Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian girls

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Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian girls

Post by Traveler »

"OK, I'm Korean-Australian, and I've never had a boyfriend in my life.
I'm 24 years old. How pathetic is that?
The main reason is because I come from an all-girls school, and went to study English literature and there were like 5 guys in the entire class of 100 people lol.
I always felt that white guys were never interested in Asian girls.
This is why I still don't have a boyfriend.
I don't like Asians, I'm more into the tall white guys but they don't seem to be interested in me. I have no guys friends. Not even facebook friends. I've talked to some guys in Korea, but that was the only social experience with guys lol.
My plan is when I go back to Australia, I'll go to church, and befriend guys.. I'm still socially awkward around them. My biggest regret is going to an all-girls school. If I went to a co-ed I might have turned out differently. This is totally delaying my social experience.
Anyway, if an Asian girl shows that she's interested or makes the move, does she have a high chance of getting the guy? Let's assume that she's Asian, and the guy is white. I've always had the perception that white guys are not physically attracted to Asian girls, and they prefer blondes instead. This is why I avoided guys because of rejection. Anyway, any tips guys?"

I noticed this on a board for English teachers in Korea. She says white guys don't seem interested in her. What advice would you give her? It doesn't sound like she has put a lot of effort into meeting guys she would be interested in dating.

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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by MarkDY »

maybe she is fat, not one wants a Margaret Cho look-alike
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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by MrMan »

I'm from the US, and in my experience, men are attracted to Asian women if they are attractive?

I think part of it is the culture, the humble demure attitude. An Asian girl raised in your own country doesn't have the same mystique, but she can still get attention if she is attractive.

But I don't know about Aussies. I wonder if your average white Aussie would be unlikely to marry an Asian. I'm thinking of an Aussie who married a very beautiful Indonesian right now, but he went to Indonesia. I wonder if the average Australian ocker strongly prefers white women to Asian women.
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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by Yohan »

MarkDY wrote:maybe she is fat, not one wants a Margaret Cho look-alike
Re: Do white guys like Asian girls?
« Reply #32 on: January 25, 2015, 01:52:44 PM »
Why are people thinking that I'm less attractive than other girls? I told you I never tried talking to guys and didn't make any friends at university because I had less exposure to guys in general. I was also too shy to join spcial clubs (because I was shy around guys).
I'm not exactly a stunner to be approached by random guys on the street but I'm not ugly either lol. I'm not big (not that big women are not beautiful) I weight 54kg and I'm 5'2. But I never surrounded myself in an environment with guys

YES I might be picky. I don't like short guys dven thpugh I'm short at 5'2.
I like tall white guys and have no sexual attraction towards asian men for some reason. If they are tall and good looking I might consider.
But yeah I must be really weird to lock myself in the house and not spcialise with guys. I never really bothered to and felt too shy to approach guys. Maybe I should practice by chatting to guys in itaewon bars.
We do not know if this person is for real or not. If she is for real, many important details are missing.
We do not know if she was living more in Australia or in South Korea. We know nothing about her parents and her upbringing, we don't know if she is the only child in the family or if she has brothers and sisters.
We know nothing about her native language and her behavior.

I don't think, her case is a fake, but in her mindset, this woman is Western and not Asian. No Korean woman would write a posting like this one above. It is also difficult to give any advice to her.

As a fact, most men living where she is living now - in South Korea - are Asians and not white men, are native Koreans and not foreigners.

She also says she wants to return to Australia. This means she is not a good marriage material for any Korean man.
She might better try to find internet contacts with Australians, if she insists to return to Australia.
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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by S_Parc »

Hmm ... she wants tall white guys and she's living in Korea?

And going to bars at Itaewon is some sort of answer? Hello ... those bars are for American GIs to either get a one night stand (a freebie) or a streetwalker.

I believe that this woman is mindless. First of all, in Seoul, she's in competition with some of the most beautiful and slim women in NE Asia. Every other gal in that city looks like a model or dresses to appear as one. If she's overweight then she's out of the running. And given the fact that white ex-pats and GIs are a minority, she's not exactly on the hot to trot list.

All she needs to do is post herself on any American dating site and she'll be flooded with men, offering themselves in marriage.
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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by pete98146 »

Hello Traveler -

Your situation is not unlike many of the guys who are seeking pretty women abroad on this forum. In my estimation, maybe 10% of the any populace is looking for mates outside of their ethnic group. I think guys have it a bit easier because they can take a vacation and start hitting on women because that's their nature. Most women on the other hand, show up at a place with tourists and hope the guys come over and approach them. Not saying it can't happen, but the odds are against you.

So my recommendation for you would be to go on the offensive! Why not join one of the dating sites that specializes in White guys/Asian women? I found my wife on Cherry Blossoms. Better yet, my understanding is that many women can join these sites for free. You then scour profiles of guys that you find attractive and YOU send them messages (instead of sitting back and waiting for guys to approach you).

But with that in mind, this process will no doubt take a long time so you have to be patient. As they say, it's just a matter of getting enough "irons in the fire" before you find somebody to strike up a relationship.

I will say this. Before I met my wife, I was flirting heavily with a girl from Singapore. She did fly out to Seattle to meet me but things never materialized. However, she finally met and married a guy from Australia and she seems to be very happy. She employed a similar technique as the one I described above so I know it works!

Good luck!
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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by hammanta »

Most white guys from my experience like Asian girls period. The thing is, in high school and young age, white girls are always at the top of the looks bracket. It isn't until later on into college and career life that guys tend to drift towards other ethnic groups. I remember in my school we had a high portion of hispanics, many were quite attractive, though I never remember them dating white guys. None were ever popular unless they adopted the white mentality, styles, and friends. I for one was never interested in asians or hispanics until I got into college. Looking back now I kinda regret it because I had a few hispanic and asian cuties that actually liked me but I was never interested.

If this girl is at least decent looking she shouldn't have any problems dating white guys. As long as she is not a social recluse. Then again her standards matter as well and is dependent on who she gives a chance. I bet there have been a few white guys in her life that didn't exactly fit the mold of her ideal man so she knocked them off.
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Re: Korean-Australian worries white guys don't like Asian gi

Post by chanta76 »

Something is telling me this is troll...
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