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American vs. Foreign Women: Dating Profiles Comparison (with examples)


By Steve Neese



Note by Winston Wu: Happier Abroad Research Specialist Steve Neese compiled this comparison of dating profiles of American vs. Foreign women which reveal a huge difference in their attitudes, and which speaks volumes. Below are excerpts from the sample profiles he collected with his comments in parentheses.




American Women Profiles

Filpina Women Profiles

Latina Women Profiles

Russian Women Profiles



American Women


Sample Profiles and Emails


Below is a sampling of American women dating profiles. Of course not all American lady profiles fit these samples, but anyone who has perused American dating sites will readily recognize these examples as more common than not.


In the samples below, note the DEMANDING and HARD TO PLEASE attitudes and PERVERSE focus on a man?s CAREER and MONEY. Compare this with foreign women's profiles where the focus in their profiles is as describing themselves as being good wives or taking care of their man and their family. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to see American woman profiles talk about the goal of wanting to be a good wife or to take care of family. If I had to boil down the overriding comparative themes, I?d say foreign ladies focus on spiritualism, soulfulness, nurturing, and family values, whereas American women profiles mostly focus by far and large on money, and then of course they throw in a list of impossible to meet dating standardsThere are many key words and phrases in American woman profiles that are used to allude to this focus on a man?s career and money without having to directly say it. I?ve pointed them out in the sample profile section below.


Also ingrained in the American female psyche is an undercurrent of disdain and anger towards men, and many are just down right jaded. For example, profiles containing foul language, negativity, and a disdainful view of men as dangerous and predatory are not uncommon with American women profiles. It is often very subtle, but it is there. Such characteristics are so ingrained with our woman that most don?t even realize they are doing it. Leading US experts confirm this cultural undercurrent of disdain and anger towards men (started by the feminist movement if the 60?s). See Dr. Laura Schlessinger?s comments on this in my Research Section of this site. But setting professional expert opinion aside, you need look no further than the actual American dating profiles themselves to see evidence of this . Quite often you will see American women profiles referring to men as ?creeps?, ?stalkers? and I once saw one that even said ?No Bull shitters?. See this U tube video of an American TV commercial by a company that capitalizes of this uniquley American cultural paranoid fear of men. You won?t find such a commercial overseas.?


Foreign lady profiles absolutely never make reference to men as creeps or stalkers or bull shitters or any other derogatory terminology. This idea is simply foreign to them and not even in their realm of consciousness.  In my many years of browsing foreign lady profiles, I have yet to find a single foreign lady profile that refers to men in such disdainful or derogatory terms. Perhaps America is the only country that has creeps and stalkers?


Speaking of foul language, it is very common to see American woman profiles contain foul language such as? the aforementioned example above (?No bullshitters?). I often see dating profile titles such as ?cut the bullshit? or ?not f?n around here? , ?Kicking ass and taking names?. This is so low class not to mention masculine behaviour, yet so common with the female profiles on US dating sites. On the other hand, go look at any foreign dating site and I GUARANTEE you that you will NEVER see any examples of foul language in the foreign ladies? profiles. This difference in class is astounding. Foreign woman always behave in the feminine like a true lady should.



Another repetitive theme I see in American lady profiles is ?No Boys, only Men!!? or ?No mamas boys?. This is a reflection of how ingrained the feministic values are in our culture. Feminism has taught our woman to view? men as foolish, almost as if they are children that need to be taken care of or scolded for doing wrong, or told what to do. This undercurrent of disdain and disrespect towards men is completely non existent overseas. Overseas, woman have too much RESPECT for men to allow this. This looking down on men as if they are children is disrespectful and emasculating. It?s almost like a ?talking down to? of sorts. Who wants to date woman like that?? Unfortunately, this is the subconscious cultural psyche of most American woman of today.


And another repetitive common theme we see in American woman profiles are the words ?must know how to treat a lady?. This phrase is a key word that tells you that these ones are likely to be the high maintenance or hard to please type with unrealistic dating expectations. In general, the demanding and unrealistic expectations that many American ladies have makes it such that almost no one will be good enough for them. See how leading social psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge and relationship expert Dr. Laura Schlessinger BOTH confirm this epidemic of women having unrealistic expectations of their men (See the Research Section) The end result is that just about every guy will end up disappointing these ladies throughout the relationship to one degree or another. This makes it much harder for a harmonious relationship to exist? and round and round the relationship break up cycle goes. Now we can begin to understand why the divorce rate in America is the highest in the entire world running at 55-60%. Compare this to the 20% divorce rate when American men marry foreign ladies. (*20% divorce rate as quoted by the report issued by the United States Citizenship immigration services ? see the Research Section for the full report.)


Regarding the perverse focus on men?s career and money, most American ladies have minimum income requirements of $40K on up, many even $60k to $100K. It is interesting to see how foreign born ladies now living in the USA almost never list any minimum income requirement on their profiles. Foreign ladies NEVER do that nor do they make reference anything to do with a man?s career and his money such as ?must be financially stable? and other money focused keywords. American women profiles tend to be full of such code phrases. Perhaps in some cases this kind of thing should get a pass, such as if the lady herself has achieved a very high career status like a doctor or CEO etc. But most often this is not really the case.  This U tube video makes this case:


Next to the focus on money and materialism, the next most obvious factor that differentiates American woman profiles from foreign ladies profiles is the lack of humbleness. Some very common phrases that you often see in foreign woman profiles that you almost never see in American lady profiles are as follows:


?1) ?Thank you for viewing my profile?

