2016 and beyond

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2016 and beyond

Post by MattHanson1990 »

So we're in the final month of 2015, and this year for me has been exponentially better than 2014 and earlier; especially August 2012 through the end of 2014 were the darkest days of my life. But this year, I finally got to experience the Happier Abroad life having gone to Mexico a lot starting in February. And the more I spent time there, the harder I tried to keep American women off my radar screen. I was so tired of getting p***y-whipped, especially by my sister; so I had to think of strategies to better my chances of keeping her off my radar screen: discontinuing my Verizon phone number (she was the account manager for my dad and me) and getting a phone that I can use anywhere in the world, blocking her email, blocking her on Facebook, etc.

Now, for 2016 and beyond, I plan to leave America for good no later than the fall of next year once I have a few thousand dollars saved up. I can see that with my own eyes, there's no future for America, and things are going downhill with each passing day. Initially I planned to expatriate in early 2016, but I found out that I'm working with a music editor to put the music score I rewrote for the 1950s film Salt of the Earth together with the scenes. The film with the rewritten soundtrack is scheduled to be released around Labor Day. The good thing is that it should open a lot of doors for me (millions of millennial men have been robbed of their futures because of a system that screwed men over before we were born), but the downside is that I'll be in America for another year and won't expatriate until September or October (unless I can work from any location and teach English abroad at the same time).

Here's the reason I'm planning to leave America for good no later than next fall. With the way things are right now in the USA, I think the window of opportunity to expatriate will close for good in 2017 when we have either Hillary or Donald Trump in office. More men are rapidly getting ejected from the workforce as jobs continue either going to women, getting outsourced, automated, or all of the above. The government is imposing more travel restrictions, such as bill that will allow the IRS to revoke passports to those who owe more than $50,000 in delinquent taxes. Hillary will probably ban travel to developing countries that still have sweet feminine women, as feminists see that as "sex tourism". If not, Donald Trump will have the entire border with Mexico closed off to keep US citizens from leaving.

Forces are pushing down on men more than ever before, and I think Toronto feminism is already making things worse in America than when second wave feminism plagued the country in the late 80s and early 90s. Right now, feminism is a lot worse in Canada, especially Toronto. But I can see that the US is becoming Canadianized and will likely get just as bad as Toronto in the near future and worse in the mid-term future. And I can also see an economic collapse coming that will be worse than 1929 and 2008 as the Fed continues to print fiat currency to make it look like we're in a recovery when we really aren't.

Last but not least, my family recommended me going into the IT field. I would rather take an IT job rather than some low paying dead end job where your schedule is usually unpredictable and constantly changes. However, to get an IT certificate from the University of New Mexico, it takes two years to complete, certain core classes have to be taken to get into the program, and it'll likely involve a bunch of memorizing data, repeating it on tests, and then forgetting it. Additionally I don't want to still be in the US in 2017. I might as well get the IT certificate in a six month program and get an IT job in Guadalajara. I would much rather work in Guadalajara. Where I currently live, my dating life is ZERO. And my social life here is also limited as I have only one or two close friends.

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Post by Ghost »

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Re: 2016 and beyond

Post by nutjob »

Aren't you supposed to be in mexico?
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Re: 2016 and beyond

Post by PeterAndrewNolan »

Hey Matt,
leaving the US is a good idea in my opinion.

I am about to leave Germany and I am looking forward to where I am going.

You talked about IT.....I have been in IT 34 years this January...I started in 82.

In terms of work? I am promoting Empower Network. You don't need any IT ticket to run an EN franchise....as one of the million dollar earners says "I was a hooters waitress, come on!"

I have asked Winston to join me publicly and so far he is a no and that's fine.

So if you want to check it out click this link. It will ask for your email address so you go in my autoresponder.

If you want to join then you might also ask Winston if he will join me and you come in under him.

I really want Winston, and guys like him, to come in to my team because I think that we can be REALLY successful promoting the products, ideas and culture of Empower Network.

It is a very close fit to the HA/MGTOW mind set.

Freedom is the #1 goal of most guys in Empower Network and that goal is not a million miles away from the minds of HAers.

After all, David Wood left the US and lives in a jungle in Costa Rica and has made more than USD5 Million from Empower Network alone.

David is a smart guy....smarter than most. But he is no smarter than Winston or I.

So I am being very public on Winstons site to say I want him to join....

Heck...I will even pay his affiliate fee for him if he will come in under me! It's only USD20 per month!

You do not have to buy an EN product to sell it....you just have to be an affiliate and pass the affiliate training and test on how you will promote the company.

Anyway....Winston has to say yes to the whole Empower Network thing because he will be criticised for "selling something" if he joins....we all know that.

Until he says yes and agrees to join my team he is a "no" and that's fine.

I would love Winston to have 100+ HAers under him in his EN franchise.....that would make his income quite solid and reliable....which is the idea.

Here's the link.

http://www.peternolan.com/likes/Empower ... ingStarted

If anyone else wants to look in to this and is a HAer? Please feel free to let Winston know you would like to join under him too!
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Re: 2016 and beyond

Post by fightforlove »

What exactly do IT workers do? I've heard these jobs are often flexible/remote, pay well, and allow you to travel or be location independent. But what exactly is the daily work like? What skills does it involve?
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