My boy Winston is the Asian T-Pain!

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My boy Winston is the Asian T-Pain!

Post by theprimebait »

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Post by Winston »

Excuse me, but what is T-Pain? I'm not well versed in pop culture.
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Post by HouseMD »

Just listen to the song and you'll understand Winston.

The only guy I ever knew that married a stripper was a lawyer. Guy married her after he met her and started a relationship at the strip club. Years later, she became an account executive at some advertising firm where, last I heard, she was fired for going to a strip club with a few of the clients to seal a deal, got hammered, and started stripping on stage.

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Post by mguy »

This reminds me to write about the bar girl experience haha!
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Post by have2fly »

I honestly think Winston is breaking a whole point of this website by falling for lowest possible American woman! It just proves all those haters were right about us here just not being able to bang American women, so we as losers have to go abroad. Which is not true. But Winston is making it sound very true with his latest threads.

Come on Winston. I felt like falling in love with so many strippers, but I would always get out of it. I just wish girls in real life would be so sweet and tender, but oh well. The solution to all of it is - money :) Make more money and even more money and bang as many strippers as you wish in any country. Money is always valuable. One stripper told me she wants a thousand dollars for a night. She was smoking hot, but P4P costs around 60-100 bucks for 2 hours here, so why would I waste a thousand if I could buy 10 girls for 2 hours? No way, too overpriced. When I refused she said she will make that thousand in 1 or 2 nights of work, so she does not care. I think it was her way of shaving me off. The outcome? I win. Why? Because I can afford her if I want to and I will be able to afford girls like her in 5-10 years, when she will be old, saggy and have kids with some douchebag she falls in love with.
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