Why I'm not a democrat anymore

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Why I'm not a democrat anymore

Post by Mr.Darcy »

It is all a religion. Lets accuse the Bush administration of its corruption and lies, but give Obama a justifiable high five when he pulls the same ****. Both parties are ignorant of other people's beliefs. Both parties continue to stomp on our liberties, but like to play the deceiving blame game.

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Post by hammanta »

I was never a democrat but I understand what you say. That's all politics are nowadays. "Oh, you are democrat, I'm voting against you. Oh, you are republican, well you are just a right-wing twat... " Shit just doesn't get done. People vote blindly for one party or another because they listen to what their friends say, parents, pastor, educated, etc. without forming their own opinion about the issues.
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Post by SilverEnergy »

Doesn't surprise me.

Seems like most of the guys on HA, especially the ones who complain all the time are Republican.
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Post by The »

This is why i stopped voting after the 2012 elections....After I saw how much of a sham American elections are, Ive decided to quit voting for good.... cant wait until my name is purged from the voter rolls.... QUIT VOTING! :lol:
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Re: Why I'm not a democrat anymore

Post by jamesbond »

Mr.Darcy wrote:It is all a religion. Lets accuse the Bush administration of its corruption and lies, but give Obama a justifiable high five when he pulls the same ****. Both parties are ignorant of other people's beliefs. Both parties continue to stomp on our liberties, but like to play the deceiving blame game.
Exactly, democrats like to say things like, "You didn't vote for Obama, so you must be a racist." :roll:

Feminism is home to the democratic party.

Democrats like to "Rob Peter to pay Paul" and in their minds, this is just and fair. :roll:

Liberals and democrats like to use shaming language and accuse anyone who doesn't agree with them as being "racists" "sexists" and "homophobes."

Any man who is against feminism should never vote for a democrat. The democratic party is home to feminism and all other corrupt polices that are anti male.
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Post by zboy1 »

Supported Ross Perot and Ralph Nader back in my late teens, so I wasn't like the rest of the stupid sheep who just followed the trends...

I voted for Gary Johnson, this last election cycle--but seeing how all the Third Party candidates were treated in 2012, I promised myself never to vote again...
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Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

The most valuable voters are independents. This is the group that can be swayed and that wins elections. Avowed Democrats and Republicans are simple co-opted pawns in the game by design.

The truth of the matter is that BOTH parties have sold men down the river long ago and neither deserves our loyalty.

If one wants to register with a party to vote in primaries, so be it. But a conscientious man should vote for whomever will do the least damage to the country and to American men.

I support the Libertarians in the general elections because I want them to be a credible 3rd party option sooner rather than later. The Dems and Repubs will preside over the demise of this country.
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Post by pete98146 »

God bless George Carlin. He really tells it like it is. But he's right. Forget about voting Democrat or Republican because the elite own both parties. The game is rigged. I was brought up in a very conservative Republican family but I'm now a big believer in Libertarianism. If you are anti elite, Libertarianism is your best bet IMHO.

Here are my very quick thoughts on the Democratic and the Republican parties:

1. Democrats. I've had some HUGE fights with friends on this topic. I live in Seattle and I'm surrounded by Democrats. While I believe in pretty much all of their beliefs and agendas, I'm a fiscal conservative at heart. I feel that there is a natural order in life. Is the natural order fair? No! But nobody said life is fair. So my biggest beef with the Democrats is who is going to pay for all the handouts? They are doing a good job of bankrupting this country and screwing over all future generations by massively overspending funds.

If we are to go to a socialistic society it's time to think Pre Iron Curtain living conditions because we can't bring everybody to the same level on the playing field without MASSIVELY reducing our overall standard of living. In other words, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

I'm very fearful that this overspending will break the camel's back and we'll all living together in Hooverville - 2 ie tent city.

2. Republicans. They are like an old and broken car that needs a major overhaul. I'm all in favor of a smaller government but they too can't seem to control gov't spending. How can you bring down the deficit when you are poking your nose in other countries affairs? News flash. We can no longer be the "Policeman of the World." So stop with the aggressive military action, reduce the size of the troops and focus on fixing the issues at home.

Stop with the bible thumping view points. They are soooooo dated.

Libertarianism is not perfect, but I think it tries to combine the good points of the Dems and Republicans and combine them together along with some fiscal conservatism that this country desperately needs.
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Post by Tezcatlipoca »

I dunno, this is a weird issue. I don't really think what party you are matters because the political regions that exist in the us are so gerrymandered that choice is an illusion in 85%+ of counties, states, etc
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