2) ?Im sorry if Im not what you are looking for?

3) ?I may not be so pretty but I am/have ?.etc??

4) ?Im not so smart but?.etc?

5) ?Looking for a man who will accept me for who I am?.

6)? ?I hope you will write me back?


Now how endearing and sweet is that?


The reason why American woman?s profiles and their email messages will never say such humble things as these is because within the subconscious psyche of many American women, there is an undertone of ?Im too good for you? or ?Im just too fabulous? or a sense of entitlement that says ?I deserve X? or an attitude that says ?you?re lucky Im even talking to you?.


Further on down below, I provide samples of REAL life filipina profiles and messages that I have documented. In this filipina section, you can see how the filipinas are simply humble and appreciative and genuine. They have a healthy sense of what really matters in life. They aren?t plastic and artificial. Again, this is just another hint as to why the divorce rate is only 20% when American men marry foreign woman compared to 50-60% when they marry American woman.


Guys, you have a choice in whom you date or marry. You can choose the American woman?s spoiled sense of entitlement or choose the foreign woman?s humble and appreciative attitude. Which do you prefer? Which attitude is likely to result in a more happy, healthy, successful, and compatible marriage?


Sample American woman profiles are below. My comments are in Red.




I find that writing a gigantic paragraph here about myself doesn't spare me from meeting bullshitters, so what's the point right?I'm currently single & am lookin to chill so hit me up =D show me wat yur all about. show me wat yur all about, u might be able to prove me wrong (Foreign ladies do not engage in foul language. TV series such as the apprentice, Jersey shore, Bridezillas, and the bad girls club show how many women are becoming in America. The apprentice is full of women who drop f bombs and other foul language and stick fingers in people?s face when angrily telling them off. This masculine, angry, aggressive type attitude is not too uncommon now days and seems to be getting worse as the decades go by. Dr. Jean Twenge?s recent research now shows that American women now score equally as high as men in masculinity traits on standardized masculinity traits. This was not the case not so long ago. (See the Research Section)??


I am seeking a confident strong man (this focus on confidence is very common, whereas foreign ladies are more concerned about your character and kindness. Kindness doesn?t score many brownie points with many ladies in the states. However, bad boy types often do) ?who knows his way around the world. You must be smart, muscular, sexy, funny, attentive, dedicated, full of energy, well connected with lots of friends, charming, great laugh, great voice, proud, humble, giving, in charge. You must also be a great conversationalist and want to talk to each other every day. (Demands galore!!!! What are the odds this woman will ever be pleased with anyone?)


I am looking for someone who is funny and knows how to treat a lady. He has to know how to carry on a conversation. Anything else please feel free to ask!


Hi. I am looking for a guy who knows how to treat a girl.


Hi! I am newly single and like to be spoiled, I'm used to being spoiled, and I need to be spoiled again! I like to dance... I like to show off... I like to PARTY! I am not interested in boys. I want a MAN who knows how to treat a sexy lady like a lady. (At least she admits her gold digger ways. Not that foreign countries dont have their share of gold diggers, but in my opinion, they seem to be much rarer compared to here in the USA where materialism and the affluenza epidemic run rampant. In addition, the old American saying ?girls just want to have fun? rings true with the attitude you find in the states.


I'm a very driven woman and have had problems finding an equally driven man. I'm not saying I 100% know where I'm going in my life - I think that's the fun of it, not knowing exactly what you might be doing in 5 years. I do, however, value stability and I'm one of the most responsible people I know. (?Value stability? and ?equally driven man? = code words for looking for a guy with money. ?This is the typcial obsession of focusing on a man?s career and money which is completely absent with Foreign ladies. A profile like this could be understood if the lady was a highly successful career woman herself and wants to find a similar high achieving man so they can relate and have more in common with.? But more often than not, you will see this type of profile by women with average careers.


I don't need a guy who scares easily. You need to be mature and confident in yourself or at least be able to communicate what you're thinking! And please be financially stable! (Same perverse focus on money)


I'm looking for a guy without kids and preferably at least 6'0 tall and established in his career? (Same perverse focus on career and money)


I'm really considering to delete this account. I'm very selective when it comes to finding my long life companion, and I'm not liking what I see on this site! (Nothing wrong with being selective. But she then follows up with a negative hard to please attitude) Perhaps, you can prove me wrong?!?.... Most men, are so insecure! a big turn off for me!... (Maybe these men are only insecure around you due to your domineering and overbearing attitude) .


