Three-year-old girl who died

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Three-year-old girl who died

Post by PeterAndrewNolan »

we are on a bit of a run of dead females....

And the gender of 99.9% of people who look after 3 year old girls in nurseries?

Female of course.

I hope the mother of this dead little girl is pleased at having her "brilliant career" and having her daughter killed by incompetent and negligent females.

I wonder how they will find a way to blame men for this....probably will blame men for FORCING her from the home to work.....forget about the "no woman should be allowed the choice to remain in the home for precisely the reason that if allowed that choice too many will take it" by smone de bouviour to betty friendnan.

I guess this little girl was "liberated" from the "comfortable concentration camp".

One less little femnazi to ruin some mans life, eh? ... y-day.html
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Post by ringspun »

Ive often thought a lot of these staff are clueless and on the lower end of pay and mentality scale, well where I live they sure are.

Look down in Plymouth one was running pedo photo sessions for her boyfriend! sick
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Post by AmericanEvil »

I hope the mother becomes suicidal and kills herself! Then it will be TWO less feminazis to ruin some man's life.
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