Some more man hatred today

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Some more man hatred today

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So I was looking around the web last night to create a good example of man hatred in ireland....and I found the freedom bus tour with 1,700 people on it...I thought I would go tell a woman she was a hypocrite for asking for anti eviction help for some person (who turned out to be a man) but when the woman is evicting a man no such support would be called for or forthcoming...

So the usual hatred ensued for a few hours....if you men want to go over and point out that women really ARE liars and hypocrites feel free.

So...I wandered over to the "Freedom Bus Tour" facebook for Irish people. What I wanted to do was to create an example of the MAN HATRED that is so pervasive in Ireland.

I picked on a thread where a woman was asking for an anti eviction action for someone. I noted that women a man is being evicted from his house by a criminal woman using the SAME courts etc that no one would be calling for support for the man then. We know this is true. Every person who reads this post knows men who are being kicked out of their own house by a lying criminal woman will not be supported in any way, shape or form.

So I said so. And then I let all the HATRED run. And how much of it there was..just TONS of it.

And this is the facebook of the admins who is such a man hater and suppressor of the truth that he banned me from the site because "shock horror" I told the TRUTH about women. I really hope Chris is victimised by a woman and his life is destroyed and he kills himself. And just before he pulls the trigger I hope he remembers how I told him the truth and he suppressed the truth.

Because...according to Chris O'Brien it is perfectly ok for women to commit the crimes of perjury kidnapping extortion theft and child abuse but it is NOT ok for a man to call for a path to justice and to denounce MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE for deny a man a path to justice.

The young men who read this post will get the message. Chris O'Brien and men like him HATE MEN so much that they suppress the TRUTH of criminal women victimising men and suppress a mans voice calling for new courts and a path to justice.

All those who saw this act on this facebook and stayed silent about it DESERVE to be killed by the Illuminati. You just saw how the Illuminati oppress men. The Illuiminati oppress men via women and their mangina lackeys like Chris O'Brien.

Here is the thread. ... ment_reply" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"

Here is the CAF thread. ... fault.aspx
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