Culture Shock? Winston tell of.

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Culture Shock? Winston tell of.

Post by gmm567 »

You've been in the Philippines long enough to experience Culture Shock.
But then again, maybe you won't suffer from it. Maybe you resonate with that culture.

I lived in London for 6 months and I got culture shock. The thing I didn't like about England was that there society seemed so stagnant. There just wasn't the constant improvement and vitality that competition brings to a society. People are constantly innovating and doing fresh new things here in the US. But high taxes and regulations can smother that .I think Maggie Thatcher did a lot to improve that though.

Have you experienced Culture Shock in the Philippines.
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Post by Winston »

I wouldn't call it culture shock, more like culture stimulation. There isn't much culture here anyway to be shocked from. lol It's just a matter of adjusting to the lifestyle here and a series of inconveniences, bad food and bad customer service, and of course, not having a car!
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Post by Jackal »

Winston, I guess they don't have cockfights or escrima matches where you live. Do you think you'd feel some culture shock in the more rural areas of the Philippines?
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