I am looking for a non creepy, non stalker man who is not looking for a one night stand, though building a future and wants to share it with someone special, drop me a line and maybe we have some substancial things in common. (this right here is wayyyy too common in our culture. It also has a lot to do with why women in America are not very receptive to men approaching them in public. Some even freak out. This is not the case in most of the world. Any guy who is well traveled can tell you that, generally speaking,? is far easier to approach a woman for conversation in other non western countries of the world. There is less of a shield.? It?s sad that women in America have been conditioned to have a subconscious fear and view of men as predators. Even well renowned writer and talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has commented about this problem in America in her books. (See research link) This underlying fear towards men is nonexistent overseas)


I am not looking for someone to complete my life, rather complement it. (This attitude is typical in the states. American women don?t ?Need? men, at least not in the sense that a foreign lady does. Any guy who has dated women overseas or who has dated foreign born non Americanized ladies in the states knows this difference. The cause for this is primarily due to the independent ethos that feminism has instilled in American culture. In her book , Dr. Laura Schlessinger attests to the fact that men need to feel needed. (See Research Section)


I am very sarcastic and the person I am with must be able to handle that. I want someone that challenges my fears and dislikes. (hmm, she needs to be challenged? Perhaps a normal plain ole good guy isn?t enough to keep her interest. What happens when she bores of him and no longer finds him challenging anymore???)


I am looking for someone who has a direction that they are headed in life. Someone who has a stable career path...that way there is security while being adventurous in other parts of their lives. (Same perverse focus on career and money)


Hi guys! I have been in Dallas since 2001, and have found that despite the fact that there are a lot of great people here it's really difficult to find a "real" man. I am looking for a man who doesn't always find the need to take more time getting ready to go out than I do; a guy who can occasionally fix things; someone who is not afraid of the gym and who enjoys sports. One of my biggest turn-ons is a guy who knows how to open a door for a lady.? (Once again? demands galore)


I have been very career driven and as you can get from my subject line, picky. I mean if you are going to be with somebody, then you need to make sure it's the right person and believe me I've chosen some bad. If you want to talk, please let me know up front if you can't pay your bills because I'm not going to be a sugar momma. I'm not your typical Dallas girl, but I do shop at Neimans and I like nice stuff. (Once again, there is that perverse obsession and focus on money. This focus on career and money is just overpowering and the most recurrent theme. Of course a woman expects a man to work and be responsible, that?s a given and needn?t be said. Any woman who feels the need to come out and say something like this up front simply has her values in the wrong place. You simply will never see such statements like this in foreign lady?s profile.)


if you are one who cannot accept or is willing to take NO for an answer at times.. then don't waste your time little less my time... One other thing... Nothing upsets me more than to be referred to as GIRL!!!!! (Boy, what a gem this one is. I?m sure the guys are lining up to get with this one. LOL. Unfortunately, such agitated and aggressive tones are not all that uncommon with American woman. This is absolutely nonexistent in foreign lady profiles. Again, as stated in my brief intro, I did not have to spend much time finding these types of profile samples. They are not uncommon).

Please be taller than me! White, Don't live at home with mommy and daddy! Have a job and a car! And not just looking for a hookup!

(There is something so ?in your face? about how so many American woman think. Its like they have an attitude that is so judgemental and negative. There is no room for flexibility or understanding about the tough circumstances that life can sometimes bring. What happnes when they fall on tough times, I guess its ok when it happens to them. These type of woman are the ones that will easily divorce you over if they percieve you are not holding up to what they expect of you in a relationship, hence America?s world leaidng divorce rate)?



Do not crowd me, do not attempt to control me, do not assume you can make any type of decision for me. Be patient, firm, learn to hold your ground. Please be articulate. Converse with me logically not emotionally. Accept that you need to be quick on your feet intellectually without reacting to my autopilot button of reducing your wit to shreds. Do not get offended, understand it's a game. If you can one up me, you will earn your respect gradually....Do not tell me when I am over-analyzing, I already know I do that. Instead form a question that will require me to come to a conclusion. Immediately I will recover. From there you may get start to get close to my heart and of course.. don't forget there is still something to be said for sexual chemistry..In those rare moments when I expose my vulnerability and start to act like a girl, DO NOT step in and fix things. Let me breathe...I will withdraw but it doesn't mean I have left completely. If I need help, I will simply ask you. Whatever you do, follow through at that point. If you don't and I have to take over, (once I've resumed my normal state of mind) I will walk away and won't even hand your balls back to you once I've already taken them... (This is a real profile at plenty of fish!! Many American woman actually think in ways like this. It?s a perfect example of what I mean when I say that many are very dysfunctional.)





Filipina Women


Sample Profiles and Emails


What stands out differently with Filipina profiles from the American lady profiles is that there are never any DEMANDS or finicky requirements. In fact, the opposite is true - they more often humbly say that they are looking for ?someone who will accept them for who they are.? Now, how refreshing is that? I find this so endearing. There is a humbled INNOCENCE to these ladies unlike anything you will find with Western profiles. For example, it is extremely common for Filipinas to start their messages with ?I?m not so smart? or to say ?I?m not so pretty but?etc?.? (Of course thanks to American woman?s narcissistic disposition, they know they got it all and their pride simply wouldn?t dare let them say such things as these)


Also note their non-judgmental attitude, faith and spirituality, focus on family, thankful attitude, positivity, wishes of good will, soft femininity, respect they place on marriage, and a definite positive view of men. Never will you see any mention of guys being creeps or stalkers like you sometimes see in American women profiles. I did not need to cherry pick these samples as they are representative of 99% of Filipina profiles and messages.?


