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Girls like Getting Butt slapped in Public ?

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Girls like Getting Butt slapped in Public ?

Postby ssjparris » Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:06 am

i have not slapped a girls' a** in public in a long time. but when i did i always remember them smiling and laughing when i did it.

I personally do not believe a girl dislikes their butt getting slapped in public. They keep quite about their feelings alot. They seem to really enjoy it when i did slap their butt in public.

I also remember trying to take a cell phone picture of a girls butt in the grocery store ( yes i know very brave and a little pervy; but this was a long time ago ) and the girl caught me taking a picture of her a**. LOL. she smirked a little smile came on her face. and she said, " where you trying to take a picture of my a** ". she actually said that with a smile on her face almost as if it was flattering or something.

another time a slapped a girls butt in public and when i was at a distance from her she stared at me. she was not scared, nervous, angry. none of those emotions. she would just look at me from a distance. i guess she must have enjoyed it and wanted sex.

so why do they smile and laugh after i would slap it. is it because they enjoyed it, is it because they where shocked and suprised i did it, or something else. let me hear what you guys have to say on this.

especially BellaRuth if she catches this post.

thanks guys. and no butt grabbing allowed on the forum.

this includes BellaRuth too, be careful where your hand is Bella.
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Postby keius » Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:00 am

But slapping just isn't accepted anymore in the states. Try that at a Walmart and you better make a run for it before the cops (or security) show up. Chances are some ultra liberal feminist will follow you and get your plate number. Then you can be arrested at your front door instead of in front of total strangers.

You know they can try and make you suffer by charging you with assault? Charges won't stick but you won't be having a fun time yah?
I was actually witness to a mother slapping her child for misbehaving. Light slap even. I thought nothing of it. I was then witness to the cops hauling her away in cuffs and having her child placed in a separate car...probably to child protection services. This was at a SuperFresh supermarket.
It's actually a scary country some of us live in.

Now, my wife tells me that in China, guys have been slapping her butt since she hit puberty, maybe even before. It's common for that stuff to happen just walking public streets. She says there's nothing girls can really do about it anyway and there's no real harm done. And it's usually only to the girls who are dressed even slightly provocatively, which can be alot of girls since in the south at least, city girls tend to be fashion conscious.

My wife though, she HATED the buttslapping. Even worse when it's from some dirty smelly old man, and there are alot of dirty old men in China :P
She said she wanted to saw their heads off with a dull knife.....sooooo....
i'd say it's hypothetically possible that some girls may not really like the buttslapping :)
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