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ladislav wrote:Anyway, my experience is that you would need to cleanse yourself from negativity so that you are in a relaxed and moderately happy state of mind when you arrive into all these "heavens". Otherwise, you will attract wrong people even if you are in very good countries with good women.
I think that happened to me on my recent trip to the Philippines. I didn't have enough time to cleanse myself.

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Billy wrote:Dave I am no american so I don´t hate AWs. So calm down and get over your hatred. You don´t want to confront normal foreign volks with your "strange" feelings. Though I understand you :)
Lol if you lived with one you'll feel like killing her but I totally understand your point about not expressing these feelings to foreign women and I don't intend to, that kind of behavior would make me no better than the Americunts themselves.

I'm just using this website as a way to release my anger and I've just released majority of my residual anger through my original post. I'm also just saying that at least now I can hate and ignore ONLY American women without dwelling on the issue too much; i can now just ignore them and keep on moving until Im completely financially able to escape this sinking country. And im really glad it's not the entire female race that is f***ed up like this.

So now that I've released my anger (or at least a great majority of it), Ill just be coming to this site to gain more insight that can increase my confidence even more and in the process, I can even offer some suggestions, advice or ideas 
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