Filipinas are not for guys who are looking for the intellectual or philosophical types. They are the most simple of all the foreign girls, which actually makes them the easiest to get along with and live with. But there are plenty of educated professional ladies to be found if that?s your thing, and in that regard, the Philippines is known for producing a ton of nurses. They are definitely the most playful of all and will often look and act youthful into their older ages. They have a carefree attitude and a saying that goes like this: ?Worrying about tomorrow will ruin today.????


In the sample profiles below, I?ve underlined the important parts of the ladies profiles and commented in red.



i am looking for a loving, faithful,kind and honest guy and most of all a men older than me. i am here to look for the real and right man for me. i want to serve him in all his needs. (What a humble and sweet attitude). ?

If i submit myself to any man i will be with him till my last breath ?


it is my pleasure to have this chance to know you?


Im looking for a man who will accept me for who I am. I hope I find it here. God Bless


im here looking for real love.. who can accept who iam and takecare of me.. i dont like rude guy or the guy who only want fun ... im only looking for serious to be with me forever... i willing to gve eveything to my soulmate.. my love care my body and soul...i want to experience wearing a wedding dress walking going to altar and say i do to my love.. maybe someday someone propose me and marry me..:) (This is often what you will see with foreign woman profiles. This girl who said this in her profile is just 23 yrs old. As you can see, even at young ages, they are marriage minded. In so many years of perusing American woman dating profiles, I have yet to see a profile state anything like this.)??


Halu, i wrote a message to you i dont expect anything that you will like me coz i am 20 years old ??That?? and i know your looking for older than that (Foreign cultures do not see large age gaps of 20+ years as perverse, in fact, they more often than not seek it because they prefer mature men who are more psychologically prepared to have a family.)..and i think, u can find a nice girl to be your future wife. coz me even me i am also looking for a man who could give a serious relationship...every one of us look only for happiness and to have a good family. only i can say is just i hope we could find a good partner in life..? (How positive and sweet) .now, im doing business and hope to find my good partner in life...anyway take care and i like your outlook in life..god bless


I hope God will provide you a woman that perfectly love you for the rest of life, till death, and can make you proud of. (Typical comment from foreign ladies, they are serious about relationships and really do see marriage as FOREVER)


.I thank u for taking an effort to viewed my profile (How humble and gracious). it is my pleasure to know u more if u are willing to get to know me..i am a baptist too and i found out that u are a christian..hoping to hear from u soon...take care and God bless


im just a simple girl who dream to have a happy family.i need someoneone who also need me? (I find this endearing, and it is true, foreign women seem to actually ?NEED? men. I don?t generally quite get that feeling here in the states.? Per a yahoo news article I once read? ?One of the most devastating ideas of the last generation was that needing or depending upon another person is a sign of weakness. The opposite is true. The inability to need is a sign of weakness -- you are afraid to relinquish power or afraid to be hurt?.)


Hi! Im Theresa from Philippines,26 years of age, single no child..looking for a man to be with,a man who can marry me and bring me where he is.,a man who can be trusted and have word of honor,having dignity and who believe in Jesus Christ as personal saviour..? (WOW! Need I say more? Is this admirable or what?)


I appreciate I have this good chance to meet you on this site. (More humbleness and appreciativeness) I wish the man I love with a kind heart and he is tender to his love. I will bring all my love to build our happy family if we love each other someday. (Note the focus on the dream of a happy and committed marriage and family.) I think it is really a fate that I can contact with you. I wish you can give me a chance to know you more.


Hello are you? Such an honor and appreciative to know about your sides of looking a Filipina because of our beliefs and culture. And that is true..We really value the essence of true happy family. And that's what i really dream of. I am here honestly to look for a man. Someone that I can share my entire life.


hoping to meet a guy who is real, honest & strong enough to reveal his flaws inspite of who he really is. (WOW! Here is a woman who wants you to be you, accepts you as you are, weaknesses and insecurities and all. This is unlike American? profiles that? repeatedly state how they are looking for guys who are confident)? No dramas & without pretentions, because im not looking for a perfect guy here.? (but unfortunately, many American women are. See my Research Section to see both Dr. Jean Twenge and Dr. Laura Schlessinger comment on this particular problem that is so common here in the US) just a right guy, whom man enough to be His own self.. & a guy who valued family.


hi, im newly here in CB and i register here bec. this is the only way to search for my prince to be in future. :) i hope someday and somehow that person would accept me.:)i haven't got that look u want but i can assure you that i am a sweet lady and a caring person (More humbleness)


I am honest,faithful and chubby one I am waiting to someone with a good heart and willing to accept who i am and what i am.


HEL0000 a beautiful ^"rose from the Philippines, , , iam a friendly loving filipina ..Looking for a friend to be my best not beautiful but im faithful, a sweet and smiling person who truly i am a simple woman who has a happy disposition in life.. even the simplest things from others could make me happy.. (How often do we ever see this attitude with woman in the states??? ) hope someone could do it for me.. Godbless.. *kiss


I have no preference in looking for long term partner as long as he will accept me.of who i am and what iam.and not judgemental about my situation. i believe that a man with kind hearted and open minded well deserve my warmest and sincere relationship with respect. im here in this site to fine my life time partner.not play a game here.


look for serious relationship leading to marriage


I have dreamed of having a family of my own; and wishing that through this site i be able to met my special someone.

