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How Are Things In Europe?

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Re: How Are Things In Europe?

Post by eurobrat » March 3rd, 2015, 9:09 pm

Wolfeye wrote:Guys, not to be a ball-buster, but does anyone have information like I was asking about earlier? I'm talking about like the beginning of this thread or the very bottom of page 3. Like how cops in Germany (from what I've heard) are a lot like the cops in America, but they don't go ape-shit crazy as often. The whole "catching one of their bullets & any kind of sentencing for it" is a concern. I figure it's perfectly plausible for them to preserve their employment by locking me the f**k up for being hit with THEIR f**k-up.

It's also interesting to me that they get FIRED from their job instead of getting locked up. I don't see an accountant stealing from clients & just getting fired. I don't see a cab driver getting a suspended license for running people over on the sidewalk. I don't see a firefighter getting a paid vacation for lighting up someone's house, much less their dog or cat.
Most cops here in Germany don't even have guns or a radio on them.
Public laws are pretty relaxed.

Government jobs here in Europe are usually for life.

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Re: How Are Things In Europe?

Post by Wolfeye » March 3rd, 2015, 10:55 pm

That's interesting. So they get tenure, basically? Does this apply to things like driving a snow plow or something similar? Might be a good way to save up some cash.

Speaking of guns, I've heard that it's not all that hard to get guns in Europe. Permits & such, yeah- but to GET guns isn't a huge issue. I'd imagine a guy of European descent with a gun in case someone thought it was their religious right to kill him in a shooting spree or to rape some of his family wouldn't get hasseled. And if he did... .

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