What is your reason for using the forum?

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Re: What is your reason for using the forum?

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Lucas88 wrote:
March 14th, 2023, 11:51 pm
So, what is your reason for being here on the forum?
I knew about this forum since many years, read some comments, but did not sign up.
The main purpose of this forum was to introduce Western men to foreign women, to talk about foreign countries, to relocate -
Happier Abroad is stll a good name for this forum.

Forums are clearly declining on the internet, and I was mostly participating in 3 forums and all 3 closed down, do not exist any more.

So finally I was signing up here. I did not find any other forum which fits me better so far.

This forum is not an easy task either, it is serving somehow men, but men who have totally different opinions about how they arrange their life.
Not easy to make friends.

Moderation is not the best or even not existent, making it unfortunately a favorite place for trolls to post any kind of nonsense.
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Re: What is your reason for using the forum?

Post by Lucas88 »

MarcosZeitola wrote:
March 15th, 2023, 2:15 am
For me, it's probably the fact that I cannot express the opinions I express here in real life. My social standing, my job, my family, friends... the opinions I espouse here aren't opinions I can readily share with your average Tom, Dick and Harry down the street let alone people in a more professional setting. So it's nice having a place where I can just say whatever I want, whatever I truly feel, without the need for any filters whatsoever. That's rare to find nowadays, even on the internet.
I can relate to this. Here at HA I can discuss all kinds of un-PC and taboo topics and express my innermost feelings without any fear of being judged or banned. It seems that the community is already so desensitized to controversy and extreme or eccentric viewpoints that it would really take a lot to faze most members.

At the same time, this forum largely covers the topics that I'm most interested in and so I've always felt at home here. Not only does it cover expatriation, foreign cultures and exotic women but also conspiracy theories, the paranormal and other topics of a metaphysical nature since these also happen to be some of Winston's interests. Everything just comes together for me here.

I also appreciate the forum's free speech absolutism. That's rare in this day and age.
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