I am looking for a person who is searching for true and genuine love not just physical attributes of a person


Hi to everyone,my name is Edna,I'm looking for a guy who value the relationship especially on marriage...I am honest,caring,affectionate, loving,trustworthy and a one man woman. I am seriously seeking a man to be my partner whom i spend the rest of my life.A man who is devoted and dedicated...A man whos heart and mind are open to others...I believe that relationship become a successful one through these 3things which is LOVE,TRUST AND RESPECT...f you are interested send me an email then let see what happen...thank you for reading my profile,God bless! (Such amazing humility. ).??


Hi' im here looking for my soulmate and he is willing to love me for the rest of his life and willing to marry me, about me i am a good person, honest, affectionate and understanding...


I'm really just simple, really values life and goodness. I'm looking for a man who will love me of who i am and who i am not. I prefer mature man coz i want to learn from them. (Most really do prefer much older men) I'm looking for long lasting relationship. If i find the man of my dreams...I love him everyday and every night when we are together. He will be the KING of my heart..

To love another person is to see the face of God.
It is to care, understanding, support, trust. In love your second
part becomes an inherent part of your life. What about me?
I'm cheerful, kind, attractive Lady, outgoing and sociable. I enjoy
life and would like to meet a nice Gentleman to share my life.
I Value: Good manners, putting your family first.


im here sincere for lifetime relationship leads to marriage,im not playing games and not wasting time in here. i dont want let me wait for nothing im not here just for fun only,im so serious looking for be my husband,ready to settle down?


am simple good..loving and caring understanding honest.most of all God fearing..


im just a simple lady who wants simple things in life. im just poor but im not a scammer and not here for money. i joined this site hoping to find my destiny here. im seriously looking for a relationship which will lead to marriage.


honestly the reason i am here is that i am looking forv a serious lover,,a serious partner,,which is i am here for searching a man of my life to be my husband tell death,,


Hi Steve. I've read your profile it makes smile and happy. Thank you very much for appreciating my culture. I love that to you. Thank you for lifting us up. I hope to read other profile same as yours. You are right, we Filipina are very humble, friendly and we are very hospitable to welcome foreigners in our country. Most of us taught by our parents to become a good woman. We don't have much but the character learned from our parents are more than gold.? (Well spoken and I believe is very true)


And most of all, we have the Lord Jesus in our heart and in our life. That's the most important here on earth. I hope and pray someday to visit your country and learn from your cultures. Have a nice day and God bless you.


i'm sending you this message because i'm looking for a man who will marry me in the future i'm looking for a serious relationship of course, i have no boyfriend right now and in my age i want to have children because i'm not getting any younger anymore,and i'm so tired of being single you know..i'm just trying and hoping that i will find a man in this website..i'm hoping your response then..

hello everyone! .i hope everybody who joined FH has good intentions of being here...I'm 30 years old and currently waiting and looking for my love, my bestfriend, and my buddy..... Like few others who joined FH, i am looking for my prince and my bestfriend. .i want to see myself living with my own family, going home with a husband to kiss me on the forehead, going home seeing a child running towards his parents to cuddle,

and i would give back my utmost love to make our home happy and with love and trust to each other as we grow older. Most of the time, im at home cooking for my parents/family? (How often will you see something like this in America?) an operations manager of a US company for events and exhibitions. i am a god-fearing person, honest...committed to relationship..responsible....and I have this love inside me..that i want to share with you soon...and show with the rest of the world. .

I?m looking for someone who is a ready to love.....a responsible guy, (responsible to them means being? a good family man and working 40 hours a week, whatever job you have, even if its at Wal mart.). who has visions about getting into relationship. ...a god fearing person....who deeply knows the true meaning of love and commitment. ...a funny man who would bring us both to smile everyday........and who values his own family....and not hurt his family at any point of time.......i love to cuddle lots so i guess you would have to bear with me.......hope to meet a genuine better man...a loving angel out there.

hi steve..first and foremost, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR APPRECIATING OUR CULTURE PARTICULARLY YOUR VIEWS ABOUT FILIPINAS. honestly, what you read and learned about us filipinas are real and the absolute truth. FILIPINAS are shaped to be that keeper of the family. even on the early age, parents have molded their children on the proper care and feeding of marriage. Filipinas at their tender age have been carrying so much expectations already and possessed the responsibilities of keeping their marriage and family united. basically and proud to say, divorced were never part of our vocabulary. (Very true!! For the most part, Divorce is not something they consider an option for them. And it brings a lot of shame to the family like it once did in the US in the 50?s)?


