Do We Really Need Public Schools?

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Are Public Schools Necessary For a Well Functioning Society?

They are necessary
They are not needed
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Their existence actually makes society worse
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Re: Do We Really Need Public Schools?

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WanderingProtagonist wrote:
March 12th, 2023, 2:13 pm
Natural_Born_Cynic wrote:
March 12th, 2023, 1:28 pm
WanderingProtagonist wrote:
March 12th, 2023, 12:48 pm
Outcast9428 wrote:
March 12th, 2023, 12:37 pm
Natural_Born_Cynic wrote:
March 12th, 2023, 11:58 am

Well at least in America it is.
Finland's education system is much better in educating the kids. There's not a racket over there.
Quality of life wise they are not as misery inducing, but make no mistake they are definitely indoctrination centers too. @WanderingProtagonist I think in the pioneer days most people just homeschooled. I don’t think there were public schools back then. I know my great grandfather basically stopped going to school after 5th grade. If you go back 100 years ago, getting a high school diploma was about as common as getting a bachelors degree is today.
No they weren't because they had a lot of schools like the ones in Little House On a Prairie. There is a school building just like that in the town my grandmother lives in. And those schools often mixed the little kids in the same class with the older. Just that the older kids I believe they sat way in the back and the younger kids sat up front. You had one teacher and they taught both the older students and the little ones at the same time.

There are lots of photographs on the internet showing how school was back then and kids still went and attended public schooling, how could parents homeschool when they were busy working all day? Even the women did a lot of work. Some of you guys are overeggerating too much. I went to public school up until 11th grade before I got homeschooled and they were not indoctrinating anybody when I was there. They didn't start really doing that until 2010. Hell BLM didn't exist until 2013 and that wasn't even all that long ago. The only thing I can remember indoctrination wise was the black history stuff but even then it was nowhere near as aggressive as it is now where they feel like they have to keep reminding everyone wtf MLK said over and over and over again. I know for a fact none of the LBGTQ shit was being taught in any of the schools I went to. Not a single one. I probably met at least one or two gay teenagers compared to today where it seems like every school in liberal states are packed full of homos and tranny students just so no one feels left out. The West went to crap because people let it go to crap on purpose. Dumb mfers standing around waiting for Trump to get elected again thinking he's the cure :roll:
Indeed, I went through the U.S school system too. Elementary to University. It was a very sh*tty experience, but there were no aggressive homo and Black Lives Matter indoctrination prior to 2014(when I graduated Uni). But I heard now that sh*t is getting worst and schools are going full swing with those demented ideologies right now.

I wish we can go back to the school house on the little prairie days, but that's impossible except the Amish or the Menmonites?
We might well as follow Finland's education model. I think it's more efficient, saves lot of money, and train kids for the future without the useless crap. However, there have to be a massive overhaul of the entire educational system. :(

But this country is slowly going down the cr@pper anyway and the masses are just stupid NPCS and Dumb Forest Gump Level, A$$holes. I don't see any hope for significant change. The ghouls wants their last piece before the whole house of cards comes crashing down.
That's why I feel that no one cares anymore what happens to this country at all...You have the loser conservatives who do nothing but
talk about what the libs are doing, but if they had control they would make life shit just the same so its not like rule under them would be any better we would still have communism anyway.
But where the hell else can you even go where it's any better? A question I'm forever asking myself.
I'm still trying to find somewhere that really is better, and not somewhere
I falsely believe is better just because I hate it here now. I don't want to move anywhere with a bunch of immigrants,
if I move to foreign lands it better feel like a foreign land and not some wannabe America 2.0 and shit.
I feel the same, brother. Things were looking bright back in the 90's and 00's. People had hope and still believed in the "American Dream" myth.
Yeah the two party system is a joke. Same A$$holes in different factions. They are all in for the take.

You better not move to Asia(South Korea, Taiwan, Japan) and Western Europe(Uk, France, Spain, Germany, Italy), both America's Vassal states
and both loves to "Dick-ride" America.
Your friendly Neighborhood Cynic!
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