New MBA Sites up and running

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New MBA Sites up and running

Post by PeterAndrewNolan »

Hi Winston,

Just to let you and your subs know....

I have put up a-man-zon and wo-man-zon.

I have also put up Crimes Against Women and Children.

This has 6 country sub portals now.

We also have Mens/Womens Business Association Linkedin. ... 80/8ab/761 ... 80/8ab/ba1

Everything is linked from the main site.

I am gathering up connections for MBA/WBA so as to be able to promote "cool" products and services to all those who link.

With your agreement? I would also like to feature HA on A-MAN-ZON.

For your books you get your own page like this.

For men who have already established themselves like you the purchase for the books would come back to your sales site or where ever you want to sell your books from. This would just be one more place where your books and site would be featured.

For guys who are just starting out? We are going to run the service where we will sell their products for them and we will be paid a margin. I am using my own emailer to do the outbound emails for such things. I am now at 2,800 linked in connections myself for my IBI software and we are going to gather up connections on linkedin in order to find people to sell to.

We have discovered great new ways of finding people on linkedin who are interested in various topics...and because they are on linked in it is much more about business than facebook, which is about talking and doing nothing useful mostly.

A-MAN-ZON is very much about selling "cool", "innovative", "thought leading" etc.

We want to promote the coolest books, videos, ideas, products and services.

The guys in the MRA/Fathers rights world were invited to join in...but as usual all they want to do is talk.
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