I am simple, caring, loving, sweet, family oriented, God fearing and I love bake a cake and cookies etc. swimming one of my favorite sports. I'm looking for a nice responsible, loving and no vices, a man with a good relation to his family because I believe a good son is also a good father to his children. (Very well spoken. These ladies have a intense focus on family values unlike what you typically see in the West)


Hello Steve, before anything else Happy New Year. Steve, i am touched by the message of your? profile . Hope that you can found a girl that is for you, and never lost hope. God is always watching us and preparing to give us our partner in life. Like me im always careful to whom i chat, but i never cheat anyone here, im just here to meet my missing piece but until now i never find it but im wishing that this 2011 God will give me my missing piece. (As we can see, these ladies are very god fearing and spiritual.)  

I am a person who believes in fate rather than chance. i believe in destiny as
gods plan rather than on us making our own journey. i believe that he had
planned things before us. so all i am doing now is enjoy and cherish every
blessing that is given to me.


hello steve im sorry if i write u.. but my 1st impretion for you is a very happy man, thats why i decided to write, and im sorry if i made the 1st move...anyway,im loveyolan From Philippines. 25 y/o,turning 26 this month, Christian Baptist.

( One thing you guys will notice with these ladies is how often they say sorry.? For example, they will often say ??sorry, I?m not young enough for you? or ?sorry if I am not what you are looking for, maybe I can introduce you to my cousin?.? Such amazing humility)



Latina Women


Sample Profiles and Emails


The Latina profiles are somewhat similar to the Filipina profiles. One thing they have in common with Filipina profiles is ?humbleness?.? For example, they often say ?thank you for reading my profile? or ?I hope you will write me?. Another similarity the Latina profiles have in common with other foreign women profiles is an expression of the longing for a happy marriage and family. This desire is almost NEVER expressed in American woman dating profiles but of course that doesn?t mean they don?t want that in their life - it?s just that it speaks volumes that the American women profiles hardly ever mention these things. And of course, you do not find any demanding attitudes or a list of demands in these Latina profiles nor any hidden code words referring to money such as ?must be financially secure? or ?established in his career? or ?if you can?t pay your bills don?t contact me? etc.??


Sample profiles are below.



I am an honest woman living in Rio de Janeiro. I am a dentist. I wish to enjoy my home with good man and hope to meet him here.

I enjoy cooking, entertaining friends at home, I'm a homebody. I am a woman who loves home. I live alone. I have two cats. And would love to meet a man who has the same characteristics. Be a simple person who has a lovely sincere mood. i dont like smoke and drink. Not like people who just want to play. As said I am a person would, and I want to find a person would be.


I'm looking for a nice man with whom I can share the rest of my life and maybe in the future we will be marriage and we`ll have our own child. (Foreign ladies profiles always think in terms of marriage and family)


I am frendly. easygoing, and i would to meet interesting people.
I love warm weather. I dont like outdoor sports.
I prefer staying at home and watch movies or go to the cinema.
I like going around to the beach. I prefer electronic music i think is the most relaxing music in the world. Thank for taking your time to read my thought




Romantic, passionate woman. I enjoy a very quiet life, like walking in nature, stay at home, watching tv and I love music.


hi iam karin with many projects in life as a professional and exemplary wife and a loving mother, faithful and loyal, I am seeking the love of my life. If you exist give me a sign? am a smart woman with a lot I wanted to achieve in life. I honestly love living a healthy life. I?m looking for a gentleman to have a home with a wonderful family

I am looking for a mature person here, with a good record in his life. Over all with christian values. I m not looking for adventures.
i would like to find someone who inspires in me deep respect and love.
With kind regards


My name is Maria, I'm from Ica, Peru; it's a hot place at south of Peru. I live there with my family. I'm a cheerful and educated lady, with good feelings for give to a romantic, honest and mature man.I don't like earings or tattoos en a man. I'm ready to get a serious relationship and to build a great family. My profession is Administration of Business. Only if you have serious intentions and really you are interested in a family, you can write me.


HELLO, MY NAME IS ADELINA, im a nice peruvian woman who is looking for LOVE from a honest, romantic, generous and loyal man and who is looking for a serious relationship FOREVER...


hiii im Ydelma,from Peru the land of the Incas!!!thanks for take yuor time to read my in this website cause i want to find the one for the rest of my life...I am looking for a serious relationship based on trust and respect. id like to meet a man who is very honest,romantic with a good sence of humor

I have much love in my heart to give, I am very, very romantica, desire to have a family much where there is much love and respect. the problems of the life are so small when we have the love in the heart , and to construct the happiness together at the moments good or bad, but together if we can. I do not look for a man perfect, so that the love can it and it surpasses everything in this world.

