only interaction I have with the US these days is long distance with our office in the states, and occasionally when they visit here on a business trip (I work in Seoul). It's amazing, these American f**k-heads are constantly back-stabbing each other, for no reason at all, we all make huge amounts of money, who cares, just be happy. But it's like if they stopped trying to kill each other they would have no other purpose in life.

Really pathetic.
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Post by WorldTraveler » January 24th, 2014, 7:02 am

Well, it is good to know this is common in all Anglo countries and not just America.

Here is my theory of why it exists. We're a very competitive people. We are told that to be successful you should make a lot of money and lay a lot of girls. Happiness is not something we should strive for. Making a lot of money and getting a lot of women are no longer easy in the Anglo countries. If you watch TV, surf the internet, or hang out with guys, you could believe you are not very successful. These men are so obsessed with their perceived inadequacies it turns them into total assholes who always have to one up you. This behavior can be found in guys of all ages. I don't see this is something they grow through. First, they are total assholes, then if they can't feel superior to you, they will then create fictional lives to one up you. I have had to get rid of friends because of being assholes or liars. I no longer tell the few "friends" I have much about my life because it just breeds jealousy.

Sorry to have to agree, but this behavior is very common, and seems to be getting worse by the year as the West can't provide for its men!
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