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How to Live Like a Quintessential Bachelor

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How to Live Like a Quintessential Bachelor

Post by Fenix » August 25th, 2011, 5:04 am

***For entertainment purposes only!****

This is how you live as a quintessential bachelor or ways you can save and manage your money.

Phone Service:

1. Google Voice. I use this myself and it is FREE. You need a cell phone or a landline to forward your number and that's all you do. You can make calls from the US and Canada for FREE. My parents live in Missouri and I call them on my PC all of the time. You answer your calls from Gmail. Make an email account for Gmail because you have to use Google Voice in Gmail. I don't pay a dime. You need a microphone though. If you want to call people overseas, you must buy credit, but that is cheap too. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, texting is free too. Text until your fingers fall off!

Magic Jack. $20 a year subscription for free calls in the US and Canada. Stop paying for phone service!

Internet Service:

Buy a Linksys CM100 cable modem and stop paying for a cable modem from COX or wherever you have Internet from! Or you can get a wifi card and get wireless Internet for FREE. Don't have to pay a dime. I have been using wifi since I got my first laptop and haven't looked back.


Programs like Ares Destiny and Frostwire is what I use. I have been downloading music from torrent sites now.

Movies and TV Shows: is the main site I go to for television shows and such. I download torrents too.


Buy a TV tuner or a PC tuner if you can't live without television. A TV tuner allows you to have free TV! All you need to do is hook your cable to the TV tuner via your TV and you have free TV. The PC tuner is just you hooking it up to your PC and watching it on your PC. They sell TV tuners with digital cable, so don't worry. You can still get Cinemax!


Download a torrent.


Shop at Walmart. Do you know how much I spend on food? I spend less than $100. So, I spend less than $100 on food, don't buy anything except games (not much to cry about, I don't buy many), so you are only left with rent and utilities and/or car payments. I spend $20 on snacks. I usually buy food like this: Example; I buy hot pockets in the family pack, which is like 12, but I buy two boxes. 24 right? I eat two hot pockets, so that's 12 days worth of food for $20. I buy Banquet chicken patties. 10 come in a pack. I buy three of them. I eat two per day. 30 in total right? 30 patties = 15 days worth of food. 27 days already and there are 30 days in a month.

That's $13 for those patties plus the hamburger buns. Breakfast? I buy Eggo Waffles and I buy four boxes of those. $4 for the 24-pack. $16 in total. I eat four waffles a day. 12 days for each dinner (hot pockets and chicken patties). That's $69 or $70 worth of food. You see what I am doing? I eat a certain amount of food that I buy and make sure it lasts a certain amount of time. I just spent less than $70 on food. I used to spend $200 or more on food 5 years ago. See how much money I saved? I write down a list of food I like to eat and add up how many I will buy and how many snacks I am going to buy. I usually buy the same snacks. I go to Walmart once a month and the food last a whole month each time.

Programs you need:

Vuze (only one you need to use for downloading torrents)
Ares Destiny (music, movies, software, etc.)
Frostwire (see above)

Torrent search engines: btjunkie and torrentscan.

Warning: Make sure you read the comments on torrent sites! Make sure the torrent is verified as real and make sure the reviews are positive. I have never got a virus from these sites because I read the feedback.

Any questions?

I am not responsible for your behavior!

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Post by odbo » August 25th, 2011, 5:40 am

I used to hack cable internet. Pay for basic cable ($15-20/month), buy cable modem, hook up cable to that instead of to tv, change DNS setting, and get free broadband internet. Instead of paying $40-65/month. Cable company can't tell which exact house/apartament it is, and it's not against the terms of service unless you are using a modem they provide. I'm pretty sure you can still do this....

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Post by NorthAmericanguy » August 25th, 2011, 4:15 pm

Good post!

As for myself, striving to live the good life as a bachelor is a big deal to me, and unfortunately, a lot of men don't take it seriously because outside of dealing with women, the next big problem that Western men have is not becoming trapped in the modern American slave system where you work from one pay check to the next not really accumulating anything other then a house that you really never own in the first place.

I have seen all my male friends picked off one by one by women (black, white, Asian) to where they went from being a happy, healthy, free spirited individual, to now a miserable workaholic just so they can "take care of the kids" and their wife/gf. They don't smile anymore, they are no longer happy, and they go in and out of depression. As a matter of fact, I just met a guy a week ago, who, story short, told me he works 6 days a week (for years) just so he could take care of his wife and kids, and then said to me, "that's just how it is." I did not tell him, but in my mind, I said to myself, "no, not really, as you CHOSE that life."

Anyhow, the real key to successful bachelorhood (IMO) is having good income (30-100k) all while living BELOW your means. Another key is to not allow yourself to be tied down by any commitments, such as a gf, kids, or a mortgage.

You figure, if you make at least 30k a year stateside, and you have no obligations other then the basics and cheap studio apt rent, you could travel out the country at least once a year.

I'm going to warn you though, unmarried men like us (30 and up) with good jobs/trades are RARE, and if women or manginas get wind that you're living it up all while not sharing it with another americunt you will be constantly bombarded and berated that you are single and childfree.

It's so bad for me I cut off people I knew for decades because they would not F**** off and leave me alone (ie, why are not married? What, you don't like girls!?)! I also lie now and tell single mothers that hound me that I'm dating and "I'm taken."

This is just how it is guys, you have to look out for yourself!

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Post by S_Parc » August 25th, 2011, 9:47 pm

NorthAmericanguy wrote:It's so bad for me I cut off people I knew for decades because they would not F**** off and leave me alone (ie, why are not married? What, you don't like girls!?)! I also lie now and tell single mothers that hound me that I'm dating and "I'm taken."

This is just how it is guys, you have to look out for yourself!
I'm beginning to contemplate, hanging out/socializing with gay guys while I'm stateside, and boinking women, when I'm abroad.

The idea here is to keep one's sanity, since it's easy for gay men to know that the 'other' in the crowd, is hetero, and for the most part, men tend to get along and not give each other slack for being unconventional thinkers or doers.

Is there a technical term for this ... socially gay, physically heterosexual :?

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Post by momopi » August 25th, 2011, 10:29 pm

Generally speaking there are 2 paths to material wealth, the first is to spend less and save more, and the second is to make more money. Most people can do one of the two well but not both well. If you choose the frugal path, don't leave your copy of "The Cheapskate’s Bible: The Complete Tightwad Gazette" on the table when you have girls visiting.

There are many web resources on frugal living, and lifestyle choices that effects your financial decisions. i.e. if you choose minimalist design & decor for your home, it'd actively discourage you from buying crap that'd pile up in the corner, because it'd take away the visual beauty of the style:



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Post by djfourmoney » August 28th, 2011, 12:13 am

I suppose if you want to be at home alone 90% of the time playing Xbox 360 or reading books that only make you more augmentative at social gatherings (ie: Anti-Social) then you should be happy being a bachelor.

I keep saying it "MARRIAGE IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY" neither are children. Good, don't get married and don't have children, but don't expect the majority of humanity to agree with you and see things much differently.

I also keep saying the chances of you being RICH are SLIM and NONE. As Momopi said you're either not going to save enough money fast enough ($1825 a year for 42 years @ 10% Interest = 1 Million) for you to enjoy it or you don't want to risk failure starting your own business which is the quickest way to get rich. Of course there's marrying into money like John Kerry (Heniz) and Mark Stanford (Black & Decker) did.

So I say the best thing is to find a comfortable place in the world and just settle into it.

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Post by interfaqiez » August 13th, 2012, 7:55 pm

Yes .. minimalist interior design also give us fresh mind ... always get positive thinking :)

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