Happierabroad is dying,because of demographics

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Happierabroad is dying,because of demographics

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demographics is the real reason for inceldom in the west,and why geomaxing is so hard these days.

poverty and wealth are not really the 'issue'it is demographics.

surplus of males,lack of young fertile women.

even 'muhtrad'islamic countries face mass inceldom,and not due to polygamy which even in utter hardcore fanatical shitholes like yemen is only 6%.

some european countries are poorer than some parts of southeastasia on paper,but due to the former's demographics,women are harder to get.

we need to to a analysis of the countries with the most favorable demographics(surplus of young women compared to men)outside of ape-freaka,since most men even if they are attracted to such women(and for me a hot woman is a hot woman of any rac