?(See my research section where Social psychologist Jean Twenge states that American woman say the same thing about ?not looking for a perfect man? but then continue to rattle off unrealistic expectation of what they expect in a man)


enjoy healthy fun with friends outdoors or in a simple reunion at home. I love movies, sports, museums, music, traveling. I take relationships seriously. I'm very happy, honest, respectful, kind and loving. Christian values are important to me. I am a Christian. I would like to make friends and if possible meet someone special with whom to share from a good conversation to a nice event.
I'd like to meet someone who has Christian values, good sense of humor, good character, who loves his family very much, funny, tender, kind, looking for a serious relationship


Like music, beach, camping and spent time with my family and that special someone. I'm a patient and very sweet person, easygoing and hardworking. Speak English (some). Seeking a lifemate between 35 - 40 years old, respectful and down to earth . Someone to establish a loving relationship for marriage


I am an romantic, sincere, caring and loyal woman with strong family values.I am looking for a hard working and caring man with a good sense of humor. Someone who likes children and has serious intent


Hello.. Well I`m woman sincere, honest, spontaneous and with good sense of the humor I like to see movies, walk, spend time with my family and my best friends. I love the children also I consider a woman with patience for them..I would like to find my true love, who return me the same love I know God will give me a second change in the life and can find the love, I'm looking for a man who will appreciate me for me for who I am. Most of all I am looking for that special someone that enjoys being together and sharing each others days or just sitting down and watching a good movie. if you're looking fo one honest and trusting woman then I would like to hear from you.thanks for take time and read my profile


Like anything to do with the outdoors, movies and nature. Also traveling, sightseeing and photography I?m happy and positive woman, affectionate, cheerful, faithful and hardworking. I consider to be a simple woman, very friendly and cheerful. Speak English (some). Seeking a lifemate between 29 - 35 years old, simple like myself and kind-hearted. Someone serious interested in a lasting relationship


I`m a single woman, homeloving, tender, loyal, honest, sensible, value passion, integrity and dignity in life, love family, I speak English and some Italian.
Looking for love and marriage. I like walking, reading, drawing,writing poems, listen to nice music, movies, theaters, museums, art galleries,watch sports,,, outdoors, aerobics,go to nice restaurants,stay at home,romantic dinners,and more. I would like a white man of 42 - 68 years old, who has not any kind of addiction,no drugs ,alcohol,bets,gamblings,unmoral or indecent habits, I look for someone with good values,a loyal and one woman man,I am very serious here and am not playing any kind of game.Just looking for the right man to be my husband. I am very sensitive woman.I am young at heart and people and friends tell me that


I am confident woman , kindhearted, sincere considerate, family valued. I look forward to developing a relationship with a loyal, honest, nice and sincere man that will lead into marriage.I long for a sincere love ,I am down to earth very loyal to which I love....

I am single woman looking for the right man who doesnt lie or cheat and play games with human feelings.

I'm a very nice person and I want to know a serious man who wants a serious relationship, I don't want to waste my time with games, I was hurt in the past and I don?t want to feel in that way again... I'm very romantic, I like to read poems, write them and listen instrumental and romantic music. I'm so sensible and I hate lies. I love children, I teach them English.


I am simple woman, I am honest, professional, good values, for me the most important is the family, I am affectionate, romantic, I like sports, cook, watch tv, Go to the beach, and reading..... I am looking serious Man only


I am a responsible woman, educated, lover of good things and healthy entertainment ... I consider myself a good woman capable of taking a good family role because I was created to consolidate bases in a good family. I'm looking for a good man with whom I can feel safe to share the rest of my life


I would like to know a special man, who wants to be a friend and hope that the time give us the opportunity and maybe share the rest of our life, I am a loving women, I hope that you want to know more about me. I hope you are ready to write me!!!!!

(You will never see an American woman profile that humbly says ?I hope you someone? will write me.?? There are many reasons for this which all point to how it?s all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION )?



Russian Women


Sample Profiles and Emails


Upon reviewing the Russian lady profiles, what really stood out to me was how many of them are educated with many having advanced degrees. What also stood out was how well traveled many of these ladies are. It is not too uncommon to come across a profile of a lady who has traveled to the US and many other parts of the world. The Russian ladies are very cultured, worldly, and many speak several languages. These ladies certainly top the charts educationally and intellectually speaking. Similar to the Asian and Latina ladies, they also tend to speak of home and family, which I have highlighted below throughout the sample profiles .?


My comments are in red below.



Really love nature, hiking, I love boating, animals, home coziness, love to cook, bake pies

(Truth be told, we rarely see American profiles say ?I love to cook?, and I seriously doubt we will see an American profile say ?I love to cook pies?, at least I wouldn?t put my money on it. LOL)


I?d like to meet a man who appreciates the same moral values as I do.
I admire in people qualities such as responsibility, honesty, loyalty, purposefulness, and sense of humor. ?I love good food and prepare it with pleasure. I enjoy creating coziness and comfort in a house, it makes me happy. I am a family-oriented woman and like spending time with people whom I love. I also think that creating a happy family is an enjoyable experience in a life


I am serious and polite person. I wish to create family with right man. Only if this man wish and ready to have family and serious relations. Otherwise do not spend my time.

Independent, confident, open-minded, easy-going, adventurous, these traits I acquired in America where I lived and studied for 7 years(BA, International Relations, Michigan and New York). kind genuine, elegant, graceful, my traditional Russian traits. some interests include sports, ballet, literature, travelling, home-making, cooking, gardening


I joined this website in order to find my soul mate, a man with whom we shall create our small world, just for two of us! I believe in long distance love because a few of my friends have found it.Like any other women, I do not see a sense in this life without love.Here on this site I woild like to meet a man whom I will fall in love with and one who will fall in love with me. This man should be kind, warm, attractive, careful, reliable and fun loving man. The man who appreciates high moral qualities, family values and the woman he loves


my name is Zhanna, nice and decent woman, slim,
communicative, flexible, humorous, romantic, shy, easygoing, conservative, serious, worldly.
I am a university graduate, working in biology research.
I love creating comfort, cook well, love nature, sports, camping, listening to music, traveling. Favourite animal - dolphin. I like reading ? history.


