A post to all female members of this forum

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A post to all female members of this forum

Post by Grunt »

For any ladies, or more likely females, that stumble in, are invited to serve as a stalking horse, simple attention whores, or seeking to glom in on, or inject yourself into, mens interest in foreign ladies...this post is for you.

Here is a snippet I found over at Origins of Inequality. It reminds me of my younger and more angry days. I can no longer work up such vigor, as I am now married to a fabulous Ukrainian girl.

That's what happens when you find happiness...you no longer have the desire to make others miserable. All I can muster these days is a half-hearted flicking of mud in the eyes of any feminists ignorant enough to come within range.

All things considered, I have come to see that a true lady, a real lady, has enough sense to know that if you don't have anything nice to say you should say nothing at all.

So lets review this piece of literary gold, as I intend to use it as a rod of correction in the future.

Ladies of the gender, radical and independent segments of the feminist movement, my name is Abaddon and I am here to tell you that, like the words to the old song, it’s still the same old song and dance and that the fundamental things still apply. Like Darwin for example. The next time you stand and proclaim the SCUM manifesto or perhaps regard the works of Andrea Dworkin as the gospel of the next century chew on these thoughts for a minute: Feminism is dying and will be dead within a short period of time, much like Margaret Sanger, , Susan B. Anthony, and Andrea Dworkin, but the principles first propounded by Mr. Darwin are still very much alive. While you are meditating on the beauties of child support slavery, no-fault divorce, alimony, reduced penalties for female criminals, the advent of a matriarchy, and other frivolous things spare a thought for the Men of the West. I doubt that many of these Men have time for such fripperies as public meetings, ramifications, court dates, and the true meaning of both Manhood and Fatherhood in its purest sense.

Instead he is focusing upon his basics, his Darwin if you will. Preparing to wipe the great Formica counter of the Western political scene with your dead political action committees. Ladies let me modestly suggest that while you are frantically searching for more lies and half-truths to unveil about the horrors of Masculinity for your happy little lesbian hive, he is wholeheartedly committing his survival and resources to himself alone. While you debate the burning question of if Men are necessary, he is already finding ways to eliminate you from his life and finances with minimal risk. While you continue to force anti-male legislation down his throat, steal his children and money from him with government approval. Ha, Ha, of course we know this government doesn’t approve of destroying families, that’s what makes this country great, ha ha what family? You should realize that while you’re busy pulling your wagons in a circle, he is busy ensuring his survival, without you.

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Post by Grunt »

The vast overwhelming majority of females have now taken to the task of creating as much noise and annoyance as possible, coached in the term of equality and rights. But in the end, its all and I mean ALL just nagging and babbling.

The average mas has simply shut down, and spend most of his time seeking ways to avoid the constant oinking and belching, to paraphrase Jim Goad, of the female swarm.

At the beginning, and to this day, female used to communist model. Destroy competition, equalize the suffering, no choice and no escape. Now things have come full circle. If the proletariat of western feminists has made marriage into a virtual suicide pact for men...men will simply refuse to marry.

Short of forced weddings at gunpoint, what can the feminazi hoard do? Complain about how much men suck, of course. But thats ok, because we men cant hear it that well as we are walking away...forever.
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Margaret Sanger

Post by odbo »

http://firstlightforum.wordpress.com/20 ... holocaust/
In 1902 she married William Sanger who was a German Jew and a political leftist radical; Margaret wasted no time in imposing strict sexual restraints on his behaviour with her, for she had no intentions of following her mother’s path. In fact, they had two children. It was William who introduced her to militant socialism and atheism. They went to live in Greenwich Village where they surrounded themselves with all the leftist radicals of the day.
“Sanger was in fact a Marxist, an atheist and a racist with some real enthusiasm for human eugenics. As an example, she – like many eugenicists of her era – saw Australian aborigines as under-evolved and of little value except where they could be studied to gain better knowledge of evolution.
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