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Russian chicks learn to be violent young

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » September 11th, 2012, 1:34 am

publicduende wrote: The point is always the same. To what extent are we men prepared to accept and ride the transformation of our society from a patriarchal, male-dominated one to one more gender balanced, with all the give and takes this involves. and even a few notable spots biased towards women (ie. divorce and child custody laws)?
War dead 98% men

Workplace dead 93% men

Homeless 90% men (and when a woman is homeless she is in a womans shelter, when a man is homeless he is in a box under a bridge)

Incarcerated 90% men

Alimony payers 99% men

Child support payers 99% men

I am quite looking forward to a "more gender balanced society".

I am sure mangina publicduende is going to get his women friends to start campaigning for equal representation in these 6 categories right away.

publicduende....if you and your wife do not start campaigning for a "more gender balanced society" right away? You will reveal yourself for the man hater you will your wife.

Go ahead....make my day. Campaign for a "more gender balanced society".

The fact is that the "patriarchal society" was constructed to enslave the vast majority of men for the benefit of women...and this is covered in my first book Living Free chapter 8 how are men enslaved.

The 1% of men on the top have it good...but 99% of men had it pretty tough until post 1945.....publicduende seems to forget the "gender imbalance" in the two world wars. Maybe he is a hilary clinton fan who believes the biggest victims of war are women.

What most men do not realise that that by women "fighting for equality" what they are doing is freeing men from the slavery that used to exist for them....and men are so stupid they are moaning about being FREED! LOL!!

All men should be CELEBRATING feminism because on the other side of feminism is freedom for men.....just like I found freedom after I realised what was really going on.

Men are so stupid....they will not listen to about that?
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Post by publicduende » September 11th, 2012, 8:19 am

publicduende wrote: Don't get me wrong. I too would take my chances with a foreign (= non-American or non-British white) woman any time. I married one. The only US girl I dated back in the days was a Masters student I met at an American uni in London student party. She was honestly a bit chubby, but with immense breasts and above all an infectious smile and real fun to talk to and be around. She was of Dominican Republic origins and she was a perfectly interesting and decent young woman to talk to and have sex with. But maybe she wouldn't qualify as an American girl, so she would be out of sample to your eyes, I don't know.

I have actually heard quite a few horror stories of men, not necessarily old farts but men in their 30s as well, who have married and brought back Filipinas or Thai women who have proven unfaithful, unreliable, bad partners and bad moms. Getting somebody who is used to a simple family life, when not outright poverty, and parachuting them into a completely different culture based on levels of materialism, consumerism and narcissism unknown to them, might actually turn them into a man's worst nightmare faster and deeper than your average Ameriskank. This has been pointed out by a few people and, bar some level of exaggeration, I believe it's a real potential issue.
Here, the issue is the woman's character -- combined with gender biased laws that reward it. A big problem results.

The point is always the same. To what extent are we men prepared to accept and ride the transformation of our society from a patriarchal, male-dominated one to one more gender balanced, with all the give and takes this involves. and even a few notable spots biased towards women (ie. divorce and child custody laws)?
"Notable" is quite an understatement.
I am talking about visible, factual biases towards women. I can't recall any piece of legislation or regulation that favours women over men, apart from divorce and custody laws. I obviously don't know what's going on in the US, but here in the UK women are subjected to exactly the same legal system as men. Some crimes are then typically the fruit of women's weaknesses, like curiosity. Look what happened here: ... trial.html

This a cultural shift one may want to embrace, if anything to grant themselves a more serene and fulfilling life. No more than I would embrace the notion that men are so far inferior that they have no rights which women are bound to respect.
(borrowing from the Dred Scott decision)

Who said men are inferior? I would never entertain nor condone a statement like that. Men and women are both dignified individuals who can achieve anything in life. If you really want to point your anger to the a more fruitful direction, why not think that we have a society that degrades all human beings to the rank of labour slaves and consumers?

Or maybe not, in which case nobody is stopping them from moving to an Asian emerging country or Latin America and taste the pros and cons by themselves.
Not yet. You should see some of the laws they propose.
You mean in those emerging countries, or the US?

Only caveats: social transformations are running in those countries as well, together with a sense of national of regional pride, so those "arbitrage opportunities" are slowly but surely closing windows. It's already happening in certain parts of Latin America, where average looking, plain and uninteresting gringos are failing to understand why a Medellin young hottie with a Masters and a job in a multinational firm isn't falling to his feet.

What will happen when the window of opportunities have closed?
Some men have interests besides young hotties. Those men will do just fine. :wink:
Agreed, my friend. Thing is, those who have big success in their business interests in those countries are the kind of rich entrepreneurs who surely don't need to date Latino hotties because they can't get laid at home :)

Are you Americans fully prepared to ride the centrifugal wave of Western fortunes turning around? This is one of those "besides young hotties" interests I am talking about.

Few people, American or not, are "fully" prepared for what's coming.
What we do know is that strange actions indicate that preparations are being made for something big and the explanations are getting less and less credible. We also know you can't shoot a tornado :lol: ... ion-2012-8

Fair enough. I entirely agree with and embrace your (American) concerns about the sorry state the US is quickly approaching. I am concerned too, which is why I am already toying with the idea of de-investing in the UK and buy a land and a house in Colombia. My wife is a bit reluctant, but we need to talk more about it.

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