I?m 36 y.o. slim woman, intellectual, understanding and open-hearted. I? m graduated from medical university and economic academy. At the moment I?m working in one of the state ministry advising its head in different issues related to public relations and healthcare system.? I like fitness, travel and classical music. I?m looking for a real man with warm and open heart. I?d like to bring in your life love, warmth and care. I believe that together we can be stronger and happier. You achieve a lot in your life and now you are looking for an understanding partner to share your feeling with. You are experienced intellectual who is looking for warmth and stability in your new family. You believe that love is the greatest delight, but you also know that it requires efforts to support and develop.
You can be active and creative. You like to travel. But you also enjoy calm evening with family and spending time with children.


I'm seriouly seek for marriage,family and love. I like to cook very much, flowers and nature. I'm a home sitter and i like home comfort. I'll be a good, loving, careful, devoted wife. He must be a good and nice person, kind serious, smart - but not too much as i'm not so smart, (There is an example of the self deprecating humbleness that is so common with foreign ladies and always absent with American profiles) peaceful, careful, family oriented. I wish very much that man be without bad habits.

I search my soul mate. I search for my half in the world. If you are ready to receive and give love, write to me. I search only for a true love. Love and happiness the most important things in a life. I wish to establish a fine and happy family. I do not play game. I happy, kind, clever, charming, attractive, active and cheerful. I am very positive and optimistical.


I am looking for serious and sincere relations. And I dream to meet the right man to share love and life with. Like to visit museums and concerts. (the Russian ladies are quite intellectual and cultured compared to other cultures, and they appreciate history and the arts, and are more likely to have advanced education)I do not treat people by appearance and age, origin and country, but words, feelings and actions are important for me to decide about the person. Mutual and sincere love between man and woman in pair and in the family is the part of the happiness. And I want to love and to be loved, and I want love and mutual feelings to be in my life.

(You rarely, if ever , will see this phrase in American woman profiles. That doesn?t mean American woman do not wish to love and be loved, that would be absurd to assume. But the key take away here is that foreign ladies are humble enough to say such a thing in their profile which is so endearing. And it shows how soft and needing of men they are.)

Hi, I`m Natalia!
I would like to find someone special to create a happy family based on love, respect and honesty. If you wish the same let me know it.

My name is Natalia. I'm funny, honest, generous, reliable, kind.
sensitive lady. I have a lot of not dissipated love which I want to
present to my the only man. I'm family-oriented and one-man woman. I
don't have bad habits and follow a healthy way of living


I am from Ukraine. I am first on this site, but my friend advised it as one of the best-)) Hope that i can meet here good man;)) I am easy-going, positive girl, just feel a little lonely, did not meet any good man before in my life, but without real love it is so hard living. Hope that soon i can feel much better myself with my second half))


I miss a feeling of confidence and tenderness that can be experienced only with a beloved. I feel happy when people around me are happy too. I am sociable and active. I am fond of literature and art. I like taking photos. I have a little garden and enjoy taking care about it.


Well, I am just normal woman with normal desire to be successful in the main woman's mission - that is creating nice family. I like cooking, kids, animals and flowers (as any other woman, right?). I think that I will be good wife for my future husband, and I never stop flirting with him so will make him never lose interest in me (this is so true of foreign ladies in general. Russian and Latinas are known for keeping themselves up for their man even after marriage which doesn?t happen so often here in the states. Dr Laura Schlessinger talks about this very problematic issue in the research section of happier abroad.)


Hello there! My name is Sveta
I believe in men and women being equal and my idea of a perfect relationship is togetherness, trust, honesty, and being each other?s best friend and support.
When I love someone I give my all to them and my world is made up of making sure they are happy, secure and laughing all day I try to make that person feel special as every partner should do with a partner that they love. About you: I would like to find my soul-mate, to become a real faith, hope for happy family life for him, to share the moments of beauty, happiness and joy of this life. I also want to share all things with him and support him when it is hard time and rainy days for both of us. I am ready to be his one and only woman and to make him feel that he is my beloved and only one man for me in this world I devote my love and care for.I will tell you more about myself after I get your letter to me, and let?s see if with the time,


I am single Ukrainian young lady who is looking for her special one and only man who is open for love and serious relationship and marriage.I am open-minded,family-oriented,kind-hearted,easy-going,trustworthy,caring,gentle and friendly.I like nature,animals,taking care of home plants and children.I have 2 nephews who mean a lot in my life.I want to have children in future.I like sports. I like yoga.


I'm just looking for everlasting romance and marriage.
I send a sweet thought to everybody (Although this isn?t a huge deal, I thought its worth mentioning. It?s not uncommon for foreign lady profiles to end their profile with kind wishes of ?good luck? such as ?I hope we all find what we are looking for?. This is particularly common with the Filipina profiles)?



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