Trump The Begging Of The Storm

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Trump The Begging Of The Storm

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Right now I have more questions than answers, I think in the next decade, that is the post Trump period, will have much more upheaval and disorder than anyone has seen in their lifetime. Maybe we are in the beginning of the great instability.
  • Is Trump the begging symptom of the calamity that is coming, maybe around about 2028? Will there be a war?
  • Is the meritocracy is an illusion? Are collages and universities who impose SJW dogmas going to get even more corrupt than they are now? What is education supposed to exactly do? Is education only accessible to those who pass the SJW religious test? What will this credential actually mean?
  • Is the computer chip a mature mundane technology making incremental improvement nobody notices? What will be the next coming unexpected surprise technology?
  • Government experts who narrowly view what they rule, not accessible nor care about the people they rule and yet blinded by their past successes. Will there be a grass roots revolt against the imposition of this narrow, inflexible, rigid government class? And what about the growing working poor which is getting left out with progressively less options?
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