I married my sorority sister

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I married my sorority sister

Post by zboy1 »

http://www.salon.com/2013/01/23/i_marri ... ty_sister/



WTF! Is it me or are more and more women becoming lesbians every day? Not that I'm a homophobe or anything, but it seems like every where I turn, gays are coming out of the closet and into the mainstream as never before. While I wish this couple a happy life, I am worried about the consequences of women increasingly turning towards lesbianism to combat their insecurities and loneliness. This particular women in the story could not attract men or was too shy to talk to them, and seemingly as a result, turned towards a gay women to help her find solace and companionship.

In that first week, I was lonely and tired of sitting by myself in the dining hall. I missed my friends from back home. So when a girl from my dorm asked me to go to a sorority rush event, and I found myself in a roomful of girls who talked about parties and boys and looked so comfortable together, I desperately wanted to belong. I attended more rush week events, hoping to meet a few girls I could call my friends. I never thought I’d meet the girl I’m going to marry.

My teenage years as an insecure and unsophisticated Long Island girl — who was not only a foot taller than most boys in school, but who spent much of my time listening to Enya and writing in my journal — didn’t prove to be particularly fruitful when it came to getting noticed or falling in love. But the sorority didn’t just offer me dining companions. I now had a group of girls I could hit the bars with. Our sorority was 100 percent boy-crazy. (Well, maybe not 100 percent.) Some nights we would head out to Boylston Street and none of us would wake up in our own beds. Boston’s bars offered up a variety of college guys and older men. I was waiting to meet a tall guy with a scruffy face and a big dog. Maybe he’d even drive a Jeep Wrangler. Like most of the other girls, I passed the time with whoever looked cute and seemed interested. I’d never been in a real relationship, and at 19, I was scared of being vulnerable. I kept things casual.
What do you guys think about the story?
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Post by Andrewww »

Typical lost soul trying too hard to fit in. It's a good thing she went the lesbian way because otherwise this type of trashy women will raise tomorrow's (de)generation.
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Post by Teal Lantern »

At least these two emotionally unstable creatures can parasitize each other for a while. Hopefully they won't reproduce.
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Post by abcdavid01 »

I read that article. At the end she mentions the possibility of them raising a daughter. Another lesbian waiting to happen.
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Post by Excalibur »

Sorority girls are the worst of all AW. Just count all the negative traits about American women that you can think of, and raise them to the 10th power.

There are a lot of sorority girls in my college. Most of them are good looking, yes, but the fascination fades away instantly once you notice them acting and talking. Sororities are the breeding factories and brainwashing-machines for feminism par excellence, where materialism, bitchiness, male-hatred and countless other crap are promoted. The girls don't have to worry about finding a boyfriend, since they have all the good-looking and affluent frat guys lined up. Those poor guys... They spend countless amount of money, time and nerves on these bitches - but get nothing in return except of constant nagging, entitlement mentality and risk of catching STD's. I once fancied the idea of joining a fraternity to get a chance to socialize with the women, but I have realized that being in a relationship with a sorority girl would be the worst nightmare, especially later on after the eat-by-date of these women is surpassed and they start to age like milk.

You can definitely have a more pleasant experience with foreign women for just a fraction of the frustration and money that you have with American sorority girls.
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Post by ILoveBlackAmericanWomen »

abcdavid01 wrote:I read that article. At the end she mentions the possibility of them raising a daughter. Another lesbian waiting to happen.
That's the worst part. Poor children.
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Post by have2fly »

WTF??? She DID NOT GET NOTICED in her high school??? Any East European girl will LAUGH in her face! When I was abroad, girls would hit on me easily! Clerks at the stores would chat with me flirting, NOT KNOWING I am an American, since I speak Russian without accent. Who prevented her to flirt with dudes she liked??? So she was taller, big deal, I dated many girls taller than me and I have no problem with that.

Her dream dude would be driving an ugly Jeep Wrangler? *facepalm*... Ugliest dumbest car ever freaking made, besides using it on the farm where it makes sense. Does anyone teaches these bitches taste in cars and how to flirt with guys???

I kept reading. Now this part makes me jealous. She says sorority girls sleep with each other all the time. Dang, how much freedom do those American skanks have? They can sleep with any hot guy from frats, bars or with each other and no strings attached besides gossip, but they love gossip anyway, so who cares. Guys just don't have that freedom and just thinking about doing anything with other dude makes me want to puke. I am definitely not gay. So I don't have that freedom she has being a girl and easily be gay or bi, but probably it's a good thing, since I also don't have monthly cycles and don't have to get pregnant and other crap.

On the other hand, Americans are so scared of failure, same goes for men and women. This society breeds gay relationships since people of the same gender have more in common and less mistrustful of each other. In other words, sick freaking shit!
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