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Las Vegas with Winston (photos)

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Las Vegas with Winston (photos)

Post by Falcon » July 16th, 2013, 11:01 pm

So, I've finally found the Holy Grail. The man himself. Winston! 8)

I drove to Las Vegas in late June, after flying back to the US from Thailand. Stayed at Winston's house for 2 nights, and we went hiking and pigged out at local buffets.

We went hiking in the deserts and mountains, since we found the Strip to be "soulless" (that's how I put it). Winston wouldn't stop laughing at that, and said that after all those millions of dollars invested into all that, someone would still call those places soulless! We both looked at the people and Las Vegas like space aliens who had just landed on Earth.

Winston was a very fun guy to hang out with. His childlike curiosity and observations struck me as completely different from the rest of the "sheeple" Americans, who have been hopelessly dumbed down by society and mass media.

We met up with Winston's long-time friend Natalya too, who's a member on the ladies' forum. She's not the typical American woman at all, and agrees wholeheartedly with Winston's observations about America. She dates foreign guys as well. :D

Winston carries around flyers about HappierAbroad and about himself as the #1 Freethinking Asian in the world.


Here's Winston standing in front of his new HappierAbroad HQ in Las Vegas:


I met up with Winston's aunt in Las Vegas, and she's quite an incredible person. Winston's aunt has been all over Europe and the Middle East too, and has traveled to China, Australia, and many other places. She seems to agree with Winston's HappierAbroad claims, and is much more open-minded than a typical Taiwanese granny would be. She's been in the States since the 1960's or 1970's.

I spoke Mandarin with her, while Winston spoke Taiwanese with her. She liked speaking English a lot too, so we spoke all 3 languages with her. :D


Winston's various cousins and relatives. The two in the bottom center are Eurasians (half-white, half-Taiwanese).


And last but not least, the buffet. When I asked Winston why he didn't feel like leaving the States ASAP, he said it's because he likes the variety of food here. Quite true